Top 5 Best WordPress Plugins for Live Chat

Best WordPress Plugins for Live Chat

Customer support is a very important topic when it comes to WordPress because customer satisfaction is very much important in WordPress. We’ll come to know the best WordPress plugins for live chat in this post.

And there are usually many ways to provide support to your customers and different organizations use different support policies like providing support via direct phone conversation, emails, fax, etc.

But recently another approach is getting very popular in the customer support area which is via live chat. Because it is easy, fast, and hassle-free.

Top 5 Best WordPress Plugins for Live Chat

Anyone can just send a text in the live chat window right from the website and get their desired reply very fast. Here are some of the best WordPress live chat plugins you can check out to find the best match for you:

ZenDesk Chat

WordPress Plugins for Live Chat

ZenDesk is a live chatting service that can be used on websites, mobile and messaging platforms. And by using ZenDesk you can reach your customers, clients, or website visitors by making a conversation or live chat with them.

It is one of the most popular live chat widgets which is available to WordPress users. The dedicated WordPress plugin of Zendesk which is available for free makes it very easy to install and integrate with your WordPress website. It has very stylish, beautiful, and customizable layouts and themes for its chat boxes.

There is a Dashboard of Zendesk from which you can respond to the messages from your visitors by simply accessing it. A dedicated app for android os and iOS can be installed too. And with the help of those apps, it will be possible to use them from a mobile device.

With the vital metrics of the dashboard, it is possible to review chat performance, track chat history, and visitors. So Zendesk is best for you if you are interested in professional-looking chat boxes.


WordPress Plugins for Live Chat

Formilla is a real-time live chat plugin for your WordPress website which offers both free and premium services and it allows you to chat with your visitors instantly.

It is very simple to set up your website because Formilla has an out-of-the-box live chat web interface and with that, you can start to have online chat immediately.

After installing, the live chat button will appear on your WordPress website and by clicking that button you can your online live chat instantly. Formilla android and iOS apps are also available to chat from your mobile device or tablet.

You just need to simply install the app and log in to your account to chat with your customers from anywhere. Formilla is designed responsively which makes it possible for you to interact with your customers from any device.

Another impressive feature of this plugin is that it has real-time visitor tracking which will help you to keep a record of the activities of visitors to your website. The language support option makes this software compatible with any language.

WP Live Chat Support

WordPress Plugins for Live Chat

WP live chat plugin is one of the best free plugins to chat live with your website visitors. So it is very perfect for beginners and small businesses because it is cost-effective and it is not necessary to pay for a live chat in order to chat or keep a track of your website visitors.

By using WP Live Chat Support, you can easily increase your conversion rates by directly making a conversation with your visitors. That is why it is the most popular live chat plugin for WordPress having all the functionalities to make a live chat and keep track of your visitors. It’s easy to use and a very simple user interface is good for both the admin and the visitor.

All the text fields on the live chat box are completely editable and users will be able to drag and move their chat box to any location on their website.

The color of the chatbox is also changeable so you can change it to any color that you want. The admin chat dashboard is fully responsive so it can be used from mobile devices or tablets too.

Even offline messages are stored for you when live chat is switched off. It includes about six different live chatbox themes to choose from.

Live Chat – WP live Chat Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Plugins for Live Chat

Live chat is a plugin for your WordPress website which makes it easier, quicker, and simple to chat with your website visitors, customers, or clients for the purpose of providing support.

It allows making instant conversation from your website with the on-site visitors. It is a fully functional live chat plugin having the full features and functionalities of a live chat widget which will help you greatly to stay connected with your customers and provide them with strong support.

It will obviously help you to increase your sales by staying connected with them.

It is the best cost-efficient live chat plugin solution for your WordPress website. It will surely impress its users with its nice chat box at the very bottom of the page.

The box always remains within your reach and opens instantly with just a click of your mouse. After completing the conversation, there is also an option for the customers to leave their feedback and rate their chat experience with the admin.

Pure Chat

WordPress Plugins for Live Chat

Pure Chat is a WordPress plugin that is 100% free and it is not just a plugin for live chat but also there are more features and offers with it which will impress you surely.

You will get to chat unlimited and you will also get unlimited users for free. With this truly free chat plugin for WordPress, you will be able to customize widgets, history of the transcript, triggers, email forms, etc along with living chatting.

Real-time analytics, visitor tracking, and contract tracking features are also some of the exciting features you will get with this live chat plugin. It can be easily integrated with your WordPress website and you will be able to chat instantly with your visitors.

That is why this plugin will help you to improve your support by instantly talking to customers if they are having any kind of issues. and your customers will also be very satisfied by the support they will get. So it is a plugin that is very effective for both the page admin and the page visitors.

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