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Multi-vendor Support with Dokan

wcOne supports Multi-Vendor

wcOne is fully compatible with multi-vendor system. It supports multi-vendor marketplace Dokan. Hence, there is no bindings for using wcOne with the with multi-vendor system. Now it's possible to take orders during business hours, time & date based orders, pre-orders, etc. for multi-vendors.

Product Extra Option

Product Extra Addons
Whenever you order any food, you’ll get product extra options based on the food category.
  • Add-ons or extras that are fully customized for your product.
  • The product details popup includes nutritional information and extra options.
  • Has Options for Single Choice
  • Has Options for Multiple Choice
  • Has Options for Limited Choice

Same Page and Quick Cart & Checkout System

Carting & Checkout As Easy As Pie
wcOne product checkout system is so fast. You won’t have to click your mouse too many times to access the checkout page. Checkout is available on whichever page you are. Customers could be completed the order from the shop page.

Delivery Type and Date Time

Make Order As You Prefer & Get Delivered
wcOne supports fast and convenient delivery and pickup. The plugin allows customers to schedule pre-orders within a set timeframe.
  • Two types of delivery availability- Delivery by a restaurant and Pick up by me.
  • Two Types of delivery scheduling options- today's delivery/pickup, and schedule delivery/pickup for another day.
  • Customers can set delivery and pickup times for both types of delivery options. It just needs to be within the restaurant's open and closing time.

Delivery Availability Checker

Check & Find Delivery Availability

wcOne helps you locate the delivery location availability using an address, Zip Code, branch, location, etc.

  • You can check the delivery availability using an address, restaurant location, and Zip Code.
  • A delivery or pickup option is available during checkout. (Only delivery / Only Pickup)
  • Single Branch delivery checking availability option.

3 Types of Admin Panel

Custom Admin Panel For Manager
wcOne consist of 3 types of admin panel. Each panel is very useful and effective to the respective admin manager to manage the orders.
  • Product Grid is available in 2/3/4 column formats; choose one that suits you best.
  • Product Extras and Add-ons with option choice limits are available.
  • An admin panel for Delivery Man.

Invoice Print Options

Effortless Invoice Printing
wcOne makes it easy to manage your online food ordering business with order invoices that are easy to print.
  • Print orders with just one click.
  • It supports both thermal and receipt printers.
  • Text for invoice headers and footers is available.

Support All Type of Payment Gateways

wcOne provides efficient WooCommerce payment solution. It supports all type of WooCommerce payment gateways such as: Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, Square, Amazon Pay, Alipay, Authorize.net, Apple Pay, etc.

All kind of Themes & Page Builders Supported

wcOne supports any kind of page builder that has support to use a shortcode including Gutenberg, Elementor, WPBakery, Visual composer, brave builder, Divi builder, etc.

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Example Use Cases

The WooCommerce Addons You Were Looking For!

Pizza Delivery

Pizza Delivery: Only deliver pizza within 30km radius and allow ordering only during business hours from 5 to 9 o’clock.

– Radius Shipping & Business Hours

Fence Builder

Fence builder needs to have an installation date & time when the customer checkouts. Selectable date must be 30 days from today.

– Delivery Time & Date

Flower Store

Flower delivery store shows a message that his store is closed and customers can come back at X time (cart will remain) to place direct delivery orders.

– Opening Hours

Why Choose wcOne?

The WooCommerce Addons You Were Looking For!
Fully Customizable

Highly customizable. You might have want according to your choice. No worries! With wcOne, you can customize all things as you want.

Quick Order Placement

You can place an order quickly now. wcOne offers one-click ordering for seamless online food ordering. Place your order and receive it instantly.

Manage Orders Easily

Because of the easy order management system with the wcOne plugin, serving customers online is so easy. Owners and customers will both appreciate it.

Order Delivery Methods

Take advantage of wcOne Pickup and Delivery service. Both Pickup and Delivery and Only Delivery/Only Pickup options are available.

Pre-Order System

With our pre-ordering system, you'll allow your customers to place their orders in advance. So, ensure the best customer experience by setting up an efficient pre-ordering system.

Order Scheduling System

Set up your orders! Scheduling online orders allow you to plan your routes more efficiently. Your customers can select their preferred timeslot.

Order Tracking System

Keep track of orders easily! Using
wcOne order tracking system; customers can get a real-time update about the delivery boy and the vehicles.

Date-Wise Order Delivery Time Slot Set Option

Take advantage of wcOne Pickup and Delivery service. Both Pickup and Delivery and Only Delivery/Only Pickup options are available.

Order Limit On Time Slot

You can limit the order to any particular time slot with wcOne. When you're running out of services or products, set the order limit up to the time you'll available.

Break Time Adding Option In Delivery Time Slot

In your delivery time slot, you can add break time easily. It means your service will not be available to your customers during that particular break time.

New Order Notification

In the wcOne admin panel, '1 New Order Placed' tags will appear for each new order. Enable the sound and get instant notifications whenever a new order is placed.

Notification Sound

wcOne provides notification sounds. Set it up to get audial notifications. Feel relaxed because you’ll not miss or delay any order anymore.

Orders Statistic

The wcOne database provides order statistics on the front end and back end. Easy management of orders, pre-orders, assigning couriers, and printing invoices.

Invoice Print Option

An invoice is a statement of the sum of purchased goods or services. wcOne allows you to print invoices easily so that you can keep your sales transaction and get your business going effectively.

Thermal/Receipt Printer Invoice Layout

wcOne makes it easy to manage your online food ordering business with order invoices that are easy to print. Both the terminal/receipt print invoice layout is available. Print invoices with just one click.

Invoice Header/Footer Text and Logo Upload Option

wcOne allows you to upload header and footer text as you wish to have. Also, you can upload a logo of your website or company into the invoice which will make your invoice more attractive and informative.

Easy Order Filtering

The Dynamic tracking process can be confusing. Use wcOne Order Filter system on Dashboard to make things easier for yourself.

Add Material Option

wcOne provides the product Nutrition / Manufacturer elements Add option, you can easily add Nutrition / Manufacturer information to your product.

Product Extra Addons Add Options

Product Extra Add-Ons Options allows you to add paid or free options to your products using several field types including radio buttons, checkboxes, custom text inputs.

Real-Time Data Update

The plugin wcOne adjusts the time and location based on your system. You can monitor the orders, and your customers can track them in real-time. Happy ordering and delivering!

Check Delivery Location Availability

Using zip code and address, the wcOne plugin verifies product delivery location instantly. Thus, location availability checkers simplify things before you place an order.

Distance Restrictions

You can set a maximum delivery distance based on km/miles using Google API’s.

Customer Address Directions Map

The wcOne plugin will create a map showing directions to the customer's location upon placing an order. This makes delivering orders very easy.

Auto-detect Customer Address

By identifying the customer's address or zip code, wcOne will automatically detect the customer's location. Therefore, delivering the products to customers is too easy.

Zip Code Based Delivery

wcOne allows a zip-code-based delivery system. So, customers can get their food delivered according to their zip code.

Address Based Delivery

Use your address at the time of delivery. wcOne finds and delivers the products to you as early as possible.

Pickup / Takeawaya

Pickup and Takeaway, both the serving methods, are available on wcOne . It’s up to you which one you prefer.

Custom Delivery Fee

A custom delivery fee adding option is also available in wcOne . No matter how far you need to deliver the goods, a customized delivery fee adding option is here.

Shop Manager Admin Panel

An individual admin panel has been added to wcOne for the shop manager. Admin panel can be accessible with proper credentials.

Packaging Manager Admin Panel

An individual admin panel is available for a Packaging manager so that he/she can track all the records and run the restaurant properly.

Delivery Man Admin Panel

An admin panel is attached not only just for the shop manager, and packaging manager but also for a delivery man.

Order status Change Option

wcOne allows you to set an order status-changing option. Email notification work on order status. When the admin changes order status, an email automatic send to customers to inform their order’s current status.

Custom Sign in/ Sign up Page

A custom sign-in/sign-up page is included with wcOne . Enter the credentials into the sign-in/up page to get the page access that you're searching for.

Support All Kinds of Theme

All kinds of free and premium themes are compatible with the wcOne plugin. As a result, you can design your site however you want since the plugin supports all types of themes.

Client Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Easty to Inquiry

What is required to use wcOne?

wcOne integrates with WordPress and uses WooCommerce for the checkout. So you will need a hosting account with WordPress and WooCommerce installed.

Does this plugin support the latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress?

Yes, the plugin supports the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce.

What payment gateways does wcOne support?

This is where wcOne is a solution for everyone. Any payment gateway for WooCommerce will work with wcone.

Does it include an instant notification system?

Yes, an instant notification system is included in the plugin by which you’ll get pop-up notifications immediately.

Does it offer shortcode?

Yes, a shortcode generator has been added to the plugin to customize things as you want.

Is there a way to take pre-orders?

Yes, the pre-order-taking system is available in the plugin that can be easily manageable.

Is it allowed to receive different kinds of delivery option?

wcOne allows you to easily receive PickUp and Delivery orders as well as Only Delivery or Only PickUp orders.

Will wcOne work with my theme & page builder?

Yes, WooDelivery will work with any theme and page builders.

Can I install wcOne on my client's websites?

Yes, you certainly can, however, your client won't have direct access to our support. All support requests would need to come from you as the license purchaser.

Does wcOne work with WIX or SquareSpace?

wcOne only works with WordPress right now.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, you can ask for a refund within 14 days of purchasing.

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