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Build a Personal Brand on WordPress 10 Steps to Succeed

Do you want to build a personal brand on WordPress? Okay, you’re certainly reading the right post. So, keep reading.

With the help of a personal brand identity, individuals can now tell the world more about themselves than ever before. It is possible to define what makes a person different or unique by creating a personal brand and demonstrating their qualities and skills.

In today’s competitive business environment, every edge you can gain over your competitors is critical.

People now have a unique opportunity to build their online brands through social media and WordPress websites, and companies are increasingly recognizing the benefits of this strategy.

In spite of that, you may not feel comfortable establishing a brand identity as a professional or developing a brand personality. If you’re unsure of why or where to begin, you might wonder why you should build a personal brand.

Here are 10 steps you can follow to build your own personal brand on WordPress!

Pick a Domain that Goes with Your Brand Name


WordPress builds a personal brand by allowing the user to pick the domain name that matches their brand.

Take this decision seriously, as it requires a lot of thought and consideration. Your domain name is to represent you on the internet, you need to make sure it is not only catchy and easy to find, but also fits your personal brand.

It would be our recommendation to pick a domain that is easy to type if we were to recommend only one thing when picking one. People may not be able to find your site if you use clever spelling tricks or slang.

Second, choose a domain extension that is appropriate for your site. You should probably choose the .com domain as your primary choice, but you may have difficulty creating a short and memorable domain with this extension. It is fortunate that there are many other options, such as:

  • .me
  • .org
  • .net
  • .info
  • .guru

At last, creating a corresponding email address is a must. This is possible with Google Workspace, however, some WordPress hosting services provide a free email address.

Design an Eye-catching Logo

It is important to make sure that every aspect of your website communicates your brand. In order to communicate your message clearly and cohesively from the beginning, your logo is crucial.

Creating a simple and eye-catching logo isn’t easy, especially if you want it to catch the eye of the audience. A careful analysis of logo design principles and a deep understanding of your target audience are essential for making a successful logo. In order to create a logo that is “just right,” designers often create more than one version.

The question you’re probably asking right now is where to begin. Fortunately, we offer an excellent guide on how to create a WordPress logo through online apps for every budget. Make sure you use your logo everywhere. In your online video editor, on your website, on business cards, in your email signature – anywhere.

Build Personal Brand on WordPress by Starting a Blog


Blogs across various platforms publish more than 4 million posts every day. It is possible that you are thinking, “What can I possibly gain by adding to all that noise?” Plenty, in fact.

You need long-form content to build your personal brand with the amount of time you spend online steadily increasing. It is possible to develop your own voice and further define what you stand for by writing a blog. By doing so, you will be able to reach a wider audience, leading to a more substantial online presence.

“When I started building my personal brand online, one of the key areas I focused on was highlighting my professional work, founding and leading a number of web design agencies in Singapore,” says Donald Chan, founder of Web Agency Wise.


The challenge of creating content that stands out can be overwhelming, but we have your back with a guide on how to start your WordPress blog. This guide lays out step-by-step instructions and provides a framework for writing something unique while cutting through the clutter.

Adding an About Page is Must


On personal-brand websites, many people forget to include an About section. Since these pages have the most significant impact on search engine rankings, people usually focus their attention on the services and products you offer.

It is important, however, not to let your SEO strategy ruin your user experience. However, even if the About page does not contain keywords, it still contains valuable information for the user.

So, building a personal brand demands an understanding of who you are and why someone might want to do business with you – all of which are essential aspects.

Showcase Your Work by Creating a Portfolio


Essentially, a portfolio is a digital resume. You can significantly benefit from it in terms of your brand and career as a whole. You could share your work in your portfolio on your website, allowing you to reach a wider audience. Furthermore, it can make an employer look good as well.

If you plan to add a personal portfolio to your WordPress site, you might be concerned about the technical knowledge you’ll need. It’s not hard to do this for almost anyone who has a basic knowledge of WordPress.

Offer a Variety of Services

Selling products on the internet is parallel to offering services. Consider your site to be an electronic business card that showcases what you have to offer.

Even so, no matter how well your website is designed, you shouldn’t expect individuals to flock to it right away. If you want to reach out to possible customers and business owners, you’ll need to develop a solid marketing strategy. This is the only possible way to create cash flow and recover your investment.

The obvious first step is to create your online presence. As previously stated, you must communicate your mission to others. This encompasses more than creating a WordPress Website with a list of your services and your contact details.


There is a lot more information your viewers might find useful, such as how your services vary from the others. As social proof of your knowledge and experience, dependability, and reputation, you can also include user testimonials, social media interactions, and sponsorships.

Now Time to Add a Contact Page

Contact pages are often pushed to the bottom of the priority list by many website admins, both in terms of layout and in terms of copywriting. Isn’t it surprising how many websites have outdated contact pages, even when the rest of the site is polished and up-to-date?

This is an enormous mistake that can result in a substantial drop in conversion rates for a webmaster. In fact, your Contact page is one of the most critical pages on your site.

Consider this: if anybody comes to visit your Contact page, they’re probably considering your offerings and want to learn extra about what you’ve to offer. Through that logic, you’re starting to hope that every web user will end eventually on this particular page, so make it stand out as much as possible.

Building a Newsletter


A regular email newsletter is an excellent method to provide customers with value while also increasing sales and keeping them connected with your brand. As a result, it’s an integral part of any strong email marketing strategy.

Beginning an email newsletter requires mixing up many balls at once. In addition to producing convincing calls-to-action, fact-checking the copy, constructing the email to work in numerous mailboxes and devices, and attempting to avoid spam triggers, you must consider clickable subject lines whilst also adhering to privacy laws.

The great news is that creating a newsletter could really benefit almost every business or individual. Email newsletters can assist you in establishing long-term relationships with your customers, whether you’re a small business, an e-commerce powerhouse, or somewhere in between.

The best part is that you can generate an email newsletter for free.

Grow Your Personal Brand with Social Following

You must attract the appropriate individuals at the correct moment to grow your personal brand. One technique is to consider buying Google ads; another is to create more SEO-friendly content. However, mastering marketing on social media is undoubtedly the most effective way to increase your following.

Are you curious about the latter? Then that’s best if you cultivate an active presence on social media. You can build an audience on social media that will stay involved with your content when you employ the right methods.

But how can you achieve good performance?

It’s very obvious that you can’t always be everywhere all of the time because there are plenty of social media platforms. Today, seizing your audience’s focus entails going wherever they are and trying to engage with them.

By monitoring social analytics, you must be able to determine who your intended audience is and what social media platforms they chose. This data can be gathered in a variety of ways, including:

  • Examine the social media sites that others in your industry use.
  • Discover niche groups using social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit).
  • Discover where your niche is being mentioned by utilizing tools for social listening.
  • Opportunities and consumers should be surveyed and interviewed.

You can also read online updates that would provide additional insight into Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other platforms’ usage trends.

Once you’ve determined where your target audience spends their time, you must gain knowledge of how to utilize the platform to create material that will get you recognized.

That what types of content are the most effective, and why? This concern will assist you in determining whether a specific channel is right for your brand.

If your intended audience is using TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook, the latter could be the better decision. It will be difficult to create efficient video elements on the other two channels without the need for a visual brand or business.

Get Help from Professional

Most entrepreneurs don’t realize that they need someone experienced to provide a few helpful hints about social media and the internet in general before they try to establish themselves. It is possible to keep up with the trends in entrepreneurship by hiring an outside agency, such as a personal branding agency.

You may find it helpful to recruit the help of professionals in the field in order to recognize what will make your brand stand out in the ever-changing virtual environment.

Closing Statement

It has never been more crucial to have a strong personal brand, whether you are seeking a new job or boosting sales for your business. Personal brands can be memorable without being Richard Branson, Elon Musk, or Oprah.

The most important thing to remember is to keep your digital presence authentic by continually crafting and curating it! You will stand out in the long run with your honesty, transparency, and authenticity. The first impression you make makes a lasting impact, so make it one that builds trust and reflects your true self.

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