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How to Add Custom CSS to Your WordPress Site

If you would like to add custom CCS to your WordPress site and looking for how to? Then, you're in the right post at this moment. However, as we all know layout and appearance attract readers or visitors to your

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How Do You Change Default Text Selection Color in WordPress

Would you like to change the default text selection color in WordPress? Then you're certainly in the right post. Learn how you can change the default text selection color in WordPress through simple methods. Pay attention to the little details

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Signs-of-a-Hacked-WordPress-Site-(How to Fix)

13+ Signs Your WordPress Site Is Hacked – How to Fix and Prevent It

A question we are asked every now and then from many WordPress users is how do I know my WordPress site is hacked or not? Well, there are a bunch of signs of hacked WordPress sites. All these will be

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How to Add a Blog Post Checklist to the WordPress Editor

Are you interested in adding a blog checklist to the WordPress editor? By using a checklist, you can ensure your posts are of the highest quality. You can also use a checklist if you've added multiple writers/authors to your site

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WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – The Ultimate Comparison Chart

Did you know that WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two distinct platforms? Here is the ultimate comparison of WordPress.com vs WordPress.org. Beginners frequently mix up WordPress.com with WordPress.org, leading them to select the incorrect blogging platform for their purposes. Even those

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WordPress Block Patterns – A Complete Overview of How to Use

Being able to use block patterns on WordPress makes you eligible for everything on WordPress. But what if you're a newbie to WordPress, and want to learn about the block patterns. Then you're in the right place. Block patterns make

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How-to-Change-Shop-Page-Title-in WooCommerce-3-Easy-Ways

Change Shop Page Title in WooCommerce – 3 Ways of How You Can

If you're pondering how to change shop page title in WooCommerce, you've come to the correct spot. One of the most crucial pages in any eCommerce or WooCommerce site is the shop page. Because you will be displaying all of

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How to Set Up WooCommerce on WordPress – A Quick Overview

Every day new entrepreneurs are increasing over the internet. Anyone can start an online business within a short time nowadays. Thanks to platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce. Unfortunately, there are downsides to these two platforms. The main downside is, that

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