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Would you like to check website traffic for any site, including your own?

When you check your website traffic, you can see what your competitors are doing and how your site compares.

We will show you how to use multiple online tools to check website traffic for any website in this article.

Are You Checking Your Website Traffic?

It’s easy to keep an eye on the performance of your website by checking your website stats.

Website traffic data gives you insight into where your visitors are coming from, how they engage with your site, and what digital marketing strategies are working.

For more subscribers to your email list, more sales for your e-commerce site, or just more traffic overall, you need to monitor your website analytics regularly.

You’ll be able to identify your site’s current status and what can be done to improve it by tracking your traffic.

Are You Checking Your Competitor’s Website Traffic?

You can learn a lot about your competitors by looking at their website traffic statistics:

  • What pages and posts bring them the most traffic.
  • How your competitors rank for particular keywords.
  • Information about the channels that they use the most.
  • Content marketing strategies, link building, keyword research, and other processes can be improved using all of this information.

So, if you know which keywords and topics bring the most traffic to your competitors, you can target them as well to increase traffic to your website.

Check Website Traffic Using the Best Tools Available (including Competitors)

Various tools are available for checking traffic, both free and paid. The features that make them unique set them apart from each other.

To estimate the traffic on a competitor’s website, most experts rely on multiple tools. It is always recommended that readers try at least two different tools to analyze website traffic stats before relying on one.

Any website will get better traffic statistics if you use a variety of tools.

With the growth of your WordPress site and your budget, you can invest in multiple tools to gain more insight and increase your market share.

Now that we’ve talked about how much traffic a website receives, let’s take a look at the best tools to determine how much traffic it receives.



SEMRush is a tool that analyzes traffic and rivals to determine your website’s ranking. Any website can analyze and monitor traffic using this tool.

At ThemeLooks, we use this tool to track keyword rankings and research keywords.

A detailed breakdown of each competitor’s traffic is displayed once you enter their URL.

With this tool, you’ll be able to see important metrics for your website, including the monthly traffic volume over time, the traffic distribution by place, the keywords that drive the biggest amount of traffic, and much more.


You can find information on the traffic analytics tab about the number of unique visitors, the total number of visits, the average duration of a visit, page views, and bounce rate on the page.

You can see what your competitors are doing with Google Analytics with this feature.


It is also possible to analyze traffic levels across multiple competitors at the same time using a feature called Bulk Traffic Analysis.

It is possible to compare between 200 and 300 sites depending on your pricing plan. As a result, you have a clear picture of what is driving traffic to your niche, which sites are receiving the most attention, and which opportunities are available to you.

A detailed traffic analytics report includes information about the most valuable pages on the site, the most important referrals, and the most popular locations.

If you are interested in accessing basic website data with the free plan, you can take advantage of either the 14-day trial or the limited free plan.



You can analyze your search engine traffic with Google Search Console, a free tool.

A comprehensive picture of how search engines view your site is provided by this tool.


A keyword position report shows the average position of your keywords in search engines, the impressions and clicks, and the click-through rate.

Understanding what keywords you rank for and the search volume they generate can help you improve your website. By improving the quality of traffic to your site, you can improve your position in search results.

By optimizing the blog post, you might be able to move it to the first page of the search results, for instance, if you find you are currently ranking at position 11.

Further, you can find out what pages are indexed, whether any errors exist, and more.

Your website’s data will be available to you as soon as you add it to Google Search Console.



In the SEO market, Ahrefs is a widely trusted SEO tool, used by brands such as Netflix, Uber, and Facebook. Using this tool, you can see how much traffic your competitors receive and why they rank high.

There are more than 200 million websites indexed by Ahrefs, which crawl over 6 billion web pages a day. Even though this data is quite large, you will gain actionable insights that will enable you to rank higher and get more traffic.

In addition, the interface is easy to use. You only need to enter the URL of the website in the search field, and the tool will retrieve all information about the website.

This report provides a quick look at the organic search traffic a site receives, the authority of the domain, the largest competitors, etc.


It is possible to view the traffic statistics for the entire year, the past 30 days, or all time by filtering the report.

There’s a lot of data to sort through, but you can easily find the metrics you want.

Note that the traffic data contains only organic search traffic and not data from other sources, such as social media.

You can try it for seven days for $7, and after that plans start at $99 per month. This is surprisingly affordable for the amount of data you get access to.



SimilarWeb is a website traffic analyzer that provides an overview of your competitors’ traffic as well as which channels are the most valuable.

Instead of merely giving search traffic, you will receive thorough information on a website’s overall traffic strategy.

When you run a website through the tool, you will receive a breakdown of total traffic, as well as a country-by-country assessment.


Engagement metrics such as bounce rate, number of pages seen per visit, average visit time, and top traffic sources for that website will be provided.

Aside from organic search traffic, you’ll discover which sponsored keywords drive visitors to the website, which social platforms are the most profitable, and which display networks the site employs to monetize.


Finally, you’ll receive a full analysis of the site’s audience, what other sites they’re interested in, the top referring sites, and a list of competing sites to investigate further.

The tool’s free edition offers you relevant traffic statistics. If you need more extensive reports, you may set up an enterprise account with customized pricing.



Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is a free and paid application that provides a wealth of important website traffic statistics.

It’s simple to use, and the UI is designed for novices. If you’ve never done keyword research or traffic analysis before, this tool will make it a breeze.

The traffic analyzer function provides a full analysis of your competitor’s traffic over time, as well as the keywords that bring them the most traffic and the most popular pages on the site.

Simply enter the website URL you wish to investigate and click ‘Search.’


The ‘Traffic Overview’ page displays the total amount of organic keywords for which the site ranks, as well as organic monthly traffic, domain authority, and total backlinks.

You may also look at each area of the traffic report in further detail. For example, you may expand the ‘Top Pages’ results to get a breakdown of every published page on the site as well as the expected monthly traffic.


The statistics also provide an estimate of the number of backlinks, as well as the number of Facebook and Pinterest shares. This information provides a basic summary of what you’ll need to do to outrank that page in the SERPs.

The free version of the program allows you to view the last three months of data. Premium subscriptions begin at $29 per month, making it one of the most affordable tools on this list.



Serpstat provides a diverse set of SEO tools. What began as a simple keyword research tool has evolved into a comprehensive website analyzing tool.

Even though it has a lot of functions, it’s still quite simple to use. Simply enter the URL and the program will provide a traffic report.

There are traffic monitoring tools, as well as backlink analysis, site audits, and rank tracking tools.

The traffic analysis capabilities provide you with a wealth of relevant website data, such as the organic and sponsored keywords that are generating traffic, the average number of visitors the site receives each month, and the most popular pages.


You’ll also get trend data, allowing you to observe how the site’s ranks, traffic, and keywords have changed over time.

The free version of the tool provides access to a subset of the entire data accessible for a domain name. Premium subscriptions begin at $69 a month and provide you access to all of the data provided by the tool.

Over To You

You may examine your website traffic and rival website traffic using a variety of tools.

Examining rival traffic will provide you with insight into your market and what you can do to increase traffic. Monitoring your own website traffic, on the other hand, will show you whether your SEO, social media, and other traffic creation techniques are effective.

If you want to conduct an in-depth competitive analysis and monitor traffic on any website, SEMRush is our top recommendation. It not only provides accurate traffic statistics, but it is also one of the greatest SEO tools on the market.

We hope this post has shown you how to check website traffic on any website. You may also be interested in our comprehensive WordPress SEO guide and our professional selection of 24 must-have WordPress plugins for business websites.

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