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Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

WordPress is world’s most popular content management system and this popularity continues to rise. The good thing about WordPress is that the platform has evolved into a very powerful web application.

The downside of this power is that WordPress requires a very streamlined hosting solution that provide ample resources for all the demands that WordPress based applications put on the hosting servers.

The 10 Point Checklist For Choosing A Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

Shared hosting is only good for small blogs that doesn’t require neither resources and management. However, if you have a corporate portals and web apps, you should opt for managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting is the ultimate solution for your WordPress blog or website because it covers all the aspects and requirements of a WordPress site. A managed WordPress hosting is tailormade for the CMS and makes the website fast, reliable and excellent in terms of performance.

Here are ten reasons why you should opt for a managed WordPress hosting.

The 10 Point Checklist – Optimum Performance

“This website is really slow, I am closing the tab”. No website owner wants to see this feedback.

A managed WordPress hosting has a dedicated environment for WordPress. This CMS centric environment ensures that the application performs exceedingly well. The backend services of a managed WordPress hosting incorporate server level caching that reduces the load time of a website.

Other than caching technologies, these hosting solutions have technologies that improve the overall website performance. These technologies include NGINX, Apache, and PHP-FPM.

The 10 Point Checklist – Always Got You Covered

“The customer service isn’t available right now, kindly wait”. Every customer hates this voice message!

Customer support is an important advantage of managed WordPress hosting. The support team consists of professional WordPress experts who understand application level issues and relevant fixes and solutions.  

This customer support is available 24×7 and the level of professionalism speaks for itself. This consistent professional support means that the customers do not have to worry about any glitches and you are free to experiment with your business model.

The 10 Point Checklist – Backup Assured!

“I have lost all my website’s data”. This is the worst nightmare of any WordPress user!

With managed WordPress hosting, you can always schedule backups for your website. In any way, there is always automatic backup system in place that ensures that every website hosted on the servers have a backup. The backups can be scheduled as hourly, daily or weekly and in most of the cases, this feature is free of cost.

The best advantage of backups, whether manual or automatic, is that in case of a disaster, recovery is just a few clicks away.

The 10 Point Checklist – In a Click

“A single click gets it done”. Such a delightful thing to hear, isn’t it?

The good majority of managed WordPress hosting providers have platforms that focus on minimizing the actions required for completing a task.

Whether it’s the upgrade of your WordPress app or server management tasks, managed hosting providers ensure that every action that you make requires only a single click. In many cases, enabling SSL certificates, migrating the application, enabling or disabling cache or databases, can all be done in a single click.

The 10 Point Checklist – User and Developer Friendly Platform

“You don’t have to be a technical geek to use a managed WordPress hosting platform”. Yes, it’s absolutely true!

Managed WordPress hosting providers design their platform for everyone including both lay users and developers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro or a beginner, you can always perform tasks on your WordPress website without worrying about technical issues.

In case of developers, these platforms prove to be very interesting as they offer a lot of developer specific options to play with. GitHub integration, SSH access, database access, etc are popular features offered by managed WordPress hosting providers.

The 10 Point Checklist – Keeping It Safe

“Your site has been compromised”. Gosh! This seems like a the end of the world!

Security concerns everyone and managed WordPress hosting providers are at the top of this trend.

The vast majority of managed hosting providers have malware protection and IDS installed at the backend of their platform. Firewalls, SSL Certificates, HTTP/2 and other services ensure that your WordPress app runs safely without any security threat.

In addition to these common security services, there is always a team of professional WordPress security experts who continuously keep their eyes on your servers and are ready to deal with any uncertain security situation.

The 10 Point Checklist – Scalable Resources

“This website is down, we are fixing it”. This is the most common customer service excuse!.

Managed WordPress hosting offer scalability of resources. This is the main reason why wordpress apps hosted on managed WordPress hosting solutions have little to no downtime ever.

The core resources of server such as RAM, storage space, CPU etc are scalable and can be increased according to the requirements. Some of the managed WordPress hosting providers like Cloudways provide auto-scalable infrastructures such as Kyup, that automatically increase server resources when it observes increased load.

The 10 Point Checklist – Choice of Infrastructures

“Let me pick the best option for me”. Oh well, choices are always good to have.

A big advantage of managed WordPress hosting is the variety of cloud infrastructures. Managed hosting providers have top notch hosting infrastructures including AWS, Google Cloud, Kyup, DigitalOcean, Vultr etc. You can always pick the one that best suits your server needs.

This range of choices enables you to select a hosting provider that meets your Web Hosting requirements in terms of server size, scalability, price, reliability etc.

Another major advantage is the availability of various data center locations. This means that you could host your website closest to your intended audience for minimum latency.

The 10 Point Checklist – Flexible Pricing

“Its affordable woah!”. An absolute treat for us.

Managed Hosting may appear a little costly but if you analyze the services these platform offers, the benefits outweigh the costs. All managed WordPress hosting providers have flexible pricing plans where you only have to pay for what you consumed.

The pricing depends on the server infrastructure you chose, the server size you picked and the scale of resources you use. Some of the managed cloud hosting providers such as Cloudways offer pay as you go price plans that is a great opportunity to save some bucks.

The 10 Point Checklist – No Additional Workforce

Since a managed WordPress hosting provider manages all your application and servers,  you don’t need to hire in-house experts to manage your servers and applications.

Every issue is resolved at the hosting provider’s end and a very competent support team is there to help you so that your website remains operational at all times.

Final Words

Now that you know why managed WordPress hosting should be preferred over any other web hosting service. You should experience it yourself by opting for a test server. You will discover that you have a very positive experience with Managed WordPress Hosting and would probably shift your WordPress powered app or website to its new home without delay!


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