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How to Add Video Backgrounds to WordPress Websites


Do you want to know how to add video backgrounds to WordPress websites?

Making your website stand out and engaging your audience is easy with video backgrounds. When it comes to WordPress websites, a video background can spice up your project.

Moreover, video backgrounds allow you to better communicate with your audience and entertain them at the same time. Here are a few tips and plugins you can use to make your WordPress website have a video background.

Why You Need to Add Video Backgrounds to WordPress Websites❓

  • The use of video backgrounds for your website adds both a cool look and an engaging feel. If you have a short video clip on your website, users are more likely to watch it rather than scroll past it.
  • In addition to highlighting some crucial aspects of your business, background videos also help you gain attention.
  • The main objective of your resource can be delivered with videos in the background of your website’s pages.
  • As well as being highly visual, it is a perfect element for those who prefer to learn through their senses.
  • Users are more likely to share videos with closed ones. Thus, getting more traffic is possible with background videos.

Tips and Tricks Prior to Add Video Backgrounds to WordPress Websites

Let’s first look at a few important tips before we get started adding background videos to your WordPress site.

  • You should upload a video that is of decent resolution.
  • If you plan on adding a video to your WordPress site, make sure it won’t slow down your site’s loading. Depending on the video, you may need to compress it.
  • If you want your video clip to look good on all devices and screens, your video background should be fully responsive.
  • Turn off the sound autoplay feature. You should give your visitors the option to listen to a sound when browsing your website if you are adding a video background that features a sound.
  • If the visitor’s browser does not support video backgrounds, display a fallback image.
  • You should upload short-length background videos.

How to Add Video Background to WordPress Pages

Choosing a video to upload to the background of your WordPress website is the first step. If you have already uploaded some video footage to YouTube or Vimeo, you might already have some footage. There are also stocks that provide you with short video clips, such as Pixabay and Vimeo Stock.

Selecting the right option will allow you to upload video backgrounds easily and quickly to your WordPress websites. Working with a video background theme or using a video background plugin for WordPress are options for adding a video background.

Page Builders

Millions of businesses around the world use WordPress because of its usability. You can change your web page without modifying a single line of code using the CMS’ intuitive drag-and-drop page builders. The process of bringing your project online doesn’t require knowledge of HTML or CSS. To manage your website’s elements and add video backgrounds, visual page builders include all the required widgets and modules.

Elementor Page Builder

The Elementor page builder is a popular WordPress plugin. YouTube and MP4 videos can be added as background videos to your site. In addition to setting the fallback image, adding blend modes, and choosing the start and end time for videos, users can also set the fallback image.


With Divi, you can create stunning background videos on your website using a page builder plugin for WordPress. You can upload MP4 or WebM files that are hosted on your own server, as well as YouTube or Vimeo videos. You can customize several aspects of the page builder, including the overlays, play button, fallback image, and more.

Video Background Plugins for WordPress

A WordPress plugin simplifies the process of adding a background video to any page of your website, whether the homepage or an individual page. Today, you can use YouTube, Vimeo, and MP4 videos in the background with a wide range of free and paid WordPress extensions.

Smart Slider 3

add-video-backgrounds-to-wordpress-using-smart-slider-3 (1)

A beautiful full-width background video plugin will be the best option if you want to add it to your WordPress site. Video blocks can be then embedded into your website as a hero image, a separate section, or as a video block with parallax scrolling.

YouTube and Vimeo videos are supported by the plugin. You can also upload an MP4 to insert into the video block. With the plugin, you can add as many layers as you like to the video block. As well as texts and buttons, there are logos, thumbnails, and other elements.

It is possible to adjust the opacity, mute the sound when necessary, loop the video, etc., with the advanced settings. Moreover, shortcodes or snippets of PHP code can be used in your WordPress template file to display the video on any WordPress page.

Video Player and Full-Screen Video Background

video-player-fullscreen-video (1)

This is the ultimate tool that can help you to create engaging full-width video backgrounds for your WordPress websites. It allows you to embed videos from your own server, YouTube, or Vimeo on any page of your website. The plugin may also be used as a video player, adapting your content to all screen sizes and devices.

Slider Hero

slider-hero (1)

You may use the Slider Hero plugin to build a unique home page and landing page slider that you can personalize to meet the needs of your company. The WordPress plugin has a lot of handy functions.

It includes options such as loop and repeat video, mute sound on video, embed a video as a backdrop with your slider, picks overlay colors and opacity, and so on. There are almost 85 different animation effects included.

The plugin is compatible with any WordPress visual page builder, including Elementor and Gutenberg.

Image and Video FullScreen Background WordPress Plugin

imagevideo-fullscreen-background (1)

The plugin allows you to show picture backdrop sliders, video backgrounds, video galleries, and multimedia galleries in the full-width background of your website. It is mobile-friendly and has other interesting features such as a circular timer, animated text, configurable transactions, and so on.

CountDown With Image or Video Background

countdown-with-image-or-video-background (1)

This premium WordPress plugin is well-suited for marketing reasons. It is the greatest option for new websites, upcoming events, last-minute deals, the debut of new items, and so on.

You may use the plugin to show a countdown timer over the background video to motivate your visitors to take action on your website. You might ask your site visitors to leave their email addresses so that you can send them an email when your project becomes live.

The plugin offers a variety of essential features that will operate on all platforms, such as touchscreen navigation, callback functionality, logo upload, social sharing choices, and so on.

Image Video Audio Background

The plugin is ideal for landing pages and startup programs aimed at displaying new items and services offered by your company. It’s simple to use and supports videos, YouTube, Vimeo, background audios, picture panoramas, Apple HLS, and many other formats.

YouTube Showcase [FREE]

The free WordPress plugin, as the name implies, allows you to show YouTube galleries in a slider on the pages of your WordPress site. When you input the YouTube video ID on the video page, the YouTube video pages are instantly produced.

When you submit 8 or more Youtube clips to the showcasing, the page navigation appears on your website immediately.

WP Video Lightbox [FREE]

The simple and mobile-friendly WordPress plugin allows you to embed movies on a WordPress website by displaying them in a lightbox overlay. WP Video Lightbox is a free WordPress plugin for displaying movies and photos. On iPhones and iPads, users may watch embedded videos.

YotuWP- Easy YouTube Embed [FREE]

Here’s a terrific free WordPress option for keeping people on your website longer. You may use it to create sleek and completely responsive video galleries that use YouTube videos. You may use the plugin to embed videos from YouTube video playlists, channels, and video IDs.

Bottom Line

When a visitor arrives at your WordPress site, you just have a few seconds to catch their interest and keep them there. The most effective technique to accentuate your marketing idea is through video backdrops.

Using the ideas and plugins discussed in this piece, you can easily add video backgrounds to every page of your WordPress site.

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