WordPress Migration / Domain Change / Cloning / Transferring Website Services

WordPress Migration / Domain Change / Cloning / Transferring Website Services. If you are planning to migrate your website from one server to another or from one domain to another domain or to create a clone of your existing website, we can help you with all of these. Everything in your old settings will work exactly the same in the newly developed website and we’ll make sure about that. We can also help you with:

-Installing WordPress

-ThemeForest Theme Installation

-Setting up content following the requirements in the documentation

-Setting up the required plugins provided with the theme

-Very quick response time

-Very safe, secured & Profitable service

To make you clear, this service doesn’t include fixing bugs containing in the old website. If the structure of your new theme setup doesn’t match the previous one, then some of the contents may not be displayed in the new theme. For example, the header, footer this type of fixed fields will appear the same as they are on the old theme but there may be fields like the blog address or blog location which may not appear in the new one if they are not in the structure. This service also doesn’t include replacing or rearranging the demo contents with your real content. To keep your existing content, it is wise to setup in staging website first. That will not affect your live website while development and in cases something goes wrong, the original live website will be your backup. Please make two separate orders if you need both migration and also WordPress theme setup. It doesn’t include setting up email for migration. Please contact with your hosting support for moving email server. You cannot host custom made themes in wordpress.com, it can be hosted only in self-hosting. If you need WHMCS installation, that will be a separate service.

Please keep in mind that any details that have not been mentioned in the primary brief will be excluded from the existing project and those things will be considered as elements of a separate project. And to let you know that after we deliver you the project, if errors occur due to changes that have not been made by our team, will not be considered our responsibility.


Briefing Details

We may need you to provide:

-A total briefing of the whole work process.

-Admin login access of WordPress old and new website.

-Database and FTP login details for old and new website.

-Purchase code of Themeforest.


To help us making the development process very fast, please consider delivering as much information as possible and also don’t forget to share your time-frame.

If you are fully satisfied with our work, do us a favor by clicking the “heart” icon which is located on the right sidebar of this page so that you can easily find us whenever you want to in your favorite list.

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