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Do you want to have YouTube subscribe button in WordPress?

Visitors can subscribe to your YouTube channel easily if you have a YouTube subscribe button on your blog.

Let’s take a look at how to add a YouTube subscription button to your WordPress site.

Adding YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress: Is That Really Necessary?

You can reach a new audience, increase traffic to your blog, and boost website engagement with a YouTube channel.

You should make it easy for visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel if you’ve launched a YouTube channel to support your WordPress blog.

YouTube subscribe buttons are a great solution for this.

Your channel can be subscribed to in seconds by clicking this button. Visitors who don’t know about your YouTube channel may also be interested in it when they see a subscribe button.

You can add a YouTube subscribe button to your WordPress website in three different ways. Below you will find links to specific methods if you wish to jump directly there.

Way 1: Add YouTube’s Official Subscribe Button

Firstly, visit YouTube’s Subscription Button page.

Your channel name or channel ID must be entered on this page.

In the next step, choose a layout, theme, and subscriber count. Your WordPress site’s subscriber button will appear in a live preview.


Simply copy the embed code once the button is ready and you’re satisfied with that.


The code should now be pasted where you want to add a subscribe button.

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets to add the button to your sidebar or footer. Next, drag and drop the Text widget to a widget area on the site (sidebar or footer). Next, paste the code in the text box.


Now, simply click on the Save button to get everything done!

Way 2: Use a Plugin to Add the ‘Subscribe To YouTube’ Button

In case you want to add a call to action subscribe button, you need to use a WordPress button plugin. By which you can easily add subscribe button to your pages/posts.

For that, Ultimate Block Plugin can be your partner since it has a Button block.

Here are the things you need to do-

  • Install the plugin first. (Guide to Install)
  • Enter into WordPress Dashboard and navigate Dashboard> Plugins> Add New and search Ultimate Blocks.
  • Finally, click on Install Now and then Activate the plugin.


After activating the plugin, you need to go to the post/page area and locate the place where you would like to have to subscribe button.

Then insert the block with the name “Button (Improved)”.


In the button (1), type ‘Subscribe To Our Channel’ or simply ‘Subscribe’, and then enter your YouTube subscription link (2).


To make the button even more appealing, we’ll add a YouTube icon. You can find YouTube by clicking on the ‘Selected icon’ box on the right. Click on the icon of your choice.


It is possible to change the shape (rounded/transparent) of the button. I recommend using the rounded button for the subscribe button.


Colors for buttons and hovers can also be changed. Using Red (#FF0000) or White would be a good combination.


Using this method, your WordPress post or page can contain a YouTube subscribe button.

Way 3: Under a Video, Add a YouTube Subscribe Button

The Presto Player plugin will let you add a YouTube Subscribe button under your videos, as shown in the screenshot below.add-subcribe-button-under-a-video

The Presto Player plugin is one of the most popular video player plugins. Go to the post or page where you want to embed the video after you’ve installed and activated the plugin.

Add a new block by clicking on the + sign and searching for ‘Presto YouTube Video’.search-for-presto-youtube-video

Click on the ‘Add Video’ button (2) after entering the YouTube Video URL (1).enter-youtube-video-url-to-add

Video embedding will be done for you. In the options panel on the right, choose the “YouTube Optimized” preset.


This concludes the process. Under your YouTube video, you will find a Subscribe button now.


There you have it! By following any of the above simple methods, you can easily add YouTube subscribe button in WordPress. We hope, it helped. Let us know your experience in the below comment box and also if you know any other method of adding a YouTube subscribe button.

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