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Best VPN WordPress Themes for 2022: The Ultimate Undiscovered List


Are you searching for the most effective VPN WordPress themes in the market at this moment? Well, you’re certainly at the right post.

A VPN, or virtual private network, lets users access their private network through a public network. Users can send and receive data through shared or public networks by using VPN as if their computers were directly connected to the private network. 

Nowadays, people value their privacy, and VPN services can assist in achieving this goal.

For a VPN service, however, you’ll probably need the right VPN WordPress themes to take care of things on the backend. That’s where you need a list to choose the perfect one for your site.

To the entire article, you’ll walk through a list of WordPress VPN themes with their pros and cons. And, the decision will be yours at last.

First Things First, What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides an extra layer of security between public and private networks, helping users protect their browsing data. A VPN makes it possible to remain anonymous online while protecting your identity.

Why Do You Need VPN? Remember, Everything has a Purpose in this World

While browsing the internet in public or using a general WiFi connection, hackers may get access to your passwords, browsing information, personal information, credit card details, email accounts, etc. It’s easy to misuse this information and you’ll have problems later on.

On top of that, your WordPress blog, your social channels, and more can be hacked through malware installed by hackers. This is very distressful for a common user for sure. It’s not just public WiFi that causes nightmares, but any internet connection.

Using a VPN allows you to access multiple IP addresses while encrypting your information. You can also use it to access country-specific content on sites like Netflix that restrict access to in-country content.

A VPN can keep your WordPress website secure under multiple layers of protection. In this way, hackers won’t be able to take advantage of you. For WordPress sites, SSL is also recommended. SSL and VPN together can be a good investment when it comes to protecting your WordPress site. And the best VPN WordPress themes can help you out to great extent.

Best VPN WordPress Themes: The Ultimate List for 2022

Here is our selection of the best VPN WordPress themes that we think to provide a great platform for this kind of service. Importantly, they’re packed with features and extremely easy to customize, and all of these themes are highly adaptable and easy to manage. 

There is no question that the themes in this collection will be the strongest options for setting up a VPN service for you. Well, let’s dive into the list without any further discussion.



DPVN is one of the best VPN WordPress themes on ThemeForest for businesses that offer cloud services. 

It’s designed for all kinds of VPN services, cloud computing services, IP security, and tech companies, as well as domain sales and hosting companies.

There are a huge amount of features in this theme, all of which are based on the Elementor page builder, allowing you to control the layout to the maximum.

There is no question that this is the top VPN WordPress theme on Theme Forest. Considering the large number of options available, it’s not surprising that this is happening. 

In order to accept online payments for your services, DVPN fully supports WooCommerce. The developer believes the code is clear, straightforward and should give you a big boost in search engine results. 

This theme features fancy pricing tables as well as the option to display various prices for various services. Whatever it is, it could be a different server configuration, different hosting packages, or different levels of VPN service. 

Another great feature is the blog feature which means you can blog about your favorite VPN providers, even if they don’t provide them themselves.



Kripdom is the kind of responsive WordPress theme that works just as well for VPN service providers as it does for web hosting companies. 

As a responsive theme, this design is perfect for just about any type of business, including hosting companies, domain resellers, VPN services, and much more. 

There’s no doubt this is a great choice for any high-tech product, and it’s certainly worth checking out. 

A custom WHMCS template is included which is based on WHMCS v8.1.x to use separately. Among many VPN WordPress themes, this one would be perfect for your business.

It also includes an attractive pricing table that shows prices for different configurations and packages of hosting.

In addition, if you are wanting to construct a hosting website, a technology blog, an eCommerce website, or a software review site, Hosting Business Technology WP Theme is a perfect choice.



Hosbit is an excellent VPN WordPress theme for establishing a web host or VPN service. The theme is beautiful, modern, and incredibly functional. Upon setting up a VPN service website, it does all of the hard work for you.

When it comes to anything that concerns the high-tech industry, this theme has a lot to offer. You can use it as a cloud services page, to advertise mobile apps, build hosting websites, VoIP portals, and much more. 

All the elements are fully responsive, so everything looks great on all devices. This theme is highly adaptable and comes with the Elementor Page Builder, which has been downloaded over 3 million times worldwide.

This theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce and it’s built on the Redux framework for complete control over every component of your website’s style.

Besides providing outstanding support, the developer has also crafted a robust collection of documentation that can be a great help in setting up your website.



Singara offers multifunctional hosting with WHMCS support so you can provide a domain registration service and a web hosting platform to your customers. 

Furthermore, it is versatile enough to be used as a strong VPN provider. With an excellent design and lots of features, it is perfect for any website. This is why it’s a reliable choice for anything high-tech.

So, when you are searching for user-friendly VPN WordPress themes for this type of business, you will definitely want to take a closer look at what this WordPress theme offers.



A multipurpose WordPress theme, Techland suits high-tech websites of all kinds. With eight different landing pages and more than 100 different user interface elements, this theme can be adapted to numerous different situations

It is ideally suited to companies offering digital marketing services, SaaS applications, search engine optimization, and VPNs. This is the perfect way to kickstart your business and start looking good right away. TechLand is undoubtedly considered one of the best VPN WordPress themes in the market right now.



With WHMCS integration, BizDrone is a WordPress theme designed for IPO and cryptocurrency landing pages. With this theme, you are able to easily build and manage a VPN service very easily. 

Moreover, you can easily customize your site by dragging and dropping content blocks wherever you like them with this theme powered by WP Bakery Page Builder. 

The developer keeps adding new styles and new looks so that everyone will be satisfied, which is why this application includes a variety of homepages. There are several more versions on the way.



The following theme is a great choice for anything related to IT solutions, though it’s a general-purpose theme. A VPN service could be well showcased with this theme. All of these will be available in Mitech, one of the finest VPN WordPress themes.

Obviously, you must dig into this theme’s features a little deeper to determine for certain. Having said this, let’s take a closer look at this template and see if it really can be used for VPN services websites.

Managing any kind of professional tech or software business is a major challenge. It is no small task to set up your website in the proper manner. 

This is why it’s a great idea to choose a theme that’s easy to set up and has lots of features. And, Mitech possesses those features for you. 

If you are a creative company that wants to set up VPN services, or you want to develop desktop and mobile apps, software services, business products, or other kinds of digital stuff, then this theme is for you.

The theme comes with eight different homepage designs, nine separate layouts for tech case studies, full WooCommerce support, a bunch of different headers, blog designs, and it is fully and universally translated. 

The theme’s features are rich, the pages load fast, everything is indexed by search engines, and the documentation and support are excellent. It’s a great pick for any technology-related website, even for VPN services.



Osterisk is a great WordPress theme for VoIP and cloud services as well as setting up VPNs. You only need a few of these elements to design a digital strategy that is highly adaptable and can be applied to almost any type of business model. 

It is possible to fully control your website’s layout and all its features with the WP Bakery Page Builder. You cannot overlook the important aspect of accepting payments with WooCommerce in this WordPress theme.

Wrapping Up

It’s a wrap. The best VPN WordPress themes have been explained, now the decision is yours which one you’ll go with. Evidently, the above-listed WordPress themes are truly worthwhile for setting up your VPN services.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you give away so much information about yourself in the virtual world on a daily basis that you rarely consider security risks. 

So, you can add security to your workflow and keep your information safe as a WordPress user (and administrator, designer, or developer) by choosing one of the VPN WordPress themes above.

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