How to Change the WordPress Admin Email – 3 Methods Explained


Do you have a WordPress and want to change the WordPress admin email? If yes, then you’re in the right post at the right time.

Usually, WordPress sets the first email address that you provide as your admin email by default. Plus, that first email is also set for your first admin account.

But what if you want to change the previously provided email address now? That is why we’re here for you.

In this article, we’ll show you three different methods by which you can easily change the WordPress admin email address.

When and Why Should You Change the WordPress Admin Email?

Usually, WordPress newbies tend to use their personal email addresses when they install WordPress first time. Besides, some WordPress hosting companies automatically use your hosting account’s email address at installation time.

WordPress then uses this email address as the site’s email address and also the email address for the primary admin user profile.

However, this email address will be used by your website to deliver essential alerts. For example, when a new user account is registered, an auto-update is installed, as are content control notices.

Moreover, the admin user’s email address retrieves forgotten passwords and receives account notifications.

Usually, website owners quickly discover that they would like to utilize a professional business email address rather than a generic free email account. They should also use a distinct email address for site administration and the admin user.

With that said, let’s look at how to change the WordPress admin email address quickly.

The Things You Need to Ensure Before Changing the Email Address in WordPress

First, select the email address you wish to use as your WordPress admin email account. To do it, you may use a free email provider such as Gmail or Yahoo. However, this does not appear to be professional.

Ideally, you should choose a branded email address that includes your website’s domain name. For example, [email protected].

Second, you have to make sure that you’re able to receive emails from your WordPress site.

WordPress will send you an email to validate your new admin email address when you update your admin email. You will be unable to validate the new admin email address if you are unable to receive emails from your WordPress site.

You must install and activate the WP Mail SMTP plugin to achieve this. For additional information, visit our step-by-step guide to installing a WordPress plugin.

Now that you have everything set up, let’s look at how to change the WordPress admin email address.

Method 1: How to Change WordPress Admin Email Address Using Admin Area

If you’re a newbie to WordPress, this is your method. The method is easy and quick to do. Interestingly, this is the method that almost all users, regardless of pros or newbies, use to change the WordPress site email and also the user account’s email address.

Well, to change the WordPress site email address, you need to navigate Settings > General in your admin dashboard. And finally, change the Administration Email Address.


Remember to save your modifications.

Once you save, WordPress will save your new admin email address. However, the admin email address will not change until you verify the email.


After you verify the new email address, all your important administration-related notifications will be delivered to the new address by WordPress.

Next, what about changing the admin user account email address? To do so, hover over the admin dashboard’s Users > All Users page. Once you reach there, click on the Eidt link below the user for which you want to change.


This will take you to the profile edit page for that specific user account. Simply change the email address by scrolling down to the email option.


Don’t forget to save your changes by clicking the ‘Update profile‘ button.

If you are presently signed in to the user account you want to change, WordPress will now send an email to the new email address.

To confirm your email address change, click on the link in the email.


Method 2: How to Change WordPress Admin Email Address Using PhpMyAdmin

We’ll show you how to change both of these email addresses using phpMyAdmin in this procedure. Only use this solution if you cannot access the WordPress admin area.

To begin, log in to your hosting account’s cPanel dashboard. Click on the phpMyAdmin icon under the database area.


N.B: Your cPanel dashboard may differ slightly from the screenshot above, depending on your hosting provider. Because we use Bluehost, here is a snapshot of our control center.

This will open the phpMyAdmin application. It’s a database administration tool, and we’ll use it to change the admin email address directly in the WordPress database.

Your database will be listed in the left column of the phpMyAdmin window. Clicking on it will see all of the tables included inside it. To open the _options table, locate it and click on it.


It will now display the data rows within the choices table to you. Click the ‘Edit‘ button next to the row with the option name ‘admin email.

The row will appear as a form through phpMyAdmin, where you can simply change your site’s admin email.


Remember to click the ‘Go’ button to save your changes.

You have successfully changed the email address associated with WordPress website email notifications.

Let’s update the email address for the admin user account.

In the phpMyAdmin window, click to open the_users table. Then, on the row where the user login matches the user, you wish to update, click the edit button.


The user row will now be displayed in a form by PhpMyAdmin. In the user email field, insert the new email address.

Remember to click the ‘Go‘ button to save your changes.

Method 3: How to Change WordPress Admin Email Address Using a Plugin

You can use this procedure if you are unable to get the verification email to update the admin email address.

It essentially allows you to avoid WordPress verification and change the admin email address directly.

You must first install and activate the Change Admin Email plugin. For additional information, visit our step-by-step guide to installing a WordPress plugin.

After activation, go to the Settings > General page. Select the ‘Administration Email Address‘ option and input the new email address.


Finally, click the ‘Save Changes‘ button to save your modifications.

Without authentication, the plugin will change the admin address instantly. It will also send you a test email to your new administrative email account.

Closing Statement

Up to this point, we hope the post helped you learn how you can change the WordPress admin email. You may want to see our guide on how you can fix the missing appearance menu in WordPress. You may also want to see how you can clear cache files in WordPress.

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