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Do you want to convert your WordPress site to a mobile app effortlessly? If this is what you need, read the post to the last and you’ll know everything.

What is the point of making a WordPress app when you already have a website? In terms of marketing, apps are less useful now, but for customers, they’re very convenient, as they can interact with your site in a variety of ways.

In modern times, mobile internet has grown and apps are flourishing since they are far less awkward and problematic than mobile web browsers.

It has also become much more affordable and less frustrating to build one. Most businesses were unable to build apps back then, so they were interested in apps, but could not create them. The task was simply too challenging. It may be expensive (most developers charge between $50 and $150 per hour)

It’s a different world now, however. To build a competent app, you don’t need a lot of money or coding experience. You have options, which is even better. Therefore, in this post, we’ll show you a few ways how you can convert your WordPress site to a mobile app without putting extensive effort whatsoever.

Pick a WordPress Theme That is Mobile-friendly

In the modern era, almost all WordPress themes are responsive. In other words, your theme should adjust its layout accordingly to the device being used to view your site.

It’s a good idea to optimize your WordPress site for mobile devices if it hasn’t already been! If you want to make your business website mobile-friendly, you should simply use a theme such as BizLooks. In case you are determined not to upgrade to a new theme and your theme isn’t responsive, you can use plugins.

Here are some mobile responsive themes listed below by which you can convert your WordPress to a mobile app easily.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher


It is a popular choice to use Any Mobile Theme Switcher, although there are a few other options. This plugin detects a viewer’s mobile browser and displays a theme appropriate for that browser. Therefore, you can balance multiple themes – one for each mobile operating system.

Other capabilities of the plugin include allowing you to customize your homepage according to your device, allowing you to bookmark with QR codes, and allowing you to call phone numbers.

Make Use of WordPress App Builders

By using an app builder plugin, you can go one step further than simply using a responsive theme. Even non-developers can build an app using these tools because they are considerably easier than building it themselves.



Stacks Mobile App Builder is the first on our list. Whenever you want to create an app, just sign up for an account and insert the free Stacks Builder plugin on your site, then begin creating your app with the drag-and-drop Stacks Builder.

Using it should be as easy as using Elementor or WPBakery. In addition to adding and customizing headers, sections, backgrounds, videos, buttons, sliders, and products, there are also easy options for customizing them.

Also, Stacks works seamlessly with WooCommerce, Google Maps, live chat, multilingual plugins, and even custom WordPress post types. All you need to do now is generate your app and download it – easy!

For a single app (plus discounted pricing as you create more apps), Stacks offers a very reasonable price point for most blogs and small companies. You can create a mobile app for your WordPress website using this deal, which is probably one of the best deals around.



Apparently the first mobile app Framework for WordPress, AppPresser is the largest and most popular. You can use all plugins, posts, and pages of your WordPress site with AppPresser, unlike most app builders that only use a feed.

Furthermore, the app automatically updates whenever you make any changes to your website. Additionally, it supports e-commerce. A single app plan starts at $59 per month.



In spite of its higher price tag (starting at $120/month), MobiLoud does most of the work (including submitting your app to the Apple App Store and Google Play), making it a pretty good value.

By using MobiLoud, you can create a mobile app that works across all devices, is easy to share on social networks, can be monetized (via ads or subscriptions), and send push notifications.

In addition, you can set up and manage your app and push notifications from within WordPress using their plugin (linked above).



AppMySite allows you to create apps for your website. A few simple steps will transform your WordPress site (or WooCommerce store) into an app with this plugin and service. First, you need to download and install the plugin.

After that, you can start customizing your app – there are many features and layouts included. Publish your app once you have finished (Android & iOS supported). Your app keeps up-to-date with new posts and products you publish on your website in real-time with AppMySite.

Besides multi-language support, you can integrate carts and checkouts, receive push notifications, integrate social media, and use analytics to monitor your app’s performance. AppMySite is free to try but to go live with the app on your WordPress site, you will need to pay $19/per month.

WPMobile App


WordPress Mobile App lets you create apps for Android and iOS. To actually create your app, you must purchase a lifetime license (starting at 79€ for one format, or 149€ for both).

Using WPMobile App, you’ll benefit from customization options, a free live test, auto-updates, push notifications, social integration, and premium support (which is welcomed in case you run into difficulty).

Create an App Using a Service

The earlier two options we suggested are both straightforward and inexpensive: simply install a theme or plugin. They are, however, quite simple alternatives that mostly serve to provide visitors with a mobile-friendly version of your WordPress site.

However, if you’re searching for a more complicated program, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to build one yourself. Hiring a third-party developer or firm to construct an app for you may be your best choice in this scenario.

Remember that freelance developer prices typically begin at $50 per hour, with a project minimum. So, depending on how elegant you want to make your app, the ultimate cost might range from a thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

While the app for your website will undoubtedly be costly, if it is critical to your monetization plan, the investment may be well worth it.

Final Words: Convert Your WordPress Site to a Mobile App

There are several ways to create an app, and while it may appear scary at first, the methods outlined above make it relatively simple. Just make sure you start with a nice mobile website, okay?

Allow me to take it now. Was there something wrong here? Or are there any more approaches or tools that we haven’t mentioned? Please leave your comments below!

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