Tools to Run Website Speed Test: The Best 8 That You Can Count On

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Do you want to test your website speed? Well, there are many tools to run website speed tests. And, this post is all about letting you know the name of those these tools and how you can use them.

Website speed plays a major role in search engine ranking pages (SERP). If a page of a website loads slow, the visitors may disappoint and they will leave the page immediately.

Because of this, it increases the ‘Bounce Rate’. So, there are many factors that depend on the page speed of the website. To find the page speed of the website, there are many tools available in the market which are free and paid.

At this point in time, some may get confused about which tool can be used to check the website speed and its insights. In this article, we have taken the 8 best tools which can be used to run website speed tests.

8 Tools to Run Website Speed Tests Easily and Effectively

Below is the list of tools to run website speed tests easily. When you complete the post entirely, you’ll be wondering how easy this was to check website speed tests. Let’s dive into the main business.

Google Analytics Site Speed

Not only does Google Analytics provide you with statistics about visitors to the website, but it also measures the speed of the site. Google Analytics dashboard offers a menu called ‘Behaviour‘ for measuring the site speed.


It is necessary to insert the snippet code on the website in order to measure the speed.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Users can check the page speed of their websites using Google Page Speed Insights, which is a free tool. Furthermore, it reveals how to make your website faster as well as the drawbacks that slow it down.


We already know that Google has declared that page speed will be an important ranking factor in SEO. Besides, this tool allows you to analyze your website’s speed on both desktop and mobile devices.


Pingdom offers a free website monitoring tool, which is one of the best website monitoring services. Almost everyone uses this tool due to its simplicity of use and features.


Using the waterfall view, you can view the site requests. Various options are available to analyze the data, such as load requests, load time, page size and speed, etc. They give you a rating out of 100 that indicates how fast the website is performing.

GT Metrix

GT Metrix is a popular tool for analyzing a website’s page speed. A user-friendly interface and a tutorial are some of the benefits GT Metrix shares with Pingdom.


Furthermore, it displays information about page speed, recommendations, etc. A free GT Metrix account allows the user to take 20 tests and set up some pre-configured settings.

Web Page Test

Patrick Meenan created this tool. Using this tool, users can check and analyze the page speed of their websites with a variety of browsers. This is an excellent tool for users who are looking for more data to analyze.


There are many great features in it compared to other tools. Having that said, a large number of features are available, including multistep transactions, video capture, and the ability to change connection speeds.


The Yslow tool is one of Yahoo’s performance tools. A majority of browsers support the tool, which is completely free. Browsers allow users to install the tool as an add-on. The tool is completely free to use.


Based on the grading method, this tool analyzes the data and gives the results. There are grades ranging from ‘A‘ to ‘F‘. In the case of slow or weak performance, it will be displayed as an F.

On the other hand, if the page speed is good and excellent, it will appear as an ‘A‘. There is no doubt that this is the most popular testing tool on the planet.

Dare Boost

The Dare Boost tool measures the performance, speed, and security of your website. It can also analyze things like SEO and security.


There is, however, a paid version that includes these features. To analyze data and create reports, you are free to use the tool for five months.

Key CDN Website Speed Test

There are a number of free tools available on the market, including the Key CDN Website Speed Test. Using it, you can determine the speed of the site in an incredibly quick and easy way.


The simple page test includes two important types: a waterfall breakdown and a website preview. With the Public and Page tests, users can check the site speed and bookmark them for later reference.

Final Verdict

There you have it! Above are the tools to run website speed tests easily. All the tools are easy to use and free as well except one. We hope this helped! Let us know if any tools you know for testing website speed easily. If you’ve any queries or suggestions, leave a comment in the below comment box.

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