An Introduction to VoIP: What is VoIP and How Does it Work?


What is VoIP? How does VoIP work? Which one would be the best VoIP WordPress theme? These questions come up frequently from beginners. If you are not a techie, you may have heard about how you can add a phone number to your company’s website using a VoIP WordPress theme.

By using VoIP, you can get a business phone number for your website at a lower cost than a traditional phone line. But before you can make any decision, you need to understand the technology completely.

The purpose of this beginner’s guide is to explain what VoIP is, and how it works. In this article, we’ll cover how VoIP can save you money and help your business grow.

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a technology that uses the internet instead of a traditional phone line to allow you to make and receive phone calls.

As opposed to landline telephone systems, in which you can only make and receive calls from a single desk phone in your office, VoIP lets you make and receive phone calls on your laptop, tablet, regular smartphone, and even VoIP-capable office phones.

Considering all calls are made over the internet, it’s extremely cost-effective for international and domestic calls. The majority of VoIP applications don’t charge extra for unlimited minutes.

Furthermore, you will gain access to all the advanced phone features like call waiting, call routing, caller tones, auto-dialing, multiple numbers, and more.

Due to this, most small businesses and even enterprise firms are opting for business VoIP providers over traditional phone providers.

Here at ThemeLooks, we use Voifone, a world-class business phone service.

VoIP: How Does it Work? (An Inside Look)


To get the depth of how VoIP works, you need to take a look at what happens actually when you make or receive a phone call on a VoIP phone.

A business VoIP adapter or the business phone number app plays the game when you use VoIP at the time of any call. It converts your analog audio signal to a digital signal.

After this, the digital sound signal is sent to the business service provider using the internet and lastly redirected to the customer’s phone.

The whole process will complete within just a blink of an eye. That is why the sound quality can be better than regular phone calls sometimes.

Differences Between VoIP and Traditional Phone Systems?

VoIP works differently behind the scenes from a regular landline phone system.

A regular phone system and a VoIP system are totally opposite in terms of the switched using technology. The traditional phone system runs through Circuit Switching, on the other hand, Packet Switching is for VoIP systems.

The circuit switching is used for a long time, more than 100 years. It still exists and people are using the method. But packet switching is the product of modern technology.

Making a call using Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) lets you connect to another end person. You both will be connected in a circuit. It could take a while to connect.

On the other hand, an instant connection is created in the packet switching method each time you speak. Besides, there is no need to build the connection both ways all the time. You and the person you’re talking to will not normally be both speaking at the same time.

Additionally, no matter which path of the internet data packet will take, they’ll get back together once they reach their destination. The process of transferring the data is more efficient in this process.

Another important benefit of VoIP system is- to save space, data packets can also be compressed. Thus, data will quickly travel using the internet. All of these will happen instantly. It greatly depends on your internet connection speed too.

There are so many techy things in VoIP phone systems that make the method convenient more than traditional phone systems. So, if you’re just a user, then go with VoIP phone systems blindly because it’s more clear to ear and there’s no call dropping also.

Which is the Best VoIP WordPress Theme?

It can be an argument about which is the best VoIP WordPress theme. But, in terms of features, functionalities, and pricing Voifone standout undoubtedly. Voifone is a multipurpose VOIP WordPress theme developed by ThemeLooks for all types of business that uses VOIP.

Furthermore, it includes VOIP pricing calculators and virtual phone number sales plugins for WordPress. This package includes WHMCS Integration and a custom WHMCS theme. By following the well-organized online documentation, anyone can easily update/edit this virtual phone business WordPress theme.


Data Center

You’ll be getting a data center page by which you can show your data center locations. How many data centers you’ll have, you can show them to your customers.

VOIP WordPress Theme

VOIP Server Page

To configure the server, you’ll get a VOIP server page in this VOIP WordPress theme. Here are some exclusive server features- Astrlsk, WiKi PBX, A to Billing, Elastlx, Telxbox, Bluebox, etc. You’ll get all the information related to server configuration including its cost, IP Assigned, Bandwidth, Coupon, HDD, RAM, and CPU.

VOIP WordPress Theme

Search Your Domain

Searching for your favorite domain name with its minimum price is possible. Let’s suppose, you have a domain name in your mind and want to search for it with the minimum price. You can do it with this VOIP WordPress theme.

VOIP WordPress Theme

Pricing Table

VOIP WordPress theme by ThemeLooks will make you an offer that you can not refuse. Yes, the pricing plan for this theme is very much affordable and competitive. The pricing plan is being classified into three- Basic, Standard, and Enterprise sections based on Monthly and Yearly subscriptions.

VOIP WordPress Theme

Download App

You’ll be getting a download app section in this WordPress theme. Depending on your device, you can download the app from this section. No matter which users you are- Android, Apple, Windows, and so on; you can download the app. Thus, it helps you to feature your apps very easily.

VOIP WordPress Theme

Plugins Compatibility

Plugin compatibility is an important aspect of any WordPress Theme. The more a theme is compatible with different important plugins, the more it becomes effective for your site. A good theme needs to be compatible with plugins that you should have for your site.

This VOIP WordPress theme can be an example of that. The theme is compatible with all those plugins that need to be present for a VOIP theme. The list of the plugins that are compatible with this theme is attached below.

VOIP WordPress Theme

Powerful & Easy Page Builder

Both professionals and everyday users can benefit from page builders. They allow complex designs to be implemented without writing a single line of code. Despite the ease of use of WordPress, true customization often requires at least some basic development skills.

However, WPBakery Page Builder is included with the theme which is powerful and easy. You can easily create any page by using this powerful page builder.

VOIP WordPress Theme

WooCommerce Included

WooCommerce compatibility is also present in this VOIP WordPress theme. Do you want to create or maintain an online shop? Voifone is the perfect solution for you without any doubt. Besides, it offers a unique design by which you can make your site customer-engaging more than ever before.

VOIP WordPress Theme

Insights, Over to You

Well, it’s a wrap. So, if you’re having or planning to have a VOIP & Virtual Phone Business, and looking for a WordPress theme; Voifone would be a great option for you can go with. Depending on its features, functionalities, and pricing; there is no doubt that Voifone could be the game-changer for you. You could get the most out of this theme.

Moreover, WHMCS Integration and a custom WHMCS theme is included. More or less all the important free plugins are compatible with this theme. So, worrying about plugin compatibility is not a problem anymore. Virtual phone numbers sales and pricing calculator will make this theme

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