Order Invoice Printing for WooCommerce with WooPrintInvoice

Order Invoice Printing for WooCommerce with WooPrintInvoice

WooPrintInvoice – Order Invoice Printing for WooCommerce is a WooCommerce add-on that allows administrators and customers to print order invoices. However, a normal Printer and a Thermal/Receipt Printer are two types o invoice printing options available here.

You can add and change your company name, logo, address, and invoice footer text, among other edits. The plugin uses WooCommerce’s default content. If the content isn’t available in WooCommerce by default or comes from a 3rd party plugin, it will neither be in the invoice.

So, if you have any queries to understand anything, you can contact us to customize the plugin based on your needs. Our Well-Sorted Online Documentation makes it easy to install and configure this plugin.

Order Invoice Printing for WooCommerce

WooPrintInvoice by ThemeLooks is a perfect order invoice printing add-on for your WooCommerce store. You can easily manage your order invoice printing with this add-on. Therefore, printing is very easy to do. You don’t need to know or learn huge things to be able to print the invoices with WooCommerce.

There are plenty of extraordinary features WooPrintInvoice contains, and among them, below are some of the effective and profound ones.

Nice and Tidy Invoice

The below-attached image is a demo of how the invoice will look with WooPrintInvoice. All the information will be on your invoice- Order details, Billing information, Item Details, Price details, etc. By clicking Print Invoice from the top right corner of the page, your invoice will start printing on your printer.

WooPrintInvoice Nice and Tidy Order Invoice Printing

However, 2 setting options exist in WooPrintInvoice – General Settings and Invoice Settings. Each section has its features and functionalities. Let’s start with how you can check and set everything up to have a smooth invoice order printing experience with your WooCommerce store.

1. General Settings of WooPrintInvoice

Invoice Print Button Everywhere for You

Once you check-boxed your general settings, you can print the invoice from several pages- WooCommerce>Orders, WooCommerce>Order, My Account>Details, My Account>Orders. You’ll be just a click away from printing your invoices from these pages.

Order Invoice Printing

Invoice Print Link to Admin and Customer Email

If you check-boxed the below-marked two sections, you’ll get an invoice print link to your email. No matter who you are- you can be a customer or an admin. Both individuals could have an email with the invoice print link.

Order Invoice Printing

Invoice Settings of WooPrintInvoice

Well, in the invoice settings section, there are many things you can set up. Such as, you can choose invoice type, Thermal invoice width (if you choose a thermal printer to print), logo upload, Invoice header restaurant name, Invoice header restaurant address, and Invoice footer text.

Invoice Type

There are 2 options available for you in the invoice type dropdown. Either you can go with Normal Printer or a Thermal/Receipt Printer. So, the choice is yours with which one you wish to have your invoice printed eventually.

Order Invoice Printing

Logo Upload

Normally every company owns a logo of its own, right? And an invoice is not complete without having the company’s logo on it. So, make a one and upload the link to the WooPrintInvoice.

Other Things of Invoice Settings

The invoice’s header and footer text are the vitals to make invoices more attractive to the customers. Most of the time, these texts engage the customer’s attention.

View and Print Invoice from Admin Dashboard

Order invoice printing for WooCommerce can be managed through the admin dashboard. You can view the invoice or print the invoice from the dashboard.

Order Invoice Printing

Final Words

Printing invoices in bulk can be a hassle when managing a WooCommerce store, especially because there are no out-of-the-box solutions available. But having WooPrintInvoice on your WooCommerce site can make things easier than ever.
However, if you are looking for more advanced options, there are ample premium choices. So, get the WooPrintInvoice now, and manage your WooCommerce business effectively. Moreover, if you’re looking for a WooCommerce plugin for delivery and pick-up date-time, check this out.
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