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In search of the best WordPress plugins of 2022, you’ve come to the right place.

For beginners, choosing the right WordPress plugin can be challenging due to the thousands of free and premium plugins available.

As part of this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top and most popular WordPress plugins of 2022, based on our expert votes.

A List of the Most Common Characteristics of the Best WordPress Plugins

There are two types of WordPress plugins: those with a specific purpose or those with multipurpose functions.

If your industry is specific to a plugin, like restaurant plugins, you can use it.

The other option is to select a multipurpose plugin that is highly flexible and can be used for a variety of websites.

There are certain features and traits that all the best WordPress plugins share:

  • 100% Mobile-responsive Design: The plugins are mobile-friendly and retina-ready, so your WordPress website appears great on any screen size.
  • Search Engine Optimized: The theme adheres to the best SEO (search engine optimization) practices, so you will be able to rank higher in search results.
  • Page Builder Support: With the theme, you can easily create pages with popular drag-and-drop page builders for WordPress. Whenever you need custom landing pages, you can create them with this feature.
  • Top Speed and Performance: The speed and performance of your website are heavily influenced by your theme. To make your site as fast as possible, you should choose a theme designed with good performance in mind.
  • Constant Customer Support: When it comes to plugins, you should look for easy-to-follow documentation, updates often, and great support that will assist you if anything goes wrong.

Prior to selecting a theme for your website, consider these essential features. Apart from the main features, we mentioned above, all of the plugins in our list offer many other useful features. In their descriptions, you can learn more about these features.

Expert Pick: The Most Popular and Best WordPress Plugins for 2022

Plugins are necessary for boosting a theme’s functionality and making things run more smoothly. Because there are over 40,000 amazing WordPress plugins on the market, selecting the correct one to fit a certain goal might be difficult.

Let’s take a look at our expert pick for the best plugin of 2022, now that we have discussed the common traits of all popular plugins.

N.B: Are you looking for ways to start a blog, and create an online store using WordPress? Then see our step-by-step guide on how to start a WordPress blog and how to set up an online store using WordPress.



The Amelia WordPress plugin is great for a company’s WordPress website since it entirely simplifies and automates the online appointment processes of the firm.

Automating these activities may save the company a lot of time and money while also making it easier and less time-consuming for its clients to make appointments. Here are some other functionalities provided by the plugin:

  • Customers may create, modify, or delete appointments, and even arrange a session with a specific employee, all online and at any time.
  • Customers may receive notifications and reminders, learn about forthcoming events and training sessions, and even pay online.
  • The company may plan one-time or recurrent events, as well as build and sell service packages.
  • The booking forms may be tailored to the sort of company website on which they will be used.

Amelia’s automatic booking system can service many locales and an infinite number of customers from a single dashboard on a single platform, eliminating the requirement for a third-party platform entirely.



FoodBook is a WordPress-based online food ordering and delivery system featuring a one-click order printing feature. It is compatible with Thermal/Receipt printers. It is all-inclusive online order management and delivery solution. It is a one-branch system. If you have Multibranch, please purchase the FoodBook Multibranch Add-on along with FoodBook.

It is a standalone WooCommerce-based Online Food Ordering WordPress Plugin that allows you to simply integrate a Food Ordering System into your WordPress website. FoodBook allows you to quickly receive PickUp and Delivery, Only Delivery, or Only Pickup orders.

Here are some prominent features of FoodBook:

  • Theme & demo data included.
  • Same Page Cart & Checkout System
  • Popup Cart Style
  • Product Extra Option
  • Delivery Availability Checker
  • 3 Types of Admin Panel
  • Invoice Print Options
  • 5 Product Display Layout
  • Nice & Customizable Settings
  • Order Status Change Option
  • Delivery Type and Date & Time
  • Well-sorted Online Documentation

N.B: FoodBook plugin offers a bundle package will all its 4 addons at an affordable price. You can this out if you need to set up a complete online food ordering and delivery system.



Instead of using multiple WooCommerce plugins, use a single plugin that supports everything. With wcOne, you can access the most significant WooCommerce functionalities in a single plugin! Regardless of your industry, wcOne can help you quickly adapt and manage all of your WooCommerce responsibilities.

By adding the wcOne add-on to your WooCommerce site, you can properly manage your store and maximize your sales. The wcOne multipurpose plugin will improve the functionality of your WooCommerce site!

wcOne is simple to set up and provides maximum flexibility. You do not need substantial coding experience to utilize this plugin. wcOne is the most user-friendly and powerful WooCommerce plugin available. As a result, rather than relying on a slew of plugins, use wcOne to run your WooCommerce store.

The features and functionalities you may look for:

  • Fully Customizable
  • Pre-order Taking System
  • Order-scheduling System
  • Order Tracking System
  • Date-Wise Order Delivery Time Slot Set Option
  • Order Limit On Time Slot
  • New Order Notification with Sound
  • Thermal/Receipt Printer Invoice Layout
  • Product Extra Addons Add Options
  • Real-Time Data Update
  • Support All Kinds of Theme
  • Support All Types of Payment Gateways

So, empower your WooCommerce system and boost your sales today with wcOne.



When it comes to the wpDataTables plugin, the phrase “hard lifting” is an understatement. This workhorse table and chart-building plugin can analyze millions of rows of data in seconds or minutes to generate dynamic, responsive, and editable tables instead of a few hours or many hours.

This popular plugin’s tables may be simply transformed into charts with the same qualities. Here are some other features of the plugin:

  • wpDataTables can manage data from a variety of sources and formats.
  • Tables can be manually built or generated from spreadsheet data, databases, or real-time MySQL data.
  • wpDataTables may highlight important data and utilize conditional formatting to color-code data to make tables and charts more interesting.
  • wpDataTables has a plethora of data sorting and filtering options, as well as simple access to the Chart.js, HighCharts, and Google Charts libraries.



Restrofood is a WordPress plugin for online food ordering and delivery. Restrofood allows you to manage your restaurant and other food ordering services.

It contains a plethora of fantastic features, such as rapid checkout, delivery location availability checker, product extras, invoice print (thermal and receipt), 3 admin panels, and so on, to assist you in building a successful online food company.

  • Theme & Demo-Data Included
  • Fully customizable using Elementor Page Builder
  • One-click Demo Import System
  • Quick Checkout System
  • 6 product card style
  • 3 cart style
  • Easy WooCommerce Food Order System
  • Single Branch System
  • Invoice Print Ready
  • Easy and One-Click Order Printing Option
  • Thermal/Receipt Printer invoice layout
  • Logo upload option in invoice
  • Product Nutrition Information Adding Option
  • Delivery time slot settings options
  • Order limit on time slot
  • Shortcode generator system
  • Delivery type select option in availability checker popup
  • Pre-Order Taking System
  • Delivery Location Availability Checker by address using Google API
  • Delivery Location Availability Checker by ZIP Code
  • Multiple zip code adding options for zipping code-based delivery & pickup
  • Real-time Status Change Email Notification system for customers for their Orders
  • Email Notification for Delivery Boy for Assigned Orders
  • Google geocode API to find the address
  • Deliver/Pickup Time Format 24h or AM/PM
  • Delivery Schedule Type Options
  • Customer Address Directions with MAP for Delivery Boy
  • Order taking options: Only Delivery or Only Pickup or Delivery and Pickup both
  • Well-sorted Online Documentation

So, if you want to start your online food business today, get Restrofood and see our guide on how you can set everything up with this WP plugin.



The well-known LayerSlider has been around for almost a decade. During that time, it has progressively improved in terms of performance and capabilities, to the point that it no longer qualifies as a “sliders only” website-building tool.

LayerSlider 7 is the most significant upgrade yet, and it includes the following features:

  • A newly updated and powerful project editor has been introduced, which is a delight to work with and provides users with a tool with which to build nearly anything.
  • Popups with rich animation capabilities can be used to show messages or advertisements with never-before-seen spectacular effects.
  • LayerSlider’s collection of professionally-crafted templates is also growing and improving, making it an excellent starting point for your projects.


DarkLooks - Best WordPress Plugin

DarkLooks is an outstanding plugin for enabling dark mode on WordPress sites. Allow your eyes to be pampered by utilizing DarkLooks’ dark mode on your WordPress site for a long time eye soothing WordPress usage/viewing experience.

Using the DarkLooks plugin, you may immediately turn your website into a dark version. The plugin’s Dark Mode will operate automatically, with no extra configuration required.

As soon as you activate the plugin, your website will appear in a dark mode based on the preferences of your users’ operating systems.

All operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Mac, are supported by the WordPress plugin. It does not necessitate any complicated additional configuration; you may complete all settings without difficulty.

Readers may enjoy a dynamic, bespoke dark mode experience with the plugin, which detects it automatically. To experience your website’s wonderfully changed dark mode, just enable dark mode on your phone or tablet.

DarkLooks, a WordPress dark mode plugin, has a variety of functions. These incredible capabilities will undoubtedly make your WordPress site more user-friendly than before. Install and enable DarkLooks’ dark mode on your website to relieve your eyes. Let’s take a look:

  • Operating System-Based Dark Mode
  • Floating Switch
  • Custom Colors
  • Images Based Dark Modes
  • WooCommerce Integrated
  • Custom CSS
  • Dark Color Scheme Available



If you want to develop your own WordPress themes but don’t have any coding skills, TheDock plugin can assist. It’s a visual theme builder that handles the code for you. Some of its distinguishing characteristics are as follows:

  • TheDock-created themes are mobile-friendly.
  • Drag and drop may be used to change the design, layout, and theme architecture.
  • The code created by Dock is tidy and readable.

Slider Revolution


When you need to add a good dose of fascinating sliders to an otherwise uninteresting website, the Slider Revolution plugin is a terrific plugin to have in your designer’s toolkit.

  • You have immediate access to 25+ extensions and 200+ website and slider templates that are built to wow.
  • For your website, dynamic material may be imported from the web.
  • They have effective one-on-one assistance.

Essential Grid


The contents of a gallery might be magnificent, but the entire presentation can sometimes fall short. Not so with Essential Grid, a WordPress plugin that offers innovative layouts to bring life to a website.

  • It allows you to showcase your items, movies, and portfolios to their full potential.
  • You may work with a number of screen layouts and alter the rows, columns, and spacings to your satisfaction.



Tablesome is a useful WordPress plugin that allows users to easily create tables that can be included in their pages or articles.

  • Users can save Contact Form 7 contributions to a database and alter the entries.
  • Data stored in the database may be transmitted to third-party applications such as MailChimp, Google Sheets, CRMs, and so on.
  • Users have the option of duplicating whole tables or only a few records.

Wrapping Up

There are almost 40,000 helpful WordPress plugins available today. Searching for the finest WordPress plugins to fit a certain goal may quickly become a tedious chore.

A better strategy is to read the evaluations and discover what the experts consider to be solid selections in a certain area. That is exactly what you will find in this piece, in this instance, the best options in various major website and company improvement areas.

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