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Upload Images in WordPress Comments: How Will You Allow Users

Do you want to upload images in WordPress comments? If YES, then you'll know how to do this in this post. However, attaching images and files in WordPress comments is as easy as pie. On a WordPress site, images and

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How to Fix Flipped or Upside-down Images in WordPress

Are you searching for a way to fix flipped or upside-down images in WordPress? If so, this is the post for your certainly. The WordPress media library may occasionally show flipped or upside-down images uploaded from mobile devices. Uploading images

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How to Translate Your WordPress Website: 4 Easy Methods Explained

Do you want to know how to translate your WordPress website? If you're the needful, you're certainly in the right post. READ ON! There have been many times when you've done a Google search and seen results that were in

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WordPress Website Speed Optimization: 6 Ways to Improve It

Is your WordPress website taking a long time to load and do you want to make it faster? Yes, WordPress website speed optimization is a must if you have any. A website that loads quickly improves user experience, boosts page

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Business Blogging With WordPress: 5 Advantages You Should Know

Blogging is one of the most popular hobbies that many people desire to conduct in order to build their internet companies. And WordPress might be the ideal platform for this. Kindly be informed that business blogging with WordPress is now

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How to Add Taxonomy Images in WordPress: The Most Easiest Way

Are you interested in adding category icons or taxonomy images in WordPress? WordPress does not have a default option for uploading taxonomy images or category icons. Archive pages display only the name of a category or taxonomy. Let's take a

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How-to-Upgrade-jQuery-in-WordPress (Latest Version)

How to Upgrade jQuery in WordPress to Its Latest Version

Did you upgrade the jQuery version that is running on your WordPress site? If NO, then you need to upgrade jQuery in WordPress in no time to its latest version. As we all know jQuery is important. Not only just

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