20+ Free Google Tools for WordPress Blogger – Don’t Miss Out


Looking for the finest free Google tools to help you build your WordPress blog? Well, there are tons of free Google tools for WordPress bloggers out there.

However, Google provides a plethora of free tools to assist bloggers and website owners in improving their SEO, increasing traffic, becoming more productive, and more.

This post will highlight the top 20+ free Google tools that every WordPress blogger should be using. Since these are free from Google, why don’t you get the benefit of it?

What is the Importance of Using Google Tools for WordPress Blogging?

There are just a few free tools available on Blogspot. Google provides the majority of the tools. These are completely different on WordPress. There are thousands of plugins, online tools, and other items available with both paid and free functionality.

However, when it comes to Blogspot, the situation is quite different. Google Blogger Tools makes this process simple for you. We’ll show you 20+ fantastic Google Blogger tools that will help you create a professional-looking blog.

Blogspot takes time to learn, especially for a beginner. You may simply solve this problem by using Google Blogger tools. However, if you have utilized YouTube to see the prospects for success in the blogging business, most YouTubers would advise you to use WordPress.

Isn’t it strange that you do not even know the ABC of blogging and want to use WordPress? Before you begin anything, you should have a fundamental understanding of the subject.

However, you need to know the keyword, blog title, how backlinks function, and many other factors that are critical for WordPress blogging. Having said that, see this guide on how you can start a WordPress blog easily.

Additionally, if you need any blogging themes for your WordPress site, then you can count on these below three. These themes are responsive, and 100% SEO optimized making your site more attractive and audience engaging ever than before.

The Advantages of Blogspot

There is no need to purchase hosting. Plus, no traffic restriction on Blogspot, therefore traffic is unimportant on Blogspot.

Moreover, you will get limitless bandwidth but just 1 GB of storage. If you do some research, you will discover that the majority of government websites utilize blogger blogs to post their information on the internet.

However, Google favors Blogspot over other blogging sites. The reason is simple: Google owns Blogspot. So, begin your blogging experience here for free and get some blogging expertise.

20+ Free Google Tools for WordPress Blogger – Don’t Miss Out

The discussion of this post will focus on FREE Google tools that WordPress bloggers can count on. So, without any further discussion let’s start with the Google tools that are free and super easy to use.

Google Analytics

Google Tools for WordPress Blogger

As we all know already that Google Analytics is the most complete analytics tool for WordPress blogs and websites.

It helps you to inform how your visitors found your website, what devices they used to access it, even what pages they saw, and how they engaged with it.

However, this data allows you to better identify your target audience and design and execute an effective content strategy. You’ll be able to discover which themes and pages convert the best and gradually enhance your website.


Google Programmable Search


The default WordPress search tool is extremely narrow and not particularly effective at locating relevant stuff. As your website increases in popularity, you’ll need a way to assist visitors to locate what they’re searching for.

Google Programmable Search makes it simple to integrate custom search into your WordPress website.

You have complete control over the content that is searched, and you can design the search tool to blend in with the rest of your website.

Google Search Console


Google Search Console is a collection of tools that assist website owners in monitoring and maintaining their search engine presence and rankings.

Additionally, it allows you to see what keywords visitors use to locate your site, notifies you of site issues that are holding your rankings back, and much more.

However, you may also publish an XML sitemap using Google Search Console to assist search engines to crawl your website more effectively.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool


Many WordPress websites receive a significant amount of traffic from mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’ll produce a bad user experience and risk losing search engine ranks.

Here is The Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool that comes into play. It’ll let you know how well your website is optimized for mobile web browsing. It will provide you with a full description of any problems and what you can do to resolve them.

However, using a responsive WordPress theme is the simplest approach to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. The themes will make your site mobile-friendly by automatically resizing to the screen size of your visitors.

PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed-Insights-google-tools-for WordPress bloggers

One of the most crucial aspects of offering a pleasant user experience and excellent WordPress SEO is having a fast-loading website.

Google PageSpeed Insights is a tool for measuring website performance. It provides information on how your website performs on mobile and desktop devices.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

The Google Ads Keyword Planner provides information about what people are searching for on Google. It obtains information from Google search results and sponsored ads.

You may use this tool to build a list of keywords linked to your blog and discover which terms receive the most monthly searches. The data does not provide precise figures, but it does provide broad estimations.

This tool may also help you come up with new blog post ideas, develop your content strategy, and manage your own pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns with Google Ads.

If you want to know even more about keyword research, check this guide on keyword research tools by which you can achieve your ranking goals.

Google Tag Manager


Google Tag Manager makes it simple to create and manage code snippets, or “tags,” on your website. Analytics and marketing tools frequently employ tags to provide tracking or other functionality to your site.

However, adding tags to your WordPress site normally necessitates the use of custom code. Since these custom code snippets load an external script, it’s difficult to keep track of them.

Fortunately, this issue is addressed by Google Tag Manager, which allows you to manage all of your external codes from a single dashboard.

After adding one Google Tag Manager snippet to your site, you may manage the remainder from a single dashboard.

Think with Google Research


Think with Google Research is a fantastic market research tool. This set of tools will assist you in understanding your market, identifying new trends, and growing your website or online business.

The data and insights you can obtain are determined by the technologies you utilize.

For example, the Market Insights tool can assist you in identifying new regional or worldwide markets into which to develop.


Another tool displays retail categories that are becoming more popular, as well as associated search phrases. This indicates whether or not the niche you’re in is becoming more popular.

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, & Gmail


Google has you covered everything when it comes to productivity tools to help you generate better content. Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Calendar, Gmail, and other tools are available for both mobile and desktop use.

The key benefit of utilizing Google’s productivity tools is the simple sharing capabilities, which include full privacy control, limitless changes, inline comments, and real-time collaboration without the need to save.

Google Optimize


Google Optimize is a tool that assists website owners in optimizing their websites via the use of A/B split testing. This allows you to compare two versions of a page to evaluate which converts better.

You may, for example, do a split test on two distinct sales pages to determine which one generates the most customers.

Split testing allows you to gradually tweak pages on your site to achieve the maximum conversion rates possible.

The drag and drop builder makes it simple to design a split test. Google will show the variants to your visitors at random and collect statistics.

Google Drive


Google Drive is a cloud storage service where you can save all of your Google Docs, Google Sheets, and other data. The free version allows you to share 15GB of storage across your Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos accounts.

With a Google account, you may utilize the free cloud storage space to save any file you want and sync it across many devices.

Google Adsense

Bloggers and website owners may simply monetize their websites using Google Adsense display advertisements. Adsense is one of the most well-established display advertising platforms.

Once you’ve been authorized for the program, you may start collecting money by adding display advertising to your website.

We propose utilizing a WordPress ad management plugin to simply manage and display your adverts.

You may also combine Google Adsense money with other sources of income, such as affiliate marketing and selling online courses.

Google My Business


Google My Business is a program that allows you to contribute your local business information to Google so that it may display it in search results.

If you own a local business or offer services in your community, Google My Business is a must-have.

Displaying your company information in Google search results will increase the search exposure of your brand and offer you more clients and possible prospects.

Google Trends


Google Trends provides a bird’s-eye view of what’s hot in the world of search. You may search for terms related to your expertise or explore the most recent curated data.

This tool may be used in conjunction with other research tools such as the Google Ads Keyword Planner. When you input a keyword, you’ll see if its popularity is increasing or decreasing.

These insights might help you decide on new areas to enter or article ideas to write about.

Google Alerts


Google Alerts will tell you whenever your brand or name is referenced on the internet.

It simply takes a few seconds to set up a Google Alert for your brand name or keywords, and you’ll receive email notifications whenever your company is referenced online.

It is an important tool for developing a strong brand image. Furthermore, these alerts might serve to advise you of new business relationships and backlink chances.

Google Maps


Google Maps provides an excellent method for embedding dynamic maps into your WordPress website. Including a map on your website allows people to see where you are physically located.

This is an essential feature for small companies such as restaurants and cafes. If you’re a travel blogger, you can create and embed an interactive map of all the places you’ve visited using Google Maps.

Google Fonts


Typography and font selection are crucial in the design and usability of any website. Google Fonts is an excellent resource for finding free fonts to use on your website.

To download and use these fonts, go to Google to download and get access directly. Or, embed them into your website and serve them from Google’s servers.

Google Hangouts


Google Hangouts is Google’s free conference call and video meeting tool. For teams and corporations, it provides secure messaging, phone, and video conferencing.

This is ideal for smaller teams who wish to conduct fast chats while also effortlessly sharing Google Docs during the session.

Users can join video meetings by dialing in or clicking on a meeting link.



YouTube is not only a video hosting site; it is also the web’s second most popular search engine. Every day, millions of people search YouTube for video material.

Including videos in your blog material can increase interaction, however, we never encourage uploading movies to WordPress. We propose instead that you host them on YouTube.

All of the videos that we embed on our blog are hosted on our own WPBeginner YouTube channel.

See our advice on how to effortlessly embed videos in WordPress if you really want to integrate your YouTube videos to WordPress.

Apart from all of these above Google tools, there is plenty left to be mentioned. Among those left tools, some important ones are listed below.

Wrapping Up

It’s a wrap. You can easily use the above-listed Google tools for your WordPress blog. If you’re an enthusiast of WordPress blogging, then you can make the best out of these Google tools. It’s time to boost your blogging passion with these tools.

I hope you liked the post. If so, let us know your experience with it in the comment section below. Plus, share this post with your close ones, if you find this worth sharing at the end.

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