Whmcs WordPress theme Discount Offers on Cyber Monday Deals 2020

WordPress Cyber Monday Deals 2018

Whmcs WordPress theme Discount Offers on Cyber Monday Deals 2020

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UpTo 70% Discount on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the next Monday after Thanksgiving and it is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. It is getting closer as this year it is on the 26th of November and like every other Cyber Monday, ThemeLooks is offering exciting discounts from up to 75% on their items of all categories for a very limited time. So if you are looking for premium WHMCS theme and HTML template at a reasonable price, this is the best opportunity for you to grab them!

cyber monday wordpress deals 2018
cyber monday wordpress deals 2020

With all other items, you will get professional WordPress WHMCS theme and HTML templates to build beautiful websites for your business or personal use and they also have themes and templates in different categories. So if you are planning to advertise different offers

WordPress Cyber Monday Deals 2018
WordPress Cyber Monday Deals 2020

and products of your organization by creating unique websites, you are absolutely in the right place. You can buy these multipurpose themes and templates for different purposes like domain and hosting business, Cryptocurrency, VPN, Technology and many more. So by using a single theme, you can build any websites in any categories very quickly and easily. The main benefit of using these themes and templates is they are fully customizable from header to the footer to each and every section which will give you the opportunity to build your website just how you want. Let’s see the items available in different categories:

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  • VOIP

BizWalls, VOIP, Calldee are the responsive HTML5 template by which you will be able to build any websites related to VOIP service provider organizations.


  • Internet Service Provider

Serviney is a multipurpose HTML template for any Internet Service Provider company and it is based on the latest Bootstrap including WHMCS.


  • Servicing & Repair

CoSolu, QuickFix are the multipurpose servicing and repairing WordPress theme and it will be suitable for you if you are an organization of any kind of servicing & repairing.


  • Hosting Business

OrDomain, VirtuSky, Hoskia, Kripdom, ColorHost, EcoHosting, Singara, HostWHMCS, Bluishost, HostGen are the responsive WHMCS hosting WordPress theme which is designed for any types of hosting, domain & technology related business.


  • Corporate Business

BizLinks, ComeLooks, FolioCase, are fully responsive and multipurpose WordPress theme which can be used for all kinds of telecom, cloud service and hosting business.


  • Social Network

SMM24 is an HTML template for any types of social media management and marketing and it is based on the latest bootstrap.


  • Admin Template

DAdmin is a Bootstrap HTML Admin Template which is responsive and can be used to build professional and unique Admin Dashboard Template.


  • Photography

TheGraphy is designed for any kinds of personal photography website and it is a responsive creative photography HTML5 template.


  • Cryptocurrency

Crypdrone is a multipurpose and fully responsive WHMCS template for cryptocurrency, , Money Exchange, Virtual Credit/Debit Card related websites.

  • VPN

VpNet is a multipurpose VPN website and cloud service template including WHMCS and it can be used to design any kinds of Open VPN service.

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So to start a multipurpose business to cover technology business, domain and hosting business all in one place, these WHMCS theme and HTML templates are the right solution for you. The WHMCS integration is ready with the help of the WHMCS Bridge. WHMCS Bridge is a special plugin which makes the connection between WordPress and WHMCS and allows support and billing software to be used into WordPress. That’s why billing, invoicing, support, customer management, and other features can work automatically.

All of the items are also fully responsive which makes them very user-friendly for the users and they also have all the functionalities to run a complete domain and hosting business as well as technology business. Most of them are compatible with WooCommerce plugin which can make your website into an e-commerce online store. They are also retina ready and support a high resolution which makes them comfortable to use in any device.

WordPress Black Friday Deals 2018
WordPress Black Friday Deals 2020

So these Premium WordPress themes and templates do the work of client management, billing, and support with utmost efficiency. These WordPress theme are ideal for the technology, domain and hosting market. Retina ready high resolution makes a great viewing experience. It gives you the power to market your products by yourself. So its awesome features will let to reach to a broader audience. CSS3, Bootstrap 4, and JQuery have made its build quality outstanding. So by choosing these themes, you can make a great impression on the hosting market.


They are based on the latest version of WordPress which makes them modern. Additions of WHMCS template are included with most of the themes for more stability. The integration of MailChimp with them will let you use the marketing automation platform to automate your business. They have been developed with a completely error-free code which lessens the chance to face any kind of issues. Strong Page Meta Options like header logo uploader, header selector, layout selector and many more are the features add uniqueness you can find in these themes. To look more professional, all of them support 650+ Google fonts which are enough to impress you. You will also get child themes with most of the items so it lessens your effort to build child themes by yourself. HTML5 and CSS3 are the secrets of their solid base. The Advanced Theme Options Panel looks wonderful and will satisfy you the fullest.

Visual Composer is available with most of the items and the availability of the RTL version you will be able to write any languages. Custom banners can be used with these items in which you can add your own images and Video background will give you the opportunity to add videos to your backgrounds. With the domain checker, domains can be easily searched from the search box. All of them have the blog section which is uniquely designed to make a better blogging experience.

So stop wasting your time in thinking more and don’t miss the chance to get them at a big discount !!! Of course, this is for a very limited time so grab the items which seem necessary to you.

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