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Do you like to know how to write highly clickable WordPress headlines?

Headlines are important for any kind of writing. By reading headlines, readers get attracted to the full content. So, it’s very important that the title you’re writing should be interesting and audience engaging.

Remember, you don’t need to be an advertisement expert to write clickable WordPress headlines.

I bet you want to know the tricks and tips, right? That’s why you’ve come over to this line. Well, we’ve got your back on this entire journey of writing clickable WordPress headlines.

Don’t go anywhere. We’re on the same page, you want to know and I wanted to let you know.

Before diving into the main business, let me inform you what experts say about headlines.

On average, 5x as many people read the headline as read the body of the copy. When you’ve written your headline, you’ve spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

-David Ogilvy (Father of Advertising)

5 Proven Tips to Write Highly Clickable WordPress Headlines

As we’ve already mentioned, you don’t need to be an advertisement genius to write clickable WordPress headlines.

For example, you can get help from free tools like Headline Analyzer Studio. It’ll help you to optimize your headlines and provide you with the best possible idea of headline through its headline writing exercises.

Following are the 5 pro tips that will make your WordPress headlines more attractive than you thought so that they hook readers and your content will rank higher on Google SERPs.

Let’s explore:

Using Headline Templates: Best Practice

Are you blank with your ideas or lack inspiration for writing killer headlines? No worries, use the headline writing template and get back on track.

Following are the best 3 templates you can try:

“Why” Headlines Template

“Why” headlines are the most searched headlines on different search engines. Especially, when it comes to social media shares, “why” templates stand out.

For example, A joint study of Fractl and BuzzStream reports that almost 21,00 shares per month come from why headlines. The study was based on 220,00 articles from 11 verticals.

People are always curious to know things. Therefore, in order to know anything “why” headlines naturally pop into mind. It’s simply human nature.

Let’s have a look at a title for example from National Geographic- “Why these toads have turned to cannibalism.”


If we debug this title, then you can notice an important pattern in writing “why” headlines. Following are the 3 crucial elements:

  • The subject of the title- these toads.
  • Action or outcome- cannibalism.
  • Joining verb between subject and the outcome- turned to.

So, here’s the structure you can follow to write “why” headlines:

Why (subject) (verb) (action/outcome)

You may tweak the title as you want to attract your readers:

(Subject) (verb) (action/outcome). Here’s why.

In simple words, playing with your words is the best trick to write why headlines.

Try to create mystery among your readers by tweaking your verb or adding any objectives. In fact, rising the curiosity or mystery among the readers is the key to “why” headlines.

Using List Headlines

Along with “why” headlines, list headlines are doing good in online searches. This kind of headline is popular because it’s easy and fun to read. When people see “x things”, it teases them and they curiously want to know what’s inside.

Here are some great examples of list headlines below:

  • X Reasons Why Y
  • X Things You Y
  • X of the Y
  • X Ways to Y
  • X Stunning Photos Y
  • X Things I Learned While Y-Ing
  • What X Things Can Tell You About Y

There is no doubt from statistics that list headlines works in Google SERPs. So, try to be specific and to the point to attract the readers to your writing.

Try to use these numbers when you write any list headlines- 10, 5, 15, 7, 20, 12, 9, 11, 13, 25, 18, 30.

Using How-to Headlines

In comparison with Why and List headlines, How-to headlines don’t work that much. But you can’t ignore this totally because it holds 18.42% shares of Fractl and BuzzStream’s study.

So, undoubtedly, it’s clickable. To rank with How-to headlines you just need to ensure the easy customization of it.

The following are some format examples. You just swap your words according to the needs.

  • How To X
  • How To X Without/With/Even If Y
  • How To X While Y
  • How To Use X To Y
  • How To 10 In W Easy Tips

The best thing you can do to make How-to headlines clickable is to use adjectives, expressions, words that drive the attention of readers, and so on. Let’s compare the following titles:

  • How To Write A Paragraph In Just 15 Minutes
  • How To Write Your Paragraph?

What do you think, which one gets more clicks? Obviously, the 1st one, right? Why so? Because it’s more clean, specific, and round the clock.

Furthermore, you can add the following lines to your How-to headlines for being more business-oriented. These words just spice your title up a bit more to your readers.

  • – The Essential Guide
  • – The Definitive Guide
  • (2022 Edition)
  • – Everything You Need To Know
  • (Exclusive)
  • (+ Expert Tips)
  • That You Can Count
  • (Expert Pick)

Write Variation of Headlines (As Much As You Can)

In order to write your best clickable WordPress headlines, you can’t expect them to be your first, second, or third.

Experimenting without trying to be perfect makes our creative muscles work best. Because of that, this exercise is great.

Write it out by hand or type it in a fresh document if you’d like to. Next, write 25 headlines “why”, “list”, and “how-to” that follow these rules:

  • Once a headline is written, it should be left alone.
  • No matter how silly or meh a headline seems, write it down anyway.
  • Try experimenting with different formats and styles.
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks.
  • Don’t rush to prepare the perfect headline. It’s the most important part.

By following these rules, you can prevent your anxious brain from criticizing your headlines (something that hinders your creative process)!

Put your pen down after you have listed at least 75 headlines, then read them aloud. Write more headlines to unleash your most creative ideas, according to scientific evidence.

As you develop your ideas, you may realize that they are bolder and more creative.

Highlight any headlines that are noteworthy to help you craft the best headline. Don’t forget to highlight any phrases, styles, or words you like.

Make a few new headlines using the best components of the old ones from your short list of headlines. You will then have three to five options to choose from.

Until you’re satisfied with your headline, you can either choose “the one” from this list or continue to build new ones.

Consider split-testing your headlines if you want to take a data-driven approach.

There is no doubt that this writing exercise will be exhausting, but the benefits will be worth the effort.

Swipe Audience Words

Content is likely inspired by your audience, and headlines can be inspired as well.

Your content will rank better in SERPs if you structure it around the keywords your audience searches for. The use of keywords is also a best practice that will allow your audience to find you.

Using keywords your target audience searched for related to your topic is a great clickable WordPress headline writing exercise.

Once you’ve optimized your article for SEO, swipe these keywords and create a master list (if you’ve already optimized it for SEO, use your primary, secondary, and LSI terms).

Next, try to create a headline using each of the items on the list.

As a result of this activity, a few potential headlines will be generated. You will need to tweak these options until you come up with an option that is “clickable”.

Adding numbers and evoking emotion are two other headline writing exercises in this article that might interest you.

Here’s a pro tip: Finding the best keywords for your article isn’t always obvious. You can use Headline Studio to find alternate keywords for your headline and find better ranking keywords.

Your Headline Should Contain Numbers

You can increase your reach by up to 36% by adding numbers to your headline. Looking at numbers when you’re running low on headline ideas is a smart way to beat procrastination and boost your ranking on SERPs.

Identify any numbers that would be of interest to your audience by scrolling through your draft. You could use that number to show how many points you cover in your article, or you could use it as a statistic.

Try out several options so that you can get a feel for what works best.

Among the top social media engagement numbers, according to a BuzzSumo study, three to ten are the most effective. Make use of them if you have them!

Take a moment to brainstorm headlines based on each number. A headline such as “54.4% of global web traffic is mobile” could be used, for instance, if “54.4% of global web traffic is generated by mobile devices. Have you tested your website to make sure it’s mobile-friendly? ”

Always Implement Emotional Synonyms

A headline that evokes an emotional response gets more social shares than one that doesn’t.

The topic of your message doesn’t have to be high-stakes, divisive, or controversial in order to benefit from emotion-producing language.

If you replace some of the words or phrases in your headline with more emotional ones, you will be able to add a punch to the headline.

Taking the headline “5 Ways To Improve Your Marketing in 2022” as an example, let’s discuss it.

In this title, there are two words where you can make some customization for evoking the reader’s attention. Ways and Improve.

For “ways” you may not find emotion-provoking synonyms, then what to do? Simply, add adjectives before it.

Since the article is about marketing then certain synonyms before ways can take place. For example effortless, insanely easy, painless, and many more.

And, for “improve” you’ll find many synonyms that definitely evoke emotions in readers. Such as, revamp, upgrade, boost, revise, and many more.

Having said these, let’s wrap up the headlines using the emotion-provoking suggestions:

  • 5 Effortless Ways To Upgrade Your Marketing in 2022
  • 5 Painless Ways To Boost Your Marketing in 2022
  • 5 Insanely Easy Ways To Revamp Your Marketing in 2022

Don’t expect you’ll hit the punch just using and swapping synonyms on a few headlines. Try to make headlines as much as you can using emotion-provoking synonyms. You’ll definitely get what you want.


Writing a compelling headline doesn’t require you to be an expert wordsmith or a gifted poet.

Try these five headline writing exercises if you’re having trouble making your headlines clickable:

  • Consider the “why,” “list,” and “how-to” headline formats
  • List of 25 possible headlines
  • Using your audience’s keywords to generate headlines
  • The power of numbers in your headline
  • A headline that expresses emotion

Last but not least, make a habit of using Headline Analyzer Studio and the Headline Analyzer WordPress Plugin to create clickable WordPress headlines. Your audience will not be able to ignore your headlines once you use these tools.

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