How to Customize your WordPress Theme For 2021

How to Customize your WordPress Theme

How to Customize your WordPress Theme

WordPress is the most popular and commonly used platform for website creation and it is able to create modern websites of any type like personal websites or business websites with all the features and functionalities. The best part of WordPress is that it is free to use and it runs online which means you don’t need to set up anything on your desktop.

It is ready to use from anywhere if you have internet access.  It is a content management system and it is also open source. WordPress is free itself but there are thousands of premium themes for WordPress you can buy to get the user-interface or front-end styling of your WordPress website.

Customize your WordPress Theme are very necessary and can save a lot of effort as well as time of yours because including the overall front-end styling of your WordPress website; it also provides font styling, colors, widgets, multiple layouts or templates for pages, blog styles.


Customize your WordPress Theme


There are both the free and paid versions of the Premium WordPress theme available for you to use. The free themes are always best for beginners having a very limited budget to get started. But of course, they have limited functionality so you can choose a free WordPress theme and Customize your WordPress Theme. if you are planning to start a personal blog or if it doesn’t matter to you if it doesn’t have fancy designs and menus.

This means if a theme having just the basic functionalities is ok for you then you can choose a free WordPress theme.

But if you want your website to look unique and also to have many features and functionalities to impress your customer then you must choose a premium WordPress theme. Also, a free theme does not come with any support which means if you face any issues while using the theme, you have to fix the error for yourself.

But when it comes to the premium WordPress theme, you will get your support from professionals who will provide you the solution for any errors. So it is recommended for you to choose the best WordPress theme but in case you are a beginner and don’t need that many features and functionalities, you can go for a free WordPress theme.


Beginning with the Customization

Customize your WordPress Theme


To start customizing your WordPress, first from the WordPress dashboard, you have to go to the Appearance section in the menu and open the section. In that section, there are more subsections from which click Themes.

As soon as you do that, you will be redirected to the Themes page and from there you will find every available theme. The currently activated theme will be shown with a text saying active on the left side of the title. And on the right side, there will be a button named Customize.


Customize your WordPress Theme


Customizing the Themes

Customize your WordPress Theme


By clicking the customize button, you will be redirected to a page where you can find specific sections to choose from which you want to customize. And you will find each and everything to customize from header and footer to blogs, pages, and colors on the left-hand side. And on the right-hand side, the view of the customizations will be displayed.

For example, if you want to modify the header, simply go to the site identity section and you will be able to change the site title and tagline from here. An instant view of the changed title and tagline will be displayed for your better understanding. If you are satisfied with it, you can confirm it by pressing the Save & Publish button. And it will be saved to your WordPress.

By following the exact same process, you can customize any of the sections that are available. But unfortunately, old themes that don’t support the latest updates will not be able to offer you much when it comes to customizing. Depending on the plugins you have and your theme features, you will see more or fewer options of the left sidebar.

Adjusting the Colors

Customize your WordPress Theme


From the colors section of the customizer, it is possible for some of the Customize your WordPress Theme to customize their default colors used in the different sections. It can be done from the Colors section of the customizer.

Both the header text color and the background color are changeable to any custom colors or else you can select from the default colors which are pre-given.

Setting a Custom Background

Most WordPress themes come with a customizable background either setting custom colors or changing the entire background image.


Customize your WordPress Theme



There is a separate section for that which can be found in the customizer’s Background Image section and you will be given the option to upload the image from your hard disk and make it the background image of your Customize your WordPress Theme.

Thus by following these steps, you can easily customize your WordPress site from a to z like a pro.

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