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How to Get Your WordPress Blog Listed in Google News

Are you having a WordPress site and want to get your WordPress blog listed in Google News? The integration is a breeze. You’re in the right post. Keep reading!

Would you like to skyrocket your daily readership on your WordPress blog? For your blog to become successful, you’ve probably had to jump through a lot of hoops. Social media strategy, bookmarking, and being featured in blog directories are likely some of the methods you’ve used.

Would it be possible to rank your blog higher in Google’s search results in another way?

You’re in luck – Google News will help you gain the following you’re looking for for your blog. In order to ensure that your blog gets seen by an interested audience, it is important to get your blog featured in Google News. It’s not exactly an overnight process to get included in Google News, however.

In order to start generating the popularity you desire for your blog, what steps do you need to take to get it listed in Google News? It aims to cover those topics in this article.

To increase your readership and build the credible backlinks you need to get your blog featured in Google News, let’s look at how to optimize your blog to rank well in Google’s search results.

What is Google News?

google-news (1)

At its core, Google News is Google’s platform to promote stories that it deems newsworthy and relevant to current events. The platform syndicates news stories and categorizes them according to their likely interest levels for a wide audience.

Additionally, Google News is a great tool for new blogs to gain plenty of new readers thanks to Google’s massive popularity as not just a search engine but a company as well.

While Google News can offer many advantages to your site and blog, submitting your site to the service and getting your stories published there is a different story. The first step in getting your site featured in Google News is to get it indexed as a news publication site by Google.

Process of Submitting Your Site to Google News

google-publisher-center (1)

Have you ever thought about getting your stories published on Google News? Excellent! As soon as you’re ready, go to the Google Publisher Center and fill out the requested information (your site’s description, URL, topical category, etc.).

The publisher center will allow you to verify your account in Google Search Console once you’ve filled out the required information.

Well, it’s done! Now you just have to wait for like two or four weeks. Within this appropriate timeframe, Google will complete the review process.

Without any technically while you’re submitting your blog to Google to get indexed and categorized as publications, there is a thing you need to keep in your mind: BERT, a natural language processing model used by Google to check whether your submitted blog is suitable for its feature page.

Quality Starts with Your Content

Are you ready to become a top story on Google News? Your blog’s written content should be your first step. It goes without saying that you must write well and ensure your content is error-free.

Furthermore, you’ll have to publish content with a “news-like” voice rather than a normal blogger’s voice. Your blog will appear more credible and professional if you have a newsworthy voice and make your writing seem more credible to your readers and to Google.

Your initial thoughts might be: “I don’t want to turn my blog into an e-newspaper! Don’t worry – you can still include op-eds and other relevant content on your blog. If you are using your tried-and-true publication topics, make sure to point a crawler to a specific part of your blog.

If you focus on creating high-quality content regularly, your readership will also become more interested in your business and its key mission objectives.

You should publish periodic articles that include information about the products and services you offer and your business’ far- and near-term goals. Think of them as snippets of your business plan.

It is your goal to tell a story with your content. In spite of the fact that Google News users are looking for compelling stories, they will never forget those posts once they have read them.

You might want to take into consideration the types of content you enjoy reading in your free time, as well as the approaches to storytelling that provide that content. Blend elements of storytelling that resonate with you throughout your soon-to-be-published stories based on your core message.

The discussions your followers have around your social media presence can serve as inspiration for future content if you maintain any social media presence.

In most cases, your followers post content related to their interests on your social media accounts. Publishing quality content related to the main interests of your social media followers can make your blog more successful.

Additionally, posting regular content on your blog that aligns with your followers’ interests can encourage them to pass your blog on to friends and colleagues, encouraging new readers to join your blog.

Multiple Authors Can Contribute to the Content


You can’t obtain top positions on Google News as a single author while we’re on the topic of high-quality content. To secure a spot on Google News’ top stories, you’ll need a team of contributors.

If you want your blog to appear on Google News, you cannot submit just any blog. If you want your blog to feel like it is being handled by a team of talented individuals, as opposed to being managed by one individual who is overworked and overworked, then you need a team of talented people.

You should inform Google once you’ve onboarded your team of contributors and they’re starting to generate new content for your blog. The good news is that author bios make it easy to do that.

Ideally, these bios should appear on your ‘About Us‘ or ‘Contact‘ page. Even if your blog will potentially feature more contributors in the future, offer at least three author bios on your site.

You may consider writing guest posts in the meantime if you’re still looking for new writers to help out with your blog. If you haven’t found any yet, this will enhance your website’s authority in Google’s eyes.

Optimize Your Blog for Google Crawlers

best-plugins-improve-wordpress-blog-pages (1)

Before you can even hope to start getting featured in Google News, you need to ensure that your blog is Google crawler-friendly. Content needs to be crawled and indexed by Google in order for it to understand your site.

Also, Google crawls your website for specific user reviews mentioning the products or services you offer.

In terms of technical aspects, make sure the URL address of your blog contains no strange characters. Google needs to understand what content your readers will be viewing when it reads the title of your blog.

You should include a Google News sitemap somewhere on your blog as part of your efforts to make your blog more Google-friendly.

Make sure your content appears at the top of the page by choosing a well-coded WordPress theme. Google’s crawlers can more quickly index your content if you place your content near the top and keep your sidebars and footers close to the edges of your pages.

This increases your chances of ranking higher in Google’s search results.

Final Words: WordPress Blog Listed in Google News

A Google News feature for your blog is no easy task, but with some effort, you can get your blog noticed by Google and get more readers.

Publish high-quality content if you want your website to appear in Google News. Build a compelling, structured narrative in your story to take your readers through the content you want to get featured.

Your blog must have a significant volume of content to be picked up by Google News, so you will need more than one author. Make sure you include author bios on your website for all contributors who are familiar with WordPress blogging.

In addition, your blog should be friendly to Google’s crawler to ensure it can find what readers are searching for when they visit your website.

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