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A Custom Logo for Your WordPress Site 9 Best Places to Get

Are you looking for a custom logo for your WordPress site? Your website will stand out when you have a custom logo that establishes your brand.

You may find it difficult, time-consuming, and unprofessional to create a logo on your own. If this is the case, you can use a logo maker or hire a professional to design your business’s logo.

Throughout this article, we will show you some of the best places to get a customized WordPress logo.

How Can a Custom Logo Benefit Your Business?

Businesses and organizations use logos to represent themselves. Essentially, they display the values, mission, and business of an organization in a visual form.

As well as affecting how customers perceive brands, they also play a significant role in their perception. You likely recognize most of the big-name brands’ logos pretty easily if you look at the top brands. Brand recognition is crucial to gaining customer loyalty and trust.

Most WordPress themes allow you to submit your own logo. This logo is also suitable for usage as a site icon or favicon.

The issue now is that not all of us are graphic designers. You can try to make your own logo with an image editing application, but it might not seem professional.

If you want to project a professional image for your company, consider hiring someone to design a personalized logo for your website.

That being stated, here are some of the finest sources to obtain a custom WordPress logo on a budget.



With Looka, formerly LogoJoy, non-designers can make their own DIY logos without any design skills. Looka too creates logos using artificial intelligence and advanced learning algorithms in a similar way to Tailor Brands.

You can choose your industry, different logos for inspiration, colors, and symbols using the simple wizard. The system then creates designs that look professional and well-crafted.

Each design can then be customized by changing the font, size, and other aspects of its logo. Check out Looka’s brand kit, which includes 28+ logo versions to download for free. A monthly plan begins at $4.99.

Tailor Brands


A custom branding and logo design platform powered by AI that makes it easy to design professional logos is Tailor Brands.

With its logo maker, anyone can create an amazing logo in minutes regardless of design experience. All you need to do is enter your company’s name and a tagline, and the logo maker will walk you through it.

You can select different types of logos, including icons, shapes, wordmarks, and lettermarks. Additionally, you can customise your logo, font style, size, color, and layout using the studio editor.

There are great looking examples of custom logos at Tailor Brands. You can view different logos by selecting a specific industry, such as real estate, restaurants, or fitness.

There are certain platforms, such as Pinterest, where you can download your tailor brand logo for free.

The logo can be downloaded in high-resolution as well as for other platforms, but if you need it on other platforms, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid plan. These start at $12.99 per month.

Constant Contact Logo Maker


Our next custom logo tool is Constant Contact Logo Maker. With the tool you can make your own logo without having to hire a professional, and you can also build your own email marketing, website, and more.

As with many of our list tools, Constant Contact also generates logos for your business using artificial intelligence. All you have to do is type in your brand name and slogan, then let the tool handle the rest.

Create your own logo by choosing from a variety of designs and then customizing each element. In addition, you can change the size of the font, capitalize the letters, adjust the line height, and adjust the spacing. In the editor, you can also select from various logo variations.

After downloading the logo, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium plan (starting at $20 per month) so you can download multiple high-resolution images.



There is a large community of designers on 99designs, a design contest marketplace. Acting as a middleman, it helps you communicate with designers.

As soon as you place an order on 99designs, it is sent off to designers, who then submit their designs.

It is up to you to choose the design you like best, and only the designer who gets paid gets paid. As a result, you get a wide variety of custom logo ideas from a variety of designers from different backgrounds and with different degrees of expertise.

As an alternative to starting a contest, you can hire a designer directly. It is up to you to find a professional who has the right skill set and then work one-on-one with him or her.

Getting 30 design concepts starts at $299 when you start a logo design contest.



There are lots of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and designers on Upwork, another site like Fiverr. Freelancers can post jobs using it, and you can accept offers from them.

These freelancers can be reviewed, interviewed, and hired based on your preferences. As well as a robust community for freelancers, Upwork provides screening tools for clients and freelancers.

In order to demonstrate their proficiency and skills, freelancers can take online tests. Additionally, Upwork offers a variety of payment methods, allows clients to access invoices, and only pays for work that has been approved by them.



There are thousands of freelancers on Fiverr from around the world. Since freelancers compete for jobs, you can hire one to design a logo for much less than elsewhere.

Customer feedback helps Fiverr organize its community. A freelancer with a higher rating is more likely to charge more than a new freelancer without enough reviews.

It’s important to remember that even though the logo may only cost a few dollars, these freelancers are often just using logo templates with minor modifications.



Designers and artists gather on Dribble, an online community. Like Pinterest, it lets graphic designers, artists, and illustrators share their work and allows other users to like, favorite, and repost it.

Dribbble is more than just an inspiration site. Dribbble also offers freelance designers a platform to find work. Designers’ portfolios are on the site so that you can check them out and contact them directly if you need them.

Freelancers’ expertise and skill level will affect the cost of a job. In terms of quality, Dribble is not the place to get the cheapest custom logo for your website, but it may help you save money.



This community of independent contractors and professionals is curated by PeoplePerHour. There are options for browsing hourlies (fixed-price jobs), posting jobs, and running contests. The site also allows you to browse freelancers by category, view their profiles, and view their portfolios.

Your Workstream dashboard will appear after you post a job. PeoplePerHour’s support staff will help you with your project, manage and review the work, and communicate with the freelancers.

You can release the payment to the freelancer after you are pleased with the logo design.



Thousands of freelancers from around the world make up Freelancer. Experts in web design, development, graphic design, audio/video, and online marketing are available from around the world at all skill levels.

The logo project can be posted as a job on Freelancer, where freelancers can submit bids for the project. To browse freelancers’ profiles, past jobs, and feedback, you can visit Freelancer.

You can hire a freelancer once you’ve found the proper one. When a job is finished, you will be able to examine and accept the work, as well as release the cash.

Where Should You Go to Get a Custom Logo for Your WordPress Site?

After reading through our list, you may be asking where you can acquire the greatest custom logo for your business.

Tailor Brands is the greatest logo builder in our opinion since it employs artificial intelligence to produce professional logo design concepts.

It is simple to use, even for complete beginners, and provides several options for customizing your logo.

If, on the other hand, you want to hire a professional designer to develop a personalized logo, we offer 99designs. It allows you to host a contest, which provides a big pool of designs from which to pick.

Furthermore, 99designs assists you in finding a designer who will work one-on-one with you.

Final Words

The purpose of this article was to help you with how you can get a custom logo for your WordPress site. We think you’ve already got what you need to fix that. So, let your readers know that you’ve published blog posts that can be beneficial for them.

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