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Become An Affiliate (How to succeed as our affiliate marketer?)

Join an affiliate network that pays out more than $2 million per year. Read the steps about How to Become ThemeLooks Affiliate?
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How To Make Money From ThemeLooks?

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Start Making Money

Refer new customers to ThemeLooks using your affiliate link and you will receive 30% of any their purchases. Our affiliate tracking cookie lasts 90 days. You will receive commission from all customers that sign up within 365 days after clicking on your affiliate links.

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Multi-Level Affiliate Marketing

Multi level affiliate marketing, also known as MLM, Multi tier affiliate marketing, sub affiliates or network marketing, is an affiliate marketing strategy where affiliates are incentivized to recruit new affiliates.

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Social Sharing

On every item's page there are share buttons to share an item across several social networks including Facebook and Twitter. If you are logged in, you will automatically share your affiliate link. Just click on any share button and you will receive commission on every referred sale.

Easy Steps To Creating Your Affiliate Links

An affiliate link is a unique URL that contains the ID or username of an affiliate which is used by the advertiser or business to track leads and conversions. In order to enable you effectively make use of our affiliate program. You will have to connect your link to your affiliate id.

You can create your affiliate link manually using the following structure.

Add "?ref=id" to an item link, and then replace id with your ThemeLooks affiliate id. With that, you are good to go.

Here Are Some Illustrations.

  • Frontpage: Item
  • page:
  • Category Listing:

Flash Points For Banner Ads

Do you know that effective banners are placed at the top or sidebar of a trending post on your site? Place your ads at this strategic position and watch out for massive result.

Affiliate Program

Our cutting-edge products and services in conjunction with our competitive affiliate pay rate makes promoting ThemeLooks a profitable adventure. It’s simple; promote ThemeLooks, and get rich!

Activate Affiliate Account

Ways To Promote ThemeLooks

Our Affiliate Marketing Program is on ShareASale; therefore payments, tracking referrals, deals and banners are very simple. All you need to do is to spread the word, position your banners, post coupons and watch your earnings roll in...

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Are you into blogging? If yes, all you need to do is add your ThemeLooks affiliate link to your top ranking blog posts.

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Email Blast

Do you have an email list? If yeah, tell your subscribers about our amazing themes and plugins. You can get a custom-made content from us and send it to your mailing list.

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Social Media Marketing

Are you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or do you have a fan page? If yeah, then get a readymade banner from us so as to share on your social media platform.

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RSS Feeds

Do you have RSS feeds on your website? Just feed about ThemeLooks and add your affiliate link it. Alternatively, on your footer, you can simply write "Powered by ThemeLooks" and then embed your ThemeLooks affiliate link. Your footer is one of the most important locations on your website.

checkYour Benefits
  • Earn 30% on the initial purchase of each theme/templates package.
  • Our tracking cookies are set at 365 days (One year). Which indicates that if the client you introduced or referred, failed to make a purchase on their first visit, but checked back over –time and purchase any of our templates/themes, you will still be entitled to a 30% commissions on whatever they buy.
  • In your affiliate dashboard, you have a free ticket to view live statistics of your monthly payment data, clickthroughs, and downloads.
  • PayPal processes all Payments; therefore you need to own an account with PayPal in order to receive your commissions. You may not receive commissions if your PayPal email is not present in the affiliate payout info.
  • Your payout commissions will be made ready every last day of the month (e.g. payments for August will be sent on September 30th).
  • You can cash out when your balance is $100.

timesYou Can Not
  • You cannot earn commissions through your own affiliate purchases.
  • You can’t earn commissions by offering coupons, discounts, or deals for ThemeLooks templates/themes unless explicitly specified and approved.
  • There are no commissions by placing tracking URLs in any form of advertisement (i.e. PPC, Google Adwords, Bing / Yahoo Ads and others)
  • On Google Adwords, Bing/Yahoo Ads, you can’t bid on our brand name “Themelooks” unless explicitly specified and approved.
  • Your domain name must not contain “ThemeLooks” unless explicitly specified and approved.
  • In any case of conscious or unconscious violation of our Affiliate Program terms of services, we will forfeit commissions related to aforementioned violations, and this may result in termination of your affiliate account with or without notice.

Note That

We reserve the legal rights to reverse commissions on chargeback or any fraudulent activity
And again we reserve the rights to reverse commissions that do not have referral URLs.