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6 Must-work Ways to Improve Domain Authority of Your WordPress Site

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If you work in marketing or SEO, you’ve surely heard of the term ‘Domain Authority.’ It’s a useful metric that many SEO experts use to assess how likely the content is to rank in the SERPs. Well, do you want to improve the domain authority of your WordPress site? If yes, READ ON!

Initially established by Moz, the Domain Authority measure scores the domain based on a variety of variables and values them from 0 to 100. Following that, other SEO specialist firms developed their own DA checks, so don’t be shocked if you check your DA with different tools and get different findings.

Our WordPress EXPERTS understand that different people value domain authority differently. As a result, the concept becomes somewhat a bit confusing.

6 Tips to Improve Domain Authority of Your WordPress Site

You now understand how DA works and how to test it. Here are some tried-and-true methods below for increasing your WordPress website’s domain authority.

Fast & Foremost: Create Effective Content










The number of visitors to long posts is three times greater than that of short posts, and the number of shares and backlinks is 3.5 times higher than that of short posts. Having the right content is critical to generating backlinks and ranking on Google.

Developing engaging content for your WordPress website requires you to always keep your users in mind. Simply put, producing useful and compelling information is your goal. Thanks to a new generation of SEO tools for content creation, creating this type of content is becoming easier and easier.

Ensure Top-notch Usability


Usability is an important ranking factor on Google. In order to rank in search results and attract links, your content must offer an excellent user experience to your visitors.

In order to create a successful website, you need to select the best WordPress theme. Ideally, you should choose a theme that is both attractive and mobile-friendly.

It will depend on your requirements and whether you require a specific WordPress page builder. Another factor to consider is the speed of your website. A quick-loading WordPress theme is essential.

In the hope of loading quickly, you should select a WordPress theme. If not, you’ll need to apply a few plugins. It is possible to enhance a variety of aspects of a site’s performance through various plugins.

Go for Promoting Guest Posting

The most effective way to increase the DA ranking of your website is to use guest posting. Guest posting can increase your company’s visibility by connecting you with other local websites.

Managing a guest posting campaign might seem difficult, but the strategy is straightforward. Before you submit a guest post, make a list of relevant websites to which you may submit it.

It is possible to run this type of campaign without using any tools. You might, for example, search for the following keywords on Google:

  • Niche + guest posting
  • Niche + contribute
  • Niche + become a guest contributor

Compiling a list of relevant websites with an SEO tool is a faster way to find guest posting opportunities.

Initiate PR Link-building Strategy

An intriguing way to increase your WordPress website’s Domain Authority is to run PR link-building campaigns. It may be easy to execute a successful campaign, but it can also be difficult to get results.

Having created a page and come up with a campaign idea, GAME started contacting media outlets. It was an ironic campaign that received a lot of media coverage. Several authoritative websites linked to that website as a result of the publicity.

Regular Competitor Analysis is Must

Competition never goes away, regardless of what industry you are in. It is important to keep an eye on how other websites are ranking their content in the SERPs if your site is the most popular in your niche.

You can learn from other successful businesses in your industry if you’re a small business trying to break into the market. Regardless of how well you’re doing, you should monitor your competition and learn from them.

Promote Social Interaction Using Perfect Plugin


You can improve social media interaction across multiple platforms by using WordPress plugins aligned with your marketing objectives. The social networking plugins available on the web are excellent.

The Social Auto Poster plugin is another option you might want to consider. Using this tool, you can automatically post material to social media. In addition to polls and contests, audiences are drawn to them as well.

Make your WordPress website more visible with plugins like Contest Hopper that can help you promote your social media pages.

Wrapping Up

Increasing your WordPress website’s Domain Authority takes time and dedication. You can improve your website’s SERP ranking and attract new leads by following these steps, according to our WordPress experts. We hope this helped!

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