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BizWalls- Responsive VOIP & Virtual Phone Business WordPress Theme Review

BizWalls-Responsive VOIP & Virtual Phone Business WordPress Theme

BizWalls is a premium theme that is fully responsive and is the first-ever Responsive VOIP & Virtual Phone Business WordPress theme in the market. It features a complete VOIP, Telecom, Cloud Service & Hosting Business service for the first time ever.

It has pre-integration of WHMCS into it to provide all the functionalities you need and also the compatibility of the WHMCS plugin to create the connection between WordPress and WHMCS for your customers.

It has everything for you and this theme can be an idol for you if you are thinking of a VOIP business. It gives you the power to your own hand to customize.

For the first time ever in any WordPress theme, it features VOIP Pricing Calculator and Virtual Phone Number Selling Form WordPress Plugins which are very unique and mind-blowing. It’s sure that you haven’t seen these features in any other themes.

The Virtual Phone Number Selling form is uniquely created by us and you can stop yourself from getting impressed with its special features.

With the help of this WordPress plugin, you can select any country from the list and any city within that country. Then you can select a number of that region and also you can choose how many minutes you want.

You can also choose where the incoming calls will get forwarded. These are the custom features created by us you have never heard of before!

Then comes the VOIP Pricing Calculator by which you will be able to calculate your call and SMS rates that easily! With the help of this theme, you will be able to select your country and your currency.

Then you will get a list of other countries and it will show you the call rate along with vat in your currency. There is also a search option by which you can specifically search any country you want.

You will be able to edit and update it by yourself whenever you want without having any coding knowledge. It supports all the latest cross-browsers and it has a ready translator which can easily translate for you.

Wonderful custom sliders, backgrounds, unlimited colors, etc. have made it very decorated and attractive. A powerful admin panel is also available by which you will have the overall control.

There are also some special and unique features like Pricing Tables, Special Promotion packages, Custom Banner Design, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and Unlimited Layouts with Custom designs.

So by the above discussion, you can easily find out that BizWalls is the one and only best theme for VOIP and Virtual Phone Business in the market right now!

The specialty of BizWalls and why it is Unique

  • VOIP Pricing Calculator and Call Rate List

It is our unique feature and with the help of the VOIP Pricing Calculator, you can check and calculate the price of your call rate in any currency.

  • Virtual Phone Number Selling Form

With this feature, you can buy any virtual number of any country and you can also choose where you want it to be forwarded.

  • Number Settings Back-end

It is also a special feature which you have never used before and with it, you can customize your number easily.

  • Pricing Table

In this section, you can choose your pricing plan from different packages within reasonable pricing.

  • App Versions

You can easily download and get our app versions either you are an Android user or iOS from Google Play and Apple App Store.

  • Special Product Promotion Package

You can get special packages of your choosing at a very reasonable price.

  • Custom Banner Design

Yes, you can find many awesome custom banners which will represent it according to your needs.

  • Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

In the FAQ section, you can ask any questions and our professionals will solve your problems as quickly as possible.

  • Clients Reviews or Testimonial

Here you can find the reviews from many satisfied customers and you can learn more about us.

  • Unlimited Layouts with Custom Design

We have built many custom layouts having unique custom designs which will let you have many options to use from.

Structure of BizWalls

Now let’s know about the structure of this product. It has the WordPress v4.9.x and WHMCS v7.5.1 ready and has the WHMCS template included in it.

It is a “Fully Responsive” theme and it is fully compatible with “WHMCS Bridge”. It also supports modern cross-browsers. The compatible browsers for this theme are IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge, etc. which means it supports maximum browsers which are currently popular.

HTML, CSS, and JQuery are the code behind the WHMCS v7.5.1. It supports high-resolution widgets and has responsive layouts.

It works with the latest WooCommerce3.3x and This is a 100% fully responsive WordPress theme that can be used from any device such as PC, mobile, tablet, It also supports 650+ Google Fonts and WordPress Custom Widgets.

Some of the other features it has – are custom meta box cmb2, error-free code, full-screen image background, free updates, Redux framework.

Features of BizWalls

  • One-click demo import:

There are pre-made websites from which you can import your favorite one with just a click and so you can build websites within seconds.

  • Powerful Admin Panel:

This theme has a strong admin panel and the Redux option makes the theme customizable for the user without any kind of coding and so the users don’t need to know coding to customize the admin panel.

  • Fully Customizable:

This product is built with BizLinks which makes it fully customizable without any kind of coding knowledge.

  • Contact 7 Form:

It supports contact 7 forms by which the user will be able to manage multiple contact forms in an easy and efficient way.

  • Responsive and Retina Ready:

This website will look great on pc as well as on a tablet or mobile device because of the responsive feature of BizLinks.

  • Custom Background:

You can create your own slider background by implementing any kind of videos, images, or any graphical content which will make it more attractive!

  • Unlimited Colors:

The color can be very easily and quickly changed and users can select it from a vast collection of colors.

  • Custom Sliders:

There are more than 5 custom sliders from which the users can select the one they like the most.

  • Custom Backgrounds:

Custom backgrounds can be built with the personal content of the users and can be added to any pages they want to.

  • Layouts Configurator:

Users can create their own layouts and use them on different pages which will make the page more responsive and good-looking.

  • Widgets:

There are different widgets already created by the developer and the user can just place them and build websites by their needs.

  • Translator Ready:

This theme includes POT files which make the website translatable into different other languages the user wants to.

  • Child Theme:

The child themes need not be created by the user because it is already included so they just need to install the child theme in the same process as the parent theme.

  • Lifetime Updates:

Users will get updates constantly because the product is evolving more and more to fulfill the customer needs perfectly.

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