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Clipping Path & Photo or Image Editing Outsourcing Service

Clipping path is a basic feature of the Adobe Photoshop and it can be used to cut out and separate the background from the subject of an image. To give your images a fully professional look, ThemeLooks offers clipping path services.

The Photoshop clipping path is very much appreciated in the sector of graphics design image editing service because it is one of the core features of image editing. It is also one of the most important methods when it comes to image background removal. Clipping path can be used in many other image related services like the Image Masking Service, Ghost Mannequin Service, Image Retouching Service etc. It is done with the Photoshop pen tool and that’s why it is sometimes also called the image cutout service. With only the help of the pen tool, the whole procedure of the clipping path is done. Our team of professionals works round the clock with the clipping path service according to the requirements of the client. So we are the best to fulfill all the requirements of the client as well as delivering them quality products.

If you use any picture for a specific purpose, you must make sure that there are no unwanted elements in the image or in the background. So ThemeLooks offer the photo clipping path service to cut out the unnecessary areas or even the background of the image. And it will focus the image in the best possible way. The image will be represented to the customers without any unnecessary elements and that will increase the possibility to convince them more. Using the advanced tools and techniques, the sharpness of the image will increase as well as the unnecessary parts of the image will be removed.

The clipped photos help to catch the attention of the customers greatly. It is like you are speaking with your customers with the help of the images. Our experts have experience in cropping images sharply and by each pixel which are sure to attract your customers and make them buy your products.

The use of these services is to remove or cut out the unusual background or part of the photograph.

We are known for the below services of clipping path to satisfy the customer the most:

  • Clipping Path with White Background
  • Clipping Path with transparent background
  • Custom Image as Background
  • Clipping Path transparent background with colored layers
  • Color Correction


Our Clipping Path Services includes

Image Masking

At ThemeLooks, the image editors’ work round the clock and they are highly confident to carry out all types of image masking and related activities, no matter how complex the task is.

Sometimes, there are really complicated photos to work with. They may have different bends or small elements to work with. In such situations, it’s practically difficult to apply clipping path to those elements. But because of having worked on multifarious photos, we can identify such photos quickly. By using our experience and making strategic use of advanced Photoshop tools for creating an appropriate image masking, we proceed with the activity of beautifying the concerned image.

Image Background Removal

Removing image background is not that easy how you think. Cropping different small elements and making an image professional has to be done by experts to make the image transparent. We have trained our professionals and made them expert in these criteria. By all possible means, we make the image look real without even leaving any clues that it has been edited.

The professional designers of us work on your images to make your images as attractive as possible. We also make the images clear and of great quality. In the background enhancement process, we either remove the background completely or remove other unwanted elements. They can be anything like vehicles, dark spots, and third-party subjects and retouch them.

Shadow Creation

Shadows are very important in images and they play a very important role to make the image look more real and convincing. Our graphic designers have mastered applying the right drop shadow effects on images after removing their background.  Our experts use the drop shadows for enhancing the overall appearance of your images. The subjects appear more three dimensional and our team is experienced with the drop shadow effects.


Why choose our clipping path services?

ThemeLooks is well known for offering quality clipping path services. Every step is executed with utmost perfection to bring out the best in the images. Tools used are the Magnetic Lasso Tool, Background Eraser Tool, and Channel Mask. Both single layer and multi-layer clipping paths are handled by our experts.

Right from professional photographers to studios, ecommerce companies, magazine publishers, advertising agencies, press, and others use our highly skilled image editing services.

We have been successfully fulfilling the demands of our clients by offering professional Photoshop services like clipping path, removal of image background, image masking etc. Our support system is well defined for preprocessing, during process and post process which ensures continuous support to our customers.

Based on the complexity of the image, our services are segregated into three levels i.e) simple, moderate and complex.


Categories of images we Support

  • Furniture Images: Our image editing experts are experienced to create awesome furniture images with stunning effects which makes them very professional.
  • Product Images: Our team of professionals is experienced in creating awesome product images for any e-commerce store including many effects.
  • Jewelry Images: We use clipping path techniques to make the jewelry look really attractive and we also use different types of effects to enhance the beauty of the jewelry.
  • Real Estate Images: Our image clipping service will make your real estate photos look very professional and we are experienced to remove any types of background elements to make your real estate images look really good.
  • Automobile Images: Our photo editing team highlights and showcases the automobile features by enhancing their beauty and removing any types of distortions in the background.
  • Fashion Images: Our team is expert in enhancing the fashion images by using various techniques like photo background editing, color/contrast correction, adding a white background, etc.



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