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Top 6 Blogging Trends of 2022: Master the Skills and Be Successful

Top-6-Blogging-Trends-of-2022 Master the Skills and Be Successful

There is no doubt that blogging can be very successful in the world of content marketing. So, keeping yourself updated with the latest blogging trend of 2022 is a must. Moreover, if you own a WordPress website and searching for a theme for blogging, then you can take a look at ThemeLooks‘ themes that are affordable and user-friendly.

There are more than 409 million unique visitors to blogs each month, which leads to brand recognition, consumer trust, and increased profitability. Moreover, blogging leads to a 434 percent increase in pages indexed in search engines and a 93 percent increase in links indexed in search engines.

This makes your company more visible and gets you more repeat business. Can you ask for more?

Despite this, 8.2 million blog posts are published each month worldwide, and the talent pool only keeps expanding. To stay competitive with blogging trends and content marketing strategies, you need to stay on top of the latest trends.

Best 6 Blogging Trends of 2022 You Must Know

Here are the 6 hottest trends affecting blogging this year, along with some easy ways to incorporate them into your content marketing.

Visual Content is the #1 Blogging Trend

Female Hands Working With Analytics On A Mobile Phone.
Female working, hands holding a mobile phone. Mixed media and collage stock image. Different graphics and financial charts represent the economy.

It would be impossible to create a blogging trends list without mentioning the importance of visual content.

Visual content has become a crucial part of blogging. Research has shown that, even three days after viewing visual content, readers can still recollect 65 percent of what they saw.

This is great for the visibility and retention of your brand in the marketplace. 

The design and interactivity of blogs increase as they become longer and more detailed. With visual content, readers can scan through a text without having to read it from beginning to end.

Fewer than 16 percent of internet users read online articles word for word. Instead, they browse, searching for quick and relevant information.

Engage your readers and promote your content on various platforms if you want to keep them on your page. Simply by using visuals, you will make it easier for people to scan and remember your information.

Blogs with Visual Content

Content with images and videos breaks up long paragraphs of text and gives your audience a more engaging way to interact with your content.

When designing an engaging blog, stock imagery can still be useful. Even though it is always preferable to use original content, stock imagery is still useful when designing a blog. A display of your information through an infographic, for instance, will ensure readers can consume your information quickly without having to pore over the entire post.

Check out this infographic example from Oberlo.

A video post is also among the hottest blogging trends this year, and it provides readers with a more interactive way to engage with your posts.

Using video content on your blog is an excellent way to optimize your users’ time spent on your website. Wyzowl surveys found that most people watch 2.5 hours of video content daily.

Affiliate Marketing is the #2 Blogging Trend


Well, implementing affiliate marketing links into your blog content is also an important element in today’s blogging trends.

With affiliate marketing, you can earn additional revenue without promoting your own website.

An example might be hiring a blogger to write a review about your product if you run a B2C company. Afterward, you can offer their followers a discount if they purchase through that post.

Besides increasing sales, it also allows you to reach out to new audiences.

Affiliate marketers in the U.S. receive an average of $65,800 per year from blogs – more than 40 percent of all affiliate commissions. 

Affiliate marketing has become one of the biggest blog trends of the year. Nonetheless, how do you utilize this strategy effectively?

Blogs with Affiliate Marketing

If you are creating a blog, consider affiliate marketing techniques to be with the latest blogging trends of 2022.

Get in touch with the company you’re referring to and find out if they offer affiliate programs you can join. To find affiliate programs, simply type in product + “affiliate program” into Google.

If you want to sell a product well, it’s always best to go with something you know and love.

Having said that, no one loves reading sales pitches. To be a successful affiliate blog, you should use educational and informative content, as well as SEO and visual marketing strategies.

As for affiliate programs, you should also note that the FTC requires you to disclose them, which you can do by adding a simple byline to your blog post.

Critical Readers is the #3 Blogging Trend


It is becoming increasingly important for bloggers to include critical readers in their audience pools since the public perception of online content is changing.

Readers are less willing to trust unreliable content due to terms such as “fake news” and increased competition for content.

In today’s world, readers seek assurance that the content they read is accurate and fair. The citations, references, and statistics that support your claims will be expected. Likewise, don’t forget to take into consideration the range of readily available content online.

Brands and individuals are getting involved in blogging every year.

To stay competitive and boost your SEO, your content should be well-sourced and verified.

Writing for Critical Readers

Contents should be logical, high-quality, and truthful by using authoritative sources and consistent citations as well.

If you make baseless, unverified claims, you are likely to lose readers. In addition, bad sources can hold back the ranking of your website and make it look less authoritative.

In order to improve your credibility, follow these tips when writing for critical readers:

  • Be honest and use reputable sources to support your claims.
  • Include sources in footnotes or cite them with backlinks.
  • Avoid making claims that you cannot support.
  • Be careful not to overpromise.
  • Probably the most important thing to remember here is to avoid writing things that aren’t true or that can’t be verified with credible sources.

A lack of credibility can seriously hurt your business. Keeping informed and improving your brand integrity are good ways to get there.

Mobile-First Format is the #4 Blogging Trend


It’s common for blogging trends to come and go, but mobile-first formatting is still here to stay. Today, almost everyone reads online via their smartphones.

Remember, your consumers are constantly on the internet via their mobile phones, whether it is browsing news articles on Facebook or reading swipe-up blogs on Instagram.

However, any digital content you create, including your blog and website, must be mobile-friendly. It does not make sense to click on an article only to find it pixelated.

If your content isn’t mobile-friendly, readers may log off before they read it. According to Small Business Genius, consumers are 88% likely to abandon a website after experiencing a bad experience.

Write for Mobile First

You need to understand what your content will look like on a mobile screen when creating mobile-friendly content.

On a desktop screen, 1 sentence will look like a paragraph on a smartphone, and that is very obvious.

It is therefore extremely important to break up your paragraphs, use short sentences, and make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Several other things you should consider are:

  • Ensure your website is easy to navigate.
  • Ensure your content is easy to scan.
  • Ensure the page loads quickly.
  • Make the website mobile-responsive.
  • Do not wrap images in the text.
  • Always strive to write content that is simple, accurate, and concise in order to make it more mobile-friendly.

Estimated Reading Time is the #5 Blogging Tren


The estimated reading time of blogs is another common and most important theme.

By setting up readers’ expectations in advance, you can improve their engagement through estimated reading time.

You may decide to put off reading a particular blog until another time. For instance, if you have only 10 minutes before your next meeting, a blog that takes 15 minutes to read may be put off until then. In the same way, if an article is two minutes long, you may be tempted to open it right away because it is short and convenient.

A study by Tempesta found that blogs that included a reading time estimate were 40 percent more engaging for readers. Additionally, search engines consider estimated reading times when ranking your pages. You have a better chance of appearing authoritative to search engines if your visitors stay on your page for a longer period.

Estimated Reading Times in Blog Posts

A typical adult can read 200-250 words per minute. If your article has 200 or 250 words, divide that number by 200 or 250 to estimate how long it will take to read.

When estimating time, round up to the nearest minute. Estimate 2 minutes if your blog takes 1.7 minutes to read. Ultimately, you want your blog to meet your readers’ expectations and increase their likelihood of reading the whole thing.

To calculate your time, you can also make use of online calculators. For example, you can use Read-O-Meter or Decimal Time Calculator. Many web hosts, including WordPress, offer plugins that estimate the reading time.

TL;DR Summary is the #6 Blogging Trend


Blogs with “too long; didn’t read” summaries are among the latest blogging trends.

The TL;DR serves as a summary of your blog, containing the most important facts without urging your readers to skim or scan the entire post.

As global attention spans continue to drop, this point is vital when discussing blogging trends.

According to a Microsoft study, attention spans have been dwindling since 2000, with the average attention span being less than eight seconds.

In order to appeal to the new generation of online readers, start your blog with a TL;DR summary.

TL;DR summaries can also positively impact your SEO, as they answer questions for readers clearly and distinctly. For example, if a customer is looking for consulting services, they don’t want to read an entire post just to get to the recommendations at the bottom.

If you include your TL;DR at the top of your post, search engines can use that as the summary in search results as well (but there’s no guarantee that they will).

Answering user questions right off the bat can improve your ranking and get you more clicks.

Blog Posts with TL;DR

Your TL;DR should be the first thing your users see.

You can include this as a bulleted list or a paragraphed summary at the top of your blog post. Always have a catchy headline in your TL;DR to engage your reader and draw attention to your piece.

Similarly, your points should be succinct, clear, and short. Don’t write an entire essay in this space.

If you find a TL;DR formula that works for you, keep using it. Having a standardized format throughout your blogs will make your content consistent and reliable.

There are also online tools now offering TL;DR services. For example, TLDR claims to help you summarize an article in one click. You can also use TL; DR-ify for similar services.

ThemeLooks and Blogging Trends

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Blogging Trends: Over To You

Now that you are familiar with some of the latest and hottest blogging trends, what is your plan for implementing them now?

Most, if not all, of these blog trends should be incorporated into your content marketing strategy if your goal is SEO optimized.

Focus on visual content or mobile-first formats to improve your SEO.

Embracing each of these blogging trends can ultimately result in new success opportunities.

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