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How to Monetize Your WordPress Blog: 5 Proven Methods

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Do you like to monetize your WordPress blog to earn more? If this is the case, you’re certainly in the right post. READ ON!

As we all know more or less, online money-making offers a variety of interesting opportunities. One of the opportunities is to monetize your WordPress blog to earn money from your writing.

Thus, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite blog monetizing methods with you in this article from our WordPress experts.

However, to make money from your blog regularly, you can use one of these methods. Monetizing your blog doesn’t require you to have 1000 subscribers or followers.

Beginning with your blog creation process is a good place to start the journey. Having said that, your blog can be an interesting source of income if you follow these below-proven tips.

Monetize Your WordPress Blog Through Affiliate Marketing


One of the most popular ways to make money with your blog is through affiliate marketing, according to our experts. Using it, you can advertise any company or individual’s products or services.

Moreover, in exchange for your sales, you will receive a commission on some of these products or services. Therefore, by using this method successfully, you can promote the right products on your blog and earn a good amount of money easily.

A Context-based Advertising Strategy


It is a good idea to consider this strategy if you have a large number of visitors to your blog. There are many programs available, one of which is Google Adsense, the popular and effective one.

How does this method work? As a participant in this program, you will receive money for displaying their ads on your site’s blog. To earn income with this program, you do not need to generate sales.

Simply put, by posting on your blog, you will earn a monthly income per thousand impressions, or RPM, and also for clicks.

Offering Any of Your Own Products or Services

Many of our clients are happy when their blogs allow them to sell products and services. Explicitly advertising your products and services on your blog is a great way to monetize them.

Your blog can generate 100% profit from sales if you do this program. This is one of the biggest benefits. The companies with which you split earnings do not charge you a fee.

Make Tutorials


If you wish to significantly increase your income, then this is another option for you. Depending on your area of specialization, you can sell your knowledge to potential clients, such as social media marketing, digital marketing, trading, and financial planning.

You should use your blog to promote your skills and knowledge, according to our experts. Making tutorials enhance the number of visitors to your blog site. Nowadays, people are attracted to video presentations rather than writing.

Create a Podcast of Your Own


In today’s world, podcasting is becoming increasingly popular. More than one million podcasters worldwide are active at the moment.

41% of the US population listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. It was estimated that in 2020, 37% of the US population older than 12 listened to a podcast on a monthly basis.

Moreover, a growing number of people are listening to podcasts from around the world nowadays. With some podcasts on your blog, you’ll be able to get traffic and potential leads within a short period of time.

Regularly posting podcasts will allow you to attract people from various countries, so you should do that. Podcasts are a great way to share your interests and skills.


Well, it’s a wrap! We hope this helped. Follow the guidelines and monetize your WordPress blog easily. Besides these opportunities, there are plenty more available today. So, you should discover how to monetize your blog site. Blogging may be quite beneficial, especially knowing how to use your site to its full potential.

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