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How to Monetize Your WordPress Blog: 5 Proven Methods

Do you like to monetize your WordPress blog to earn more? If this is the case, you're certainly in the right post. READ ON! As we all know more or less, online money-making offers a variety of interesting opportunities. One

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WordPress Blog Launch Checklist: 6 Steps to Success

Blogging with WordPress is trending nowadays because it's easy as pie. But WordPress blog launch needs some consideration before publishing. In other words, if you are into writing and want to start a blog, keep in mind that you need

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How-to-Rank-WordPress-Blog-Higher on-SERPs-5-Tips-Explained

How to Rank Your WordPress Blog Higher on SERPs: 5 Easy Steps

Do you want to rank your WordPress blog higher on SERPs? If YES, you're certainly in the right post. The most important traffic source for any website is search engines like Google and Bing. It is unlikely, however, that this

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WordPress Website Speed Optimization: 6 Ways to Improve It

Is your WordPress website taking a long time to load and do you want to make it faster? Yes, WordPress website speed optimization is a must if you have any. A website that loads quickly improves user experience, boosts page

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How to Add Taxonomy Images in WordPress: The Most Easiest Way

Are you interested in adding category icons or taxonomy images in WordPress? WordPress does not have a default option for uploading taxonomy images or category icons. Archive pages display only the name of a category or taxonomy. Let's take a

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How-to-Upgrade-jQuery-in-WordPress (Latest Version)

How to Upgrade jQuery in WordPress to Its Latest Version

Did you upgrade the jQuery version that is running on your WordPress site? If NO, then you need to upgrade jQuery in WordPress in no time to its latest version. As we all know jQuery is important. Not only just

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Word-Count-Stats-in-WordPress (3 Ways Explained)

How to Get Word Count Stats in WordPress – 3 Ways Explained

Would you like to get word count stats in WordPress posts? If YES, you're in the right post. It's very common that when you write a post, you might have specific word targets to reach. On top of this, having

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