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Easily Add a Reading Progress Bar in WordPress Posts – Explained How to

Are you aware that some popular sites display a reading progress bar at the top of their articles? The benefits of having a reading progress bar in WordPress posts are enormous. The little bar displays how much more content there

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What’s New in WordPress 6.0 – Explore New Features of WordPress

Here's the GOOD NEWS! Earlier today, WordPress releases its second major update (WordPress 6.0) of 2022. With a bunch of new updates, you'll get a full new experience of your site editing, a new and updated way to build websites.

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How to Use the WordPress In-built Theme Customizer Like a Pro

Do you have any idea about WordPress in-built theme customizer? If not, then here's the ultimate guide for you. WordPress comes with an in-built theme customizer. However, you can use the WordPress in-built theme customizer to make changes to your

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Ins and Outs of WordPress Cron Jobs – How to View and Control

One of our readers recently inquired about the ab ility to examine and operate the WordPress cron jobs system from the dashboard. Cron is a technology that allows you to conduct scheduled operations on your webserver. WordPress includes a built-in

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How to Add Custom CSS to Your WordPress Site

If you would like to add custom CCS to your WordPress site and looking for how to? Then, you're in the right post at this moment. However, as we all know layout and appearance attract readers or visitors to your

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How Do You Change Default Text Selection Color in WordPress

Would you like to change the default text selection color in WordPress? Then you're certainly in the right post. Learn how you can change the default text selection color in WordPress through simple methods. Pay attention to the little details

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Signs-of-a-Hacked-WordPress-Site-(How to Fix)

13+ Signs Your WordPress Site Is Hacked – How to Fix and Prevent It

A question we are asked every now and then from many WordPress users is how do I know my WordPress site is hacked or not? Well, there are a bunch of signs of hacked WordPress sites. All these will be

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How to Add a Blog Post Checklist to the WordPress Editor

Are you interested in adding a blog checklist to the WordPress editor? By using a checklist, you can ensure your posts are of the highest quality. You can also use a checklist if you've added multiple writers/authors to your site

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