Pay Per Click Google Ads Management Service

Google Ads Management Service

Want more traffic, views and sales? The Pay Per Click Service of ThemeLooks is the perfect solution you will ever need!

What is PPC & how does it work?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an online advertising service which is designed to generate traffic to websites. It works in such a way where the publisher publishes ads for the advertiser in the search engine, inside websites or social media. And clicking those ads will redirect any user to the advertiser’s website. For this, the advertiser pays a fixed amount to a publisher every time the ad is clicked. The advertisers select the keywords which are relevant to their business or market and whenever the users search topic matches those keywords, the advertisements are shown right on the top of the search results. It increases the chance of getting more traffic, views or sales. So if the main purpose of the advertiser is to direct traffic to his/her destination website, then it is considered as the most effective method.

The majority of the population depends on the online stores rather than visiting them physically. That’s why the importance of the PPC is on the rise. It is also very comfortable for both the users and the advertisers to get interact with each other. It will give you a spot at the top of the search engine giants like the Google and Bing in a very cost effective manner. And that will increase the percentage of getting your product sold as well as getting more traffic.

So without PPC Management, it may be very expensive for you to do the marketing of your product.


What we are offering with our PPC Management & Advertising Services

PPC advertising is an effective and cost efficient way to lead your sales and increase your traffic. Our PPC management & advertising services can help you in many ways such as:

  • Getting your brand, website or product in front of the desired customers or visitors to get a jump start in your business.
  • Selecting the right keywords to increase the chance of getting visited more.
  • Providing solutions for any types of ecommerce and international businesses.


ThemeLooks PPC Service is capable of:

  • Making a better search marketing by managing the keywords and eliminating unprofessional or weak key phrases and including highly effective keywords.
  • To achieve the goal of reaching to large audiences using display advertising and recovering lost visitors by implementing great marketing strategies.
  • Writing your ads carefully to make it as professional as possible and gain more attraction.
  • ThemeLooks PPC Service is capable of Social Media Advertising which means targeting audiences on all major social media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more!
  • Building attractive landing pages is pretty important because the visitors will be interacted to a landing page firstly and ThemeLooks PPC service includes that.
  • Any kinds of troubleshooting and identifying any types off issues regarding PPC advertising.

PPC Management Services Consists of:

PPC Management services include:

  • Creating & setting up the campaign strategy.
  • Targeting related audience by researching on their behavior over the internet.
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research and Analysis.
  • Continuous creative ad development and testing
  • Ad designing
  • Bid management & ROI tracking
  • Campaign management & Performance


PPC Evaluation

If you already have a running PPC service which you would like to evaluate, then our team is here to do the job for you. We will review as well as recommend you creative advertisements. Also we’ll review your PPC analytics and will ensure you proper guidance to reach your desired goal in no time.


Pay Per Click Management and Search Engine Optimization

With effective SEO optimization you will have more control over your PPC handling. You will get the benefit to have your SEO ready content including the phrases and keywords which are important in the search engine.  We all know that a new website usually takes a lot of time to get a good ranking, but with the help of PPC and Search Engine Optimization anyone can get traffic almost instantly. That will rank your website top in the search engine within a very short period of time. So it will improve the performance as well as the rank of your website in the search engines.

If you want more information about the Pay Per Click advertising service then feel free to contact us and we’ll respond to you with all the necessary information that you need.

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