How to Setup and Use Google Pay for WooCommerce – 3 Ways Explained

Are you using WooCommerce for your store? If so, you need to accept a variety of payment methods. Setup and use Google pay for WooCommerce can be the real game-changer for you in a scenario like this. Several of you

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Did you know that and are two distinct platforms? Here is the ultimate comparison of vs Beginners frequently mix up with, leading them to select the incorrect blogging platform for their purposes. Even those

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A Guide on How to Uninstall and Delete the WordPress Theme

If you would like to uninstall and delete the WordPress theme, but you're concerned that it might be insecure, what should you do? You may want to delete your old theme if you recently changed your WordPress theme. It is

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How to Make Categories and Subcategories in WordPress

A reader recently asked us how to make categories and subcategories in WordPress. Well, here's the workaround for how you can easily make categories and subcategories (child categories) in WordPress. WordPress allows you to organize your content into categories and

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How to Recover Deleted Pages in WordPress – 4 Methods Explained

Are you curious about how to recover deleted pages in WordPress? Plus, would you like to retrieve permanently deleted WordPress pages and posts via backups? Not a problem! Read on! You're certainly in the right post. There is no doubt

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Uninstall a WordPress Plugin Easily

How to Uninstall a WordPress Plugin Easily – Beginner’s Guide

Would you like to uninstall a WordPress plugin from your site, but you don't know how to do it? Over time, you will come across plugins that you do not need on your site as your site grows. The best

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How to Set Up an Online Restaurant Ordering Website with WordPress

How to Set Up an Online Restaurant Ordering Website with WordPress

Do you want to set up an online restaurant ordering website using WordPress? If so, you're certainly in the right post. Ordering food online has become an extremely popular trend across the globe. There are a significant number of restaurants

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20+ Free Google Tools for WordPress Blogger – Don’t Miss Out

Looking for the finest free Google tools to help you build your WordPress blog? Well, there are tons of free Google tools for WordPress bloggers out there. However, Google provides a plethora of free tools to assist bloggers and website

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