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In recent years, restaurants have been shifting rapidly to adapt the online food ordering technology to extend their businesses. The online food business is a major part of every restaurant to constantly engage with customers and earn more profit.

Restrofood, is an online food ordering and delivery system plugin for WordPress by which you can manage your online food ordering and managing job.

It comes with plenty of amazing features to help you build a successful online food business. The plugin also offers a delivery location checker, invoice printing capabilities, etc.

Start Your Online Food Business with Restrofood Today!


Restrofood is the all-in-one solution for Restaurant Food Ordering and Delivery!​ There are a bunch of extraordinary features Restrofood contains. So, if you’re planning to or already have a WordPress site for your online food business and looking for a suitable plugin, you’re in the right post.

Once you complete the entire post, you’ll notice there is nothing but except bunch of features in this online food ordering and delivery plugin.

What You’re Going to Have in Online Food Ordering and Delivery System Plugin?

You’ll have many astounding features on which you can count to run your online food business more effectively than ever before. Among many of them, some of them are explained below with their system and functionalities.

6 Product Display Layout

6 Product Display Layout

Restrofood offers you 6 different kinds of product layout pages to showcase your products attractively to your customers.

  • Grabs the attention of your customers/shoppers.
  • Easily highlight your product’s most notable features.
  • Clear and spacious so that all the focus will be on the product.

3 Cart Style

3 Cart Style

Restrofood gives you 3 unique cart style options. You can choose the one that you prefer most.

  • Different cart style that easily stores product information.
  • A perfect gateway for order, catalog, and customer management.
  • It gives product data, categories, and site information for user display.

Quick Checkout System

Quick Checkout System

Restrofood’s product checkout system is so fast. You won’t have to click your mouse too many times to access the checkout page. Checkout is available on whichever page you are. Customers could be completed the order from the shop page.

Easy Order Management System

Easy Order Management System

Restrofood allows you to manage your orders by creating separate dashboards for shop owners, branch managers, kitchen managers, delivery boys, etc.

  • Provides back-end/admin dashboards for shop owners.
  • Includes front-end dashboards for branch managers and kitchen managers.
  • Option to manage pre-orders and filter orders by delivery date.

Nice & Customizable Settings

Nice and Customizable Settings

With Restrofood, you’ll have many customizing options at your fingertips.

  • Product Grid is available in 2/3/4 column formats; choose one that suits you best.
  • Product Extras and Add-ons with option choice limits are available.
  • Zip Codes can be added in multiple ways to enhance delivery convenience.

Delivery Location Availability Checker

Delivery Location Availability Checker

Restrofood helps you locate the delivery location availability using an address, Zip Code, branch, location, etc.

  • You can check the delivery availability using an address, restaurant location, and Zip Code.
  • A delivery or pickup option is available during checkout. (Only delivery/Only Pickup)
  • Single Branch/Multi Branch delivery checking availability option. 

Product Extra Option

Product Extra Option

Create unlimited combo products with different product extra options and enable your customers to build their order and see the extended price instantly. Available with different styling options and an extended price calculator.

Invoice Print Options

Invoice Print Options

Restrofood makes it easy to manage your online food ordering business with order invoices that are easy to print.

  • Print orders with just one click.
  • It supports both thermal and receipt printers.
  • Text for invoice headers and footers is available.

Simple Delivery Management

Simple Delivery Management

Start taking online orders for food delivery collection/pickup with Restrofood.

  • All options are available here: Delivery and Pickup, Only Delivery, Only Pickup.
  • Select the mode of transport for delivery boys. 
  • Owners of shops can assign delivery boys to each order in the back-end/admin dashboard.
  • The front-end dashboard allows branch and kitchen staff to manage deliveries in real-time.

3 Types of Admin Panel

3 Types of Admin Panel

Restrofood consist of 3 types of admin panel. Each panel is very useful and effective to the respective admin manager.

  • An admin panel for Branch/Shop Manager.
  • An admin panel for the Kitchen Manager.
  • An admin panel for Delivery Man.

Order Status Change Option

Order Status Change Option

Email notification work on order status. When the admin changes order status, an email automatic send to customers to inform their order’s current status.

  • If you cancel the order, it will notify you that “Your order has been canceled.”
  • You’ll get the cooking status of your food- send to cooking, accept cooking, and cooking completes.
  • When the delivery boy gets your product in hand, you’ll get order status- On the way, and the order is complete once you receive the order.

Other Important Features of Restrofood

What do you think? The features and functionalities of Restrofood end here? No, certainly not. However, many a left to demonstrate to you. So, before purchasing the plugin, you should know the rest of its feature list.

Easy WooCommerce Food Ordering System
With Restrofood, your WooCommerce delivery system is going to be more efficient. Take online ordering to the next level with the WooCommerce food ordering system.

Fully Customizable
Highly customizable. The Elementor Page Builder lets you customize Restrofood as much as you like. You can customize all things as you want.

Theme & Demo Data Included
Theme and Demo Data are included with the Restrofood plugin. Just need to import the data and have fun! All things are there to manage your online food ordering system easily.

Quick Order Placement
You can place an order quickly now. Restrofood offers one-click ordering for seamless online food ordering. Place your order and receive it instantly.

Manage Orders Easily
Because of the easy order management system with the Restrofood plugin, serving customers online is so easy. Owners and customers will both appreciate it.

Order Delivery Methods
Take advantage of Restrofood’s Pickup and Delivery service. Both Pickup and Delivery and Only Delivery/Only Pickup options are available.

Pre-Order System
Use a pre-order system to see how interested customers are in your products. Make the best use of Restrofood’s pre-order system.

Order Scheduling System
Set up your orders! Scheduling online orders allow you to plan your routes more efficiently. Your customers can select their preferred timeslot.

Order Tracking System
Keep track of orders easily! Using Restrofood’s order tracking system; customers can get a real-time update about the delivery boy and the vehicles.

New Order Notification
In the Restrofood admin panel, ‘1 New Order Placed’ tags will appear for each new order. Enable the sound and get instant notifications whenever a new order is placed.

Notification Sound
Restrofood provides notification sounds. Set it up to get audial notifications. Feel relaxed because you’ll not miss or delay any order any more.

Order Dashboard
The Restrofood database provides an order dashboard on the front and back end. Easy management of orders, pre-orders, transfers from one branch to another, assigning couriers, and printing invoices.

Easy Order Filtering
The Dynamic tracking process can be confusing. Use Restrofood’s Order Filter system on Dashboard to make things easier for yourself.

Add Nutrition Option
With Restrofood’s Food Nutrition Add option, you can easily add nutritional information to your items. By including nutritional information with your food, you can increase online sales.

Add Extras to Item
Restrofood offers the option of adding extra items to your primarily ordered items.
You need to pay further if you order extras with your items.

Real-Time Data Update
The plugin Restrofood adjusts the time and location based on your system. You can monitor the orders, and your customers can track them in real-time. Happy ordering and delivering!

Check Delivery Location Availability
Using zip code and address, the Restrofood plugin verifies product delivery location instantly. Thus, location availability checkers simplify things before you place an order.

Customer Address Directions Map
The Restrofood plugin will create a map showing directions to the customer’s location upon placing an order. This makes delivering orders very easy.

Auto-detect Customer Address
By identifying the customer’s address or zip code, Restrofood will automatically detect the customer’s location. Therefore, delivering the products to customers is too easy.

Zip Code Based Delivery
Restrofood allows a zip-code-based delivery system. So, customers can get their food delivered according to their zip code.

Address Based Delivery
Use your address at the time of delivery. Restrofood finds and delivers the products to you as early as possible.

Pickup / Takeaway
Pickup and Takeaway, both the serving methods, are available on Restrofood. It’s up to you which one you prefer.

Custom Delivery Fee
A custom delivery fee adding option is also available in Restrofood. No matter how far you need to deliver the goods, a customized delivery fee adding option is here.

Branch/Shop Manager Admin Panel
An individual admin panel has been added to Restrofood for the branch/shop manager. Admin panel can be accessible with proper credentials.

Kitchen Manager Admin Panel
An individual admin panel is available for a kitchen manager so that he/she can track all the records and run the restaurant properly.

Delivery Man Admin Panel
An admin panel is attached not only for the branch/shop manager and kitchen manager but also for a delivery man.

Provides Shortcodes
With the [Restrofood_products] shortcode, you can easily display food items on your website. With Restrofood, you can now generate shortcodes for customizing your page settings as you wish.

Elementor Supported
This plugin is Elementor Page Builder compatible. In Elementor, ready widgets appear at the bottom of the widget list when editing a page. Choose the one you like best.

Theme Support of All Kinds
All kinds of free and premium themes are compatible with the Restrofood plugin. As a result, you can design your site however you want since the plugin supports all types of themes.

Support All WooCommerce Payment Gateway
Restrofood provides an efficient WooCommerce payment solution. It supports all types of WooCommerce payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, Square, Amazon Pay, Alipay,, Apple Pay

Ajax Category Filter
You can easily filter products (food visibility) and categories with Restrofood. Because the Ajax category filter option is included with Restrofood to help you out.


Ajax Quick Search
Search anything on Restrofood by just typing the characters. Get the search result you’re looking for without having to load the whole display page. It’s easier and faster for users to search for anything.


Restrofood Pricing Plan

Restrofood offers two pricing plans: Yearly and Lifetime. Each plan is classified into 3 options- for 1 website, 5 websites, and 1000 websites. However, the pricing plan is fair enough compared to other online food ordering and delivery system plugins out there.

Yearly Pricing Plan


Lifetime Pricing Plan


Final Words

To sum up, with the Reastrofood WordPress plugin you can easily make a restaurant website very easily. You just need to install it on WordPress and follow a few basic procedures. If you need any help, then see this guide on how to build a food delivery website using WordPress and can start earning online.

I hope this post helped you a bit. If so, share it with other WordPress blogging enthusiasts. If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials. You can also find us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.

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