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How to Use WordPress Quizzes for Marketing: Best Sales Strategy

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Do you know you can use WordPress quizzes for marketing? The best strategy to boost your online sales.

Education, entertainment, business, and marketing all are embracing quizzes as part of their marketing strategies. The use of quizzes in education engages students and encourages them to learn from their own mistakes.

Are you familiar with quizzes like “Which slice of pizza are you?”? Quizzes like those are entertaining (and time-consuming).

It’s impossible to find any marketing specialist who doesn’t

include quizzes in their marketing strategy. Marketing with quizzes is a multi-faceted tool, and they are an excellent way to make your blog posts more interactive.

The purpose of quizzes is usually for us to gather opinions about the product we are displaying and connect with our target audience. Your customers’ reactions to your products or services will give you the most valuable insights.

WordPress Quizzes: A Marketing Strategy

Is quizzing a good strategy for your marketing? The answer would be, YES! We’ll give you a few tips on how to create a quiz so you can grow your business with it.

Decide What Your Quiz’s Goal Is

The goal you set is the foundation of any effective and reliable strategy. Hence, quizzes are a valuable part of a marketing strategy if we know how to use them properly. In the end, your goal is what determines how you operate.

In order to achieve your goal, you must first define it. It is important to define the goal when planning your quiz. Make sure the content of your quiz is fully formed before presenting it to the public. It is however difficult to discuss the planning process, as it is extremely individual.

Decide Which Quiz Format to Use

There is no doubt that quizzes are a comprehensive package, as I have already mentioned. Whether it’s an assessment quiz or a personality quiz, they can all be used and benefited by it if you choose the right format based on your brand and what you represent.

The following are some types of quizzes that are very popular.

One Page Quizzes: This is usually used for short assignments, no fancy questions just some simple questions that will help you gather data quickly. Due to the fact that the user already knows what to expect and how long it will take, they are more engaging.

Quizzes in Multiple Steps: Similar to one-page quizzes, these require the user to answer questions or complete tasks individually, rather than all at once.

Scored Quizzes: These types of tests and assessments have the same concept as online tests. It’s as easy as assigning a score to each question and VOILA! In addition to the subject you select for your quiz, the field you select is also crucial.

The BuzzFeed quizzing platform, for example, provides separate geography sections. It means that users are interested in this particular field. Consider trying that one as well!

Personality Quizzes: I’m surprised to hear you’ve never taken a personality quiz or at least encountered one. It is because they are the most shareable content types that they are so popular.

Quizzes are a great way to learn more about yourself, even if the source isn’t quite accurate, and you can make them more likely to share your quiz by adding some rewarding results.

Get Your Quiz Promoted


Is there a more effective way to reach people than by promoting your quiz? You can promote them on your blog and through social media. There are different segments of your blog where you can display your quiz, depending on its purpose.

It might be a good idea to ask your readers to take a mini-quiz on how much they like your articles or even a questionnaire about the new product for future improvement.

Incorporating quizzes into newsletters can be a simple but effective way to keep readers entertained, distracted, and informed. You can do this with any WordPress Popup Plugin that supports quizzes or has a simple shortcode type.

Finally, instead of spending time creating different campaigns, take advantage of paid advertising and let them advertise your quiz for you.

Using Quizzes to Generate Leads

Generally, quizzes are used in marketing strategies to generate leads. For this to happen, you must catch the attention of the audience you want to analyze and target.

Using quizzes as part of your marketing strategy aims to generate leads. You are most likely going to fail if you plan to involve everyone in your quizzing plan.

Personalize and individualize your quiz as much as you can. In the next section, we will discuss your target audience. Using this approach, you might not reach thousands of people at the same time, but the results will be the most precise and targeted.

The following stages need to be fulfilled for generating the lead:

  • Awareness
  • Education
  • Samples
  • Conversion

Use Quizzes to Raise the Awareness

Quizzes are a great way to raise awareness, especially if they are trivia or logic quizzes. Quizzes of this type may assist you in pursuing people for action.

Choose the titles that will grab your readers’ attention on the hottest topics around your target market. By creating a quiz, you can raise awareness and offer new information about the targeted industry.


Using a simple quiz, these examples illustrate how people can be alerted, educated, and made aware of a situation. It’s similar to educational quizzes, only the difference is you can cover nearly any subject you want, just use your imagination.

Educate Your Targeted Audience with Quizzes

There is an increasing acceptance of quizzes as a valuable tool in the educational system rather than the old-fashioned paper exams and tests. By taking quizzes regularly and receiving instant feedback, students become highly engaged in learning.

The idea of “learning from one’s own mistakes” is now being implemented with quizzes in educational systems. Due to online learning’s growing popularity, many LMS platforms emerged in recent years.

The LMS community is supported by tons of plugins. Quizze-making tools are also available in many WordPress LMS plugins.


LearnDash, for instance, comes with time limits, hints, media, and more. When it comes to educational quizzes, it is crucial to pay attention to details like generating certificates, displaying leaderboards, and reviewing statistics accurately.

Hence, you should search for a tool that includes all the basics mentioned above.

As for consumers, the same applies. Make your products more informative by displaying quizzes.

Possibly, this is an assessment quiz. There is a wide range of assessment quizzes available. The method is commonly used by employers to test potential candidates before interviews.

These quizzes feature instant feedback as their main feature. As a result, readers get immediate answers to their questions.

The most common type of quiz is a product recommendation quiz. As well as providing customers with so-called online assistance, these tools collect valuable data which can be used by vendors in the future. In the least, these quizzes are a great method for building an email list.

Create Quiz Samples to Master Lead Generation

Following the successful creation of a campaign that generates leads, you must also develop your strategy for implementing that campaign. You often come up with several ideas during the process of creating one strategy, some of which might even work even better than the original.

Isn’t it worth a shot to try them? Using quizzes can help you find out which lead samples are best. For this to work, you’ll need a WordPress quiz plugin that stores data correctly, and that can be utilized to analyze results across various points.

Use the same target audience for all three quiz samples. Don’t forget to retarget those who engage with your content the most. To see which quiz samples reached your readers the most, you can create different quiz samples and track their data. Redesigning and repurposing your strategy will help you make it more effective.

Conversion: Most Important for Lead Generation

Lead generation and conversion are often mistaken for each other, or for something similar. There may be some truth to this, but not always. Conversion is the act of getting someone to act.

After you successfully make a high conversion, you can generate leads as the next step. People become leads after completing the conversion process, which can include providing their email address or other information.

And this process is only the beginning and foundation of the entire marketing goal.


Quizzes that include fun information and that tend to boost the readers’ confidence and produce share-worthy results have the highest conversion rate. BuzzFeed Quizzes are prime examples of this.

BuzzFeed quizzes’ success stems from a clever combination of quizzes and social sharing buttons. It’s also a method that any WordPress website can use as part of its marketing campaign.

The Do’s and Don’t of Making a WordPress Quiz

Now let’s become more functional and go over what to consider when creating a quiz. Keep your end goal in mind. Consider a title that is sufficiently difficult. Then come to the questions.

Be sure to ask basic questions rather than similes or long sentences. The same is true for the answers. Make them brief and to the point. As previously stated, using a plugin that allows you to add social buttons is the best way to increase conversion.

Remember that the most crucial component is the consequence, so pay close attention to the plugin’s email customization options. Every time display the results in a positive light. Anything that would be both confrontational and insightful.

Using a plugin, creating a quiz can be both fun and simple. However, if your goal is to collect data as well as entertain, your quiz must be well-planned. So make sure to follow these guidelines for what to do and what not to do when creating a quiz.

✅Do’s List for WordPress Quizzes

  • Provide valuable immediate feedback for incorrect answers.
  • Start making your quizzes unique by speaking in the first person.
  • To reduce reading, use visual content.
  • Set the number of questions.
  • Utilize up to five answer options.

❌Don’ts List for WordPress Quizzes

  • In order to form questions, use incomplete sentences.
  • Create your answer choices in a variety of structures.
  • Pose negative questions.
  • The numerical sequence of the replies is incorrect.
  • Create questions using absolute words (never, always, etc.)

Closing Statement

Arriving up with an effective marketing plan based on quiz questions is not a simple task, but your chances of success will increase if you go through all of these phases and pay focus on the process of creating it.

An independent approach is essential, but in the face of such variability, it is not an easy job. However, each of the tips mentioned is a real-world example of how people use them and succeed.

So get moving! Begin utilizing quiz questions as your new marketing strategy today. Or, perhaps, tomorrow.

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