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Easily Add a Reading Progress Bar in WordPress Posts – Explained How to

Are you aware that some popular sites display a reading progress bar at the top of their articles? The benefits of having a reading progress bar in WordPress posts are enormous. The little bar displays how much more content there

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How to Use the WordPress In-built Theme Customizer Like a Pro

Do you have any idea about WordPress in-built theme customizer? If not, then here's the ultimate guide for you. WordPress comes with an in-built theme customizer. However, you can use the WordPress in-built theme customizer to make changes to your

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A Guide on How to Uninstall and Delete the WordPress Theme

If you would like to uninstall and delete the WordPress theme, but you're concerned that it might be insecure, what should you do? You may want to delete your old theme if you recently changed your WordPress theme. It is

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WordPress Block Patterns – A Complete Overview of How to Use

Being able to use block patterns on WordPress makes you eligible for everything on WordPress. But what if you're a newbie to WordPress, and want to learn about the block patterns. Then you're in the right place. Block patterns make

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The Best Responsive WordPress Themes You Can Count On in 2022

Responsiveness is a must on any modern-day WordPress theme. So, if you're seeking the best responsive WordPress theme for your website, then you're in the right place. However, making a website using WordPress is super easy and trending now. For

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how to bulk schedule blog posts in WordPress

How to Bulk Schedule Blog Posts in WordPress Easily

WordPress is the best CMS right now to create blog posts and publish. However, blog posts can be the real game-changer to increase the traffic to your site. Well, would you like to know about bulk schedule blog posts in

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How to Unpublish a WordPress Page – 3 Simple Ways Explained

If you want to unpublish a WordPress page and don't know how to do it, you're certainly in the right post. You might be in need of unpublishing a WordPress page sometimes to edit or any privacy issues. Plus, you

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How to Make Your WordPress Blog Private – 2 Easy Ways Explained

Would you like to make your WordPress blog private entirely? But why so? You can make your WordPress blog private so that you and your chosen users/visitors only can see the content. In this entire article, I'll walk you through

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