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Do you want to know how to promote your WordPress website off-site? In this article, we’ll try to let you know 9 proven off-site promotion tips for WordPress websites. So, stay tuned with full concentration, and don’t go anywhere.

The moment when anyone heard about off-site promotion, just one thing popped up on anyone’s mind that is email marketing. But that’s not all. Did you ever think that apart from just email marketing what could be the other possibilities for promoting WordPress websites off-site?

The purpose of this article is to let you know a few proven off-site techniques to promote a WordPress website effectively so that you can reach a wider audience and gain traffic to your site. Most of these tips are offline yet a few need online support too.

From guest posting, podcasting, and engaging in social media to attending offline events, and advertising, it’s hoping that you’ll get some pro-proven off-site tips to promote your WordPress website.

Off-Site Promotion Tips for WordPress website: 9 Proven Tips

You could have many different off-site promotional tips for your WordPress site. Among them, we picked the below 9 pro-off-site promotion tips for the WordPress website. Go through each of them to know how you can reach a wider audience and get traffic to your WordPress site.

Guest Posting

There is no doubt that guest posting is one of the best ways to promote any WordPress website off-site. Now the question is, what is guest posting? Simple put, write and publish your own posts to someone else’s website.

Most often, guest posting is free. Despite being free, you’ll get your bio with a link that displays on your site under the article. And for having this, new audiences will visit your site and the traffic will be increased of your site.

Before starting guest posting, you need to check and verify certain things. Research and find the direct competitors who are working with the same or similar niche as yours. Check their website’s DA, PA, and Smap scores. Understand the writing pattern of that website to know the readers’ interest.

Yes, I know you’re writing a post for free but don’t ever compromise with the quality of the content. Choose topics that are interesting, and unique, and help your readers to get a proper idea and solution.

Always keep in mind, that readers are the people who will decide whether your content is great or not. Therefore, know their interest and write to them. If you can impress them, they will be permanent visitors to your site.

Appears as a Guest on Podcasts


In order to reach a wider audience, being a guest for any other site’s podcast could be another important off-site promotion for your WordPress website.

Like the previous tip, you need to research where you’re trying to become a guest before speaking on their podcasts. You need to make sure those websites’ niche matches yours. Only then you could be benefited from being a guest of theirs.

It’s a possibility that you might be asked as co-host or be an interviewed guest for their podcast. Whatever the approach you get, just make sure one thing that you’re carrying a proper plan with you. Such as, what’s the thing that you’ll say to attract the audience toward you?

Make sure the wisdom you provide attracts the audience. Carrying a personality is important for any podcast. It connects audiences with you on an emotional level and increases the possibility of having them visit your WordPress site.

Lastly, make sure the producer of the podcast is happy to have you and agrees to promote your website with the listeners by sharing the website address.

If you get a chance of sharing some of your content’s URL that matches the audience’s need, grab it. Plus, provide with them some other useful links to visit to make them your permanent visitors.

Create a Podcast of Your Own


Having anything of your own can boost your audience’s reach and drive traffic to your website. That said, creating your own podcast and listing it on iTunes is one of the great ways to promote your WordPress site.

However, creating a podcast with WordPress is a breeze. Millions of people listen to and download podcasts every day from iTunes. Therefore, adding your podcast there open the possibilities of reaching a wider audience.

During podcasts, you should promote your site in all possible ways to make listeners understand why they need to visit your WordPress site. Well, anything is much is not well, so don’t beg much for visiting your site.

Try to focus on your subject without not being an advertising marketer. People usually get bored if you’re verbose with advertising. Be real, and be relevant to your topic. If you can impress your audience with authenticity, they will visit your site maybe lately but surely.

Lastly, ratings and reviews are important for anything that exist online. The more you have reviews and ratings on your podcasts, the more likely audience will download and listen.

Reviews and ratings can drive one to download your podcast even if they never heard of you. Therefore, realizing the importance of reviews and ratings, always ask for them from your listeners.

Constant Engagement in Social Media


In this age of social media, you could easily make a fan base by being constantly engaged on different social media platforms. By sharing your WordPress content with your fan base you can promote your site to a great extent.

First, analyze which platform your targeted audience is hanging out on. And make those platforms your prior focus. There are many things you can do to let your audience that you exist on social media constantly.

Do like and share others’ posts. Follow your relevant niche and make comments on their posts and images. Most importantly, post articles and content from your WordPress site to social media.

In order to have a constant presence, an automation tool can help you. Buffer, for example, could be the tool for you that enables your activeness on social media even if you are in sleep.

A scheduling option is there by which you can schedule your social media post so that people know that you’re active all the time. A user-friendly dashboard is included in Buffer that helps you manage all your social media accounts under one roof.

The dashboard makes you hassle-free from different logging in and out of different accounts. Simply put, it helps to keep social media strategy well-organized.

Create a Facebook Page on Your Own


Facebook holds 2 billion monthly users right now. This is the most popular social media platform than others. Therefore, without any doubt, creating a Facebook to promote your WordPress site could be the most effective way.

Building a community is possible using a Facebook page. Simply put, if you want to promote your site having a Facebook page is a must.

After creating a Facebook page you can make interesting and engaging posts for your visitors and followers with useful information. By using questioning and answering options you can discuss and engage with your visitors.

Most importantly, make sure that your Facebook page contains your website link so that your followers easily find and visit your site anytime from anywhere.

Promoting the Facebook page is become a must-needed thing because of cut-throat competition nowadays. So, you can hire a social media marketer for promoting your page to the new relevant users and existing followers of your as well.

Keep remembering your existing followers and targeting to reach new potential followers.

Lastly, once you have a strong number of followers on your page, you can start promoting your website content, products, and services. But always keep in mind, don’t be just a salesman.

Always ensure adding value with your content rather than just being a salesman. Otherwise, you will lose your trusted followers.

Create a YouTube Channel of Your Own


One of the most effective off-site marketing strategies for WordPress websites is to create your own YouTube Channel. You can use YouTube to reach new markets and drive traffic to your site by watching the five billion videos that are watched every day on YouTube.

Simply register and add the required information to start your own YouTube Channel. A new channel requires a name, a logo, a description, links to social media channels, and your website’s logo.

It can take a lot of time and effort to produce videos for your YouTube channel. If you can re-generate the content you’ve already published on your website in text form, you’ll save yourself time, money, and effort.

In this way, you ensure that the content you create is relevant to the kind of audience you wish to reach, as well as ensure you don’t burn out.

The YouTube Channel viewers on your site can be encouraged to visit your website in a number of ways. Put your website address and a call to action in the description of each video.

You can refer viewers to a page on your website where they can read more about the content that you discuss in your video. Additionally, you can add notes to each video that display links to your WordPress website using YouTube’s cards.

Be Competitive on Social Media

Using social media to run competitions is an excellent way to advertise your site’s content or products and get your brand noticed. You probably have seen more than a few competition entries being shared by your friends on Facebook, particularly when it comes to competitions.

You can easily organize a Facebook competition. Make a post that contains a picture of what you are giving away. To enter the competition, your Facebook page visitors must like and share your post. As a result, your website will gain new followers and be marketed more effectively.

Choosing a prize is the first step to getting started. You will attract more participants to your contest if you offer a nice prize. Keep in mind, however, that the giveaway should be related to the niche of your WordPress website, as well as cost-effective.

Find out what giveaways are available in your area by conducting some research. There are laws regarding giveaway prize values in some states, countries, or cities. An American prize winner who wins more than $600 needs to receive a 1099-Misc form to claim it on their tax return.

Once you’ve selected a prize, you’ll have to specify the rules for the contest. A prize must be clearly stated, along with its value and duration, the method of entry, who is eligible to win, and how the winner will be chosen.

The legal bit is made much easier by third-party services such as Rafflecopter, which have rules/terms generators.

To capture the prize’s beauty, take a beautiful picture. By having an eye-catching photo, you can attract people’s attention and encourage them to like your page, participate in the contest, and share the content you have on your blog.

Last but not least, the winner should be announced after a certain period of time. Using this as an opportunity to inform your Facebook followers about the competition and promote your site, you should make a big deal about it.

Attend Offline Events


Besides online marketing, you can also engage in many offline activities to promote your WordPress site. The WordPress community can benefit from attending Wordcamps and becoming more familiar with you and your brand.

You will be more likely to be remembered, visited, and even recommended in the future once people make an emotional connection with you. A good marketing opportunity might also come from a local meetup or a conference in the industry.

Advertise Locally

It could be beneficial to advertise your business and website locally if you have a physical store or premises. Adverts in local newspapers and magazines would be a good choice.

Besides, promoting your business and driving traffic to your WordPress site can also be accomplished by sponsoring a local event or team.

Wrapping Up

Some of the off-site marketing methods included in this article may not be suitable for your niche, so make sure you choose one that works for you. Make sure your WordPress website is using the best possible techniques. Lastly, develop a plan for implementing each strategy. Wishing you the best!

Do you plan to use any above-mentioned off-site marketing strategies to promote your WordPress website? In the comments section below, you are welcome to share your thoughts.

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