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Premium Elementor Addons to Build Your Website by Enter Addons.

With the advancement of the internet world, businesses from small to large are concentrating on their online presence. Showcasing any products, services, or perspectives through a professional website with Elementor is a trend now. So, in order to reach customers and users virtually, owners of small to large businessmen focus to build a professional website.

More than 54% of businesses all around the world use professional websites

And, having a professional website with an eye-catching look you can stand out in this competitive time. No matter what your business is, you can make a professional website out of that. Such as portfolio sites, blogging sites, educational sites, car rental sites, project base sites, food orders, delivery, managing sites, and so on.

Having said that, if you’re looking for a way how you can build your own professional website, you’re reading the right post. Along with the importance of having a professional website, we’ll let you know the step-by-step process of how you can build one.

Well, here we go!

Elementor Addons to Build Your Website by Enter Addons: Easy and Happy Ride

As of now, we informed you about how a professional website can reach more customers and boost your sales. Now, we’ll move on to how Elementor (the most popular page builder) plays a vital role to make your website.

You might know, designing a website was totally troublesome before Elementor comes into play. Using this amazingly easy-to-use plugin, regardless of the expertise users have (newbie or pro), anyone can build a professional website.

Customization, and providing a professional look to any website with Best Elementor  addons is a breeze.


The following things of Elementor will facilitate you while designing a professional website:

  • 90+ widgets to use
  • Drag and drop editor
  • 300+ templates available by default
  • Responsive editing experience
  • Builders: pop-up builder, theme builder, and WooCommerce builder

However, using these scintillating features of Elementor, you can build your professional website with ease. All your design requirements might be fulfilled. But, if you want to strengthen your Elementor and make a customized site that is out of the box, you may need a solution. Yes, we’re referring Enter Addons by ThemeLooks.

EnterAddons is the FREE ultimate template builder for Elementor. You can say, it’s a cherry on top! Have that said, in the following part, we’ll let you know about these super-fast, easy-to-use, unique addon And, how it helps to create a website on a professional level.

Introducing Enter Addons -Ultimate Template Builder for Elementor [FREE]


EnterAddons is the most promising FREE addon for Elementor. It’s the best to package available for Elementor at FREE of cost – Adam Preiser Founder of WP Crafter.

Using EnterAddons, you can take advantage of 45+ advanced widgets, 100+ ready blocks, 10+ ready templates, and many more [All Comes for FREE] to elevate your Elementor page-building experience.

With its completely customizable, lightweight, instant loading, and easy-to-use elements, you can design your next WordPress page easier than ever before.

These are the following prominent features that you get in EnterAddons now for FREE.

  • Template presets
  • Customizable and flexible options
  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • On-demand asset loading
  • Widget presets
  • Lifetime nonstop updates

So, it’s time to empower your Elementor using these prominent features effortlessly.

How to Build a Professional Website Using EnterAddons

Talking about professional websites, it’s very high in engaging and converting. So building and designing a professional website always needs extra care. Or else, you may lose your site visitors, and customers, increasing the bounce rate of the site, and ultimately losing ranking on the SERPs.

Having that said, ensuring high quality is a must needed when you build a professional website of your own. Something different and unique is always in trend. So combine Elementor and Enter Addons to uplift the website quality to another level.

Well, we’re now diving into the main discussion that how you can build a professional website with Elementor and Enter Addons. Before that, you need to check, set up, and install certain things that you need.

Make sure you’ve installed and set up these requirements before diving into the real action.

Step 1: Adding a new page

This is the fast and foremost step. And, you can add a page within a second. Allow us to let you know how you can do it.


Start with navigating WP Admin > Dashboard. After that navigate to Pages > Add a new page > Title > Click on edit with Elementor canvas > Publish.

Step 2: Adding a header or footer

There is no doubt that a header or footer is the most integral part of any website. In fact, you can’t see any website without having a header or footer. The benefits of having a header or footer are huge. Using a header or footer, for example, you can showcase social icons, insert valuable links, login-registration options, and many more. So, create a header and footer on the opened page.

Step 3: Choose and pick themes or templates

Once you add a header, you can customize the rest of the page step-by-step. Or else, you can directly insert a template and theme provided by Elementor or Enter Addons.

However, to go to Elementor/Enter Addond library click on Folder Like button. There you have it! Pre-made blocks, templates, and pages. Choose and pick the one that matches your website building purpose. After that customize everything gradually.


For this tutorial, we picked the below marked one. Because it meets our requirements. As our main concern is making a professional website, so choosing and applying a correct template is a must. Otherwise, your site will lose professionalism.

Step 4: Let’s customize the template using Enter Addons

Once you select the template, the design will directly appear in front of your screen. And now you can customize things as you want.

However, each and every section of this template can be customized using EnterAddons. All customization things you’re getting for FREE with EnterAddons.

Install Enter Addons Now [FREE]

Now, in the following sections, we’ll try to let you know how you can customize each and every section using EnterAddons. Thus, you’ll get a professional website with an amazing design.

Step 5: Adding the button widget of Enter Addons

EnterAddons’ Button Widget allows you to make stunning Elementor buttons with text, color, hover effects, and other effects. You can also use this Elementor button widget to create call-to-action buttons.

All you have to drag and drop. Select the button widget from the left sidebar and place it in the area where you want to have it. And then customize the way you want.


Step 6: Adding the counter widget to your site

Go to the widget gallery and search for the counter widget. Then drag it to the area where you want to have it on your site like in the previous step. However, you’ll get different types of counter widgets. Apply the one that you like most and then customize it according to your preferences.


Step 7: Let’s add Google map to your site

You can add a Google map to your site using the EnterAddons Google Map widget. This widget is also free, whereas, no other Elementor addons are not offering this free. Well, find the widget from the left sidebar and drag it to your desired area and customize its appearance as you want.


Step 8: Add testimonials to your site

Testimonial refers to the credibility of your site. It’s a valuable section for any kind of site. With EnterAddons you’ll get this widget free of cost. However, the way added other widgets to your site, the same method goes for this one. Add by drag and drop. Once it is added customize it from the edit option.


Step 9: Showcase your team members using Team widget

Showcase your team members including their name, bio, position, social media links, and images using this Team widget of EnterAddons. After that, customize all things as you like. This widget offers plenty of customizing options for displaying your team members. Go with your preferred one.


Step 10: Let’s add a contact form

The benefits of having a contact form on any website are massive. You can contact your users via this form. So, undoubtedly, it’s an important thing to have on any website. That said, using the EnterAddons Contact Form widget, you can add a contact form with ease.

To do so, go to EnterAddons Contact From, find and select the form you want, drag and drop to the place you want, And done. Later on, you can customize your form too.


Step 11: Finally, add a footer on your site

As I previously said, having a footer is needed for any kind of website. When you apply a template you’ll get a footer by default. And, later on, you can use the EnterAddons feature widget to customize the way you want.

Did We Miss Anything?

There you have all of it. It is easier than you might think to create your own professional websites. A combination of Elementor and EnterAddons offers a multitude of possibilities.

Furthermore, your designs will remain bug-free with regular updates.

We would love it if you shared your link below if you have already made a website with Elementor and EnterAddons.

Now, we would like to hear from you:

Are you going to give a shot at this method of building your own professional website?

We tried to cover all the basic things that a website needed in the first place. Or maybe I didn’t mention one of your favorite sections.

Either way, let us know by leaving a comment below right now.

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