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How to Create and Host a WordPress Site The Modern Approach

Do you want to create and host a WordPress site easily? If YES, and trying to find out how then you’re certainly in the right post.

In 2022, how difficult is it to design a new website? It is possible to separate the process into some steps. To start a website, you likely choose and purchase a domain name.

After that, you will compare and select the hosting service that best fits your needs, and finally, you will choose a content management system (CMS) that is right for your needs. After you have installed the CMS on your web host, you can start building your site.

Does that sound difficult? It can take hours or even days to find the right tools on the market right now, and you can never be sure that you will find a competent solution at the end of it.

The Elementor Cloud Website was the result of this catalyst. Despite the challenge, the Elementor team overcame it. With its built-in hosting capabilities, the Elementor Cloud Website will extend the WordPress website builder’s capabilities.

We utilize the Google Cloud Platform for our hosting solution, which is known for its scalability, security, and reliability. Among the features, the platform offers are 20 GB of storage, 100 GB of bandwidth, and 100K monthly hits, which are sufficient for most types of websites.

Web designers and developers can now build and host WordPress websites without switching between different tools with Elementor’s Cloud Website.

Using Elementor Cloud to Create a New Website

With Cloud Website, you can create a new website faster and more easily. Creating a new Elementor account is easy. Just visit the Elementor Cloud site and click ‘Join Now.’. When you have created your account, you can choose the option ‘Build & Publish a complete host Elementor website’.

On the other hand, in the Elementor admin panel at the top right, you will find a button titled ‘Create Cloud Website’ if you are an Elementor user:


The next page will redirect you to a step-by-step process in which you will have to provide basic information about the website. In addition to the website’s name, domain name, and type, you will need to provide the website’s contents.


The subdomain is used by default for all websites created with Elementor Cloud Website, but if you choose to link your own, you won’t have to pay extra for it.


In the next step, you have to specify what kind of website you would like to create. You will get a suggested pre-designed website kit for your project based on this information provided by Elementor.


After choosing your website’s visual kit from the list of options, you will complete the process. There is always the option of creating a website from scratch. Using Elementor’s suggested kits, I selected the Basic kit for our example.


When you do this, Elementor will start creating your website for you. In a few minutes, you will be able to create a new instance of your website. It will take a few minutes for your new website instance to appear. The instance we are using is called WakeUp.

Create and Host a WordPress Site

The badge ‘Site Lock is On’ may appear on your page. This won’t allow search engines to view your unfinished website, so you won’t have to worry.

A newly created instance, however, does not come with a lot of features. Access to your website’s settings, WordPress dashboard, and Elementor editor will be available to you.

Create and Host a WordPress Site

Now click ‘Edit with Elementor’ to start the website design right away.

Using the Elementor Editor to Modify Page Layouts

Using the Elementor editor, you can design your website’s front end. With Elementor, you can create web pages in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) format. As soon as you introduce changes to your web page, they become visible immediately. Changing the words in the hero section, for example, is as simple as clicking on the content block and making changes.

Create and Host a WordPress Site

If you would like to add a new content section to your page, add a new section, drag a widget from the collection of 100+ widgets into the section, and drag it into the section. No matter what types of content you’ve (text or visuals), Elementor supports all.

Create and Host a WordPress Site

However, the editing process applies to more than just text and images. You can apply fancy animation effects to scrolling, for instance. Creating an effect like this allows you to create a more dynamic scrolling experience and can create the illusion that your site is alive.

As an example, here I defined a ‘Fade In’ effect with a duration of 300 ms for the section following the Hero section in which we describe features we offer:

Create and Host a WordPress Site

With Elementor, you can preview how your site appears on mobile devices as well as any other device. From the bottom left menu, select ‘Responsive’ Mode (next to ‘Update’) and click ‘Mobile’ to make the site mobile-friendly. Below you will see a mobile-friendly preview of your site:

Create and Host a WordPress Site

Using WordPress to Manage a Website

You can access your WordPress website through an Elementor Cloud Website. Installing this version of WordPress is no different than installing it on your local or remote machine after downloading it from the official WordPress website.

WordPress comprises all the necessary features by default. The CMS will be accessible to all administrators and you will be able to manage user access rights, import/export content, and install plugins.

Elementor Cloud Website also features a few features that are unique. There are hundreds of visual themes that are available for use with WordPress, as well as the Elementor Pro plugin, which lets you see what your website visitors are doing through the Activity Log. There is also the Elementor Hello theme included with WordPress.

In addition to all of your content being your own, you have complete control over the Elementor Cloud Website. It is possible to export your website at any time if you change your website platform (e.g., switch from WordPress to another CMS).

How to Set up Backups and Connect to a Domain

You should create a backup of your website and connect your domain name once your website has been designed. People are divided into two groups: those that back up their data and those who have never lost all of their data. Backups are simple to set up with the Elementor Cloud Website. Simply choose ‘Manage This Website’ and navigate to the ‘Backups’ section.

Create and Host a WordPress Site

As you can see, Elementor automatically produces backups for your site 24/7, but you can also build your own backups at any time by utilizing the ‘Create new backup’ feature.

The next step is to link your domain name to our site. It is also possible to do so on this page, in the Manage Domain tab. Some web design systems demand a fee to connect a custom domain name, while Elementor Cloud Website does not.

Our website also has an SSL certificate, which you can see. The Elementor Cloud Website includes a free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) from Cloudflare. It has two advantages: improved search engine ranking (Google ranks SSL higher than non-SSL equivalents) and improved user experience (if your website involves data input, site visitors will never encounter a ‘Not Secure connection’ indication in their browser).

If necessary, you may also install your own SSL certificate.

Create and Host a WordPress Site

After connecting a custom domain, we can safely turn ‘Site Lock’ off so search engines may find our website. It is also possible in this section.

What Is the Price of an Elementor Cloud Website?

We created and published a website in less than an hour using Elementor Cloud Website. You could think that this tool will be expensive. However, this solution only costs $99.00 each year (excluding VAT). You will receive 100GB of bandwidth for your website, 100K monthly unique visitors, and 20GB of storage for all of your content and assets at this price.

It’s worth noting that Elementor Pro (a $49 per year subscription) gets added into the mix. There are no additional fees. All of these features are bundled in single pricing.


Web design should be enjoyable and accessible to anyone. After all, when we create a new website, we want to share our idea, product, or service with the world, not solve technical obstacles. Elementor Cloud Website relieves us of the time-consuming and boring task of evaluating numerous online services, allowing us to focus on what is truly important: sharing our vision with those we care about.

We hope this post was useful to get a full insight into how you can create and host a WordPress site. If you’re an enthusiast about WordPress, then you may take a look at how you can uninstall and delete a WordPress theme, also you look at this guide on how to set up WooCommerce on WordPress if you wish to make an e-commerce website using WordPress.

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