Develop WordPress Theme Using EnterAddons and Make Money


Are you a theme developer and looking for a passive income? Go for WordPress theme development. Relatively easy to do without any extensive coding knowledge.

In order to develop WordPress theme, EnterAddons (FREE) would be the best solution. You’ll be amazed to see its features and functionalities during the time of developing a WordPress theme.

However, there are tons of WordPress themes available, and it’s quiet to choose the one that has all things you need. Therefore, developing a custom theme rather than choosing one is the correct decision.

And, you would love to know that creating a custom WordPress theme is easy and fast. That said, having a WordPress theme using your own creativity is worthwhile to have indeed.

Following is the outline to develop a WordPress theme using EnterAddons:

  • At first, develop your basic theme
  • Customize your design using EnterAddons (No coding knowledge needed)
  • Export the design to include in your theme
  • Add EnterAddons with your theme (Available on and completely free)
  • Sale your theme where you want (ThemeForest/Own site/Other marketplaces)

Develop WordPress theme using EnterAddons (Step-by-Step)


Theme development is nothing new, and some people have made good money with it. Before you begin developing a theme, it is important to know that there are many others who are doing the same thing. To stand out from the competition, you must elevate yourself.

In this case, EnterAddons comes into play. It is possible to build a perfect theme (depending on their niches) free of charge with EnterAddons. There is no charge for any of its functions or features. So don’t be late, get download and install EnterAddons now.

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Using EnterAddons, you can take advantage of 45+ advanced widgets, 100+ ready blocks, 10+ ready templates, and many more [All Comes for FREE] to elevate your Elementor page-building experience.

With its completely customizable, lightweight, instant loading, and easy-to-use elements, you can design your next WordPress page easier than ever before.

Step 1: At first, start developing a WordPress theme

Starter themes are simple WordPress themes that you can use as a base for creating your own. Building a theme from scratch involves a lot of work, and using a starter allows you to build on a solid foundation.

Plus, it helps to make you understand how WordPress actually works through the theme’s basic structure guide and how all things work together.

Starter themes: there are plenty to choose from. Such as, Underscores, UnderStrap, and Bones are the most usable ones.

So choose any one of them and build your basic theme first.

Step 2: Customize the theme design using EnterAddons

Once you completely set up your basic theme, you can now customize the theme design using EnterAddons by ThemeLooks. EnterAddons has plenty of templates, you choose and pick any of them.

Once you select the template, the design will directly appear in front of your screen. And now you can customize things as you want.

However, each and every section of this template can be customized using EnterAddons. All customization things you’re getting for FREE with EnterAddons.

Install EnterAddons Now [FREE]

Now, in the following sections, we’ll try to let you know how you can customize each and every section using EnterAddons. Thus, you’ll get a professional theme with an amazing design.

Adding a button to your theme

You can create stunning buttons using EnterAddons’ Button Widget, which supports text, color, hover effects, and other effects. A call-to-action button can also be created using this button widget.

It’s just a matter of dragging and dropping. Place the button widget in the desired area by selecting it from the left sidebar. If you want, you can customize it.


Adding time counter

Find the counter widget in the widget gallery. As in the previous step, drag the icon to the area of your website where you want it to appear. The counter widgets are, however, available in different types. You can customize it based on your preferences after applying the one you like most.


Adding Google map

EnterAddons’ Google Map widget allows you to add a Google map to your website. Other Elementor addons do not offer this widget for free, while this widget is free. Using the left sidebar, locate the widget and drag it to the desired location.


Adding testimonials

Your website’s credibility is determined by the testimonials on it. Any kind of site can benefit from this section. EnterAddons gives you access to this widget for free.

The same method can be used for adding this widget as it is for adding other widgets. By dragging and dropping, you can add items. From the edit option, you can customize it once it has been added.


Adding team members section

Use this Team widget of EnterAddons to display team members’ names, bios, positions, and social media links. After that, you can customize everything to your liking. With this widget, you can customize the way your team members are displayed. Choose the one you prefer.


Adding a contact form

Any website that has a contact form will reap huge benefits. This form allows you to contact your users. Any website should have it, so it’s undoubtedly important. You can easily create a contact form using the EnterAddons Contact Form widget.

You can do so by going to EnterAddons Contact Forms, selecting a form, dragging and dropping it to where you want it, and then submitting it. Additionally, your form can be customized.


Step 3: Add EnterAddons with your theme (Available on and completely free)

Once you complete the customization of your theme. You can add EnterAddons to your theme for your client’s further use. It’s completely free and available on

Get EnterAddons from

Step 4: Sale your theme where you want (ThemeForest/Own site/Other marketplaces)

Once you’ve prepared your theme successfully, you’re up and running for selling the theme. Either you can sell independently using your own site or using a theme selling marketplace. Both are very definitive ways of selling WordPress themes. Well, let’s see elaborately.

Sell WordPress themes independently

If you manage to sell independently, you’ll get the maximum benefit because there will be no extra cost-cutting issues. Therefore, you can invest a huge amount in your future projects. But this is not easy while you’ve just started.

That said, you need to have a killer marketing plan and a website ranked higher in Google SERPs. When your site got ranked higher it gives you access to targeted traffic. But how, this would be another discussion right now.

By the way, you can generate profit by ad campaign as well.

Above all, own a website and sell your theme there. By doing so, you’ll get the full authority of controlling your site visitors. Plus, you can do your own SEO (search engine optimization) that helps you to get a better rank on Google SERPs.

Once you got a high rank, your customers will find you easily. As a result, the possibility of generating more revenue will increase. In simple words, the thing is, if you make an excellent theme you’ll shine sooner or later. But you need to have a site of your own to sell your themes.

Sell WordPress themes using a marketplace

If you’re not interested in selling themes on your own site, marketplaces in the answer for you. Themeforest and Mojo Themes, are the two of the most popular platforms for selling WordPress themes. Apart from these two, there are other smaller alternatives where you could sell your themes.

However, before selling you need to consider many things about that marketplace. For example, what is the transaction fee, how competitive the marketplace is, the rules and regulations of the platform, how much money you need to provide to the marketplace, and so on.

Basically, you need to have extensive ideas and knowledge before diving into it. Important, though the marketplace takes a generous amount of money from your profits, you can earn from a different source (e.g., active affiliates).

So here’s the thing, independent or marketplace- both have their advantages and disadvantages. It’s totally up to you which one you will prefer to go with after considering all the things.

One-click demo import

One Click Demo Import would be a great service for your WP theme clients if you are a theme developer. It was your demo that attracted users to your theme.

Wouldn’t it be better if they started with your theme demo website? It’s simple – with One Click Demo Import, you’ll be able to provide your customers with a fully functioning copy of your demo site.

One Click Demo Import Guide

Over to you, did we miss anything?

Here’s everything you need to know. There is no need to worry about coding when it comes to developing WordPress themes. Your theme development process can be greatly enhanced with EnterAddons.

Moreover, you will be able to maintain bug-free designs with regular updates.

Let us know if you have already made a WordPress theme using EnterAddons by sharing your link below.

Here’s the outline again for developing WordPress theme using EnterAddons:

  • Develop a basic theme
  • Convert your designs using EnterAddons
  • Export designs and adds EnterAddons to your theme
  • Sale your theme the way you prefer (online marketplace/your own site)

Now it’s your turn:

Would you consider using this method for developing your WordPress theme and selling it on your site or marketplace?

In the first place, we covered all the basic requirements for theme developers. Perhaps we forgot to mention one of your favorite sections.

If you have any thoughts, leave a comment below.

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