Enter Addons Is an Honorable Monster’s Award 2023 Nominee!


Hello there! We are here to share exciting news with the whole WordPress community. Monster’s Award 2023 is here to celebrate the best WordPress creators who make this sphere better. In other words, TemplateMonster is calling all the incredible contributors who do their utmost to develop this industry. This year, it is all about people who work in different WordPress niches. You may be a plugin developer, a creative designer, or a video tutorial guru. The award will find a proper category for you.

For this reason, we are honored to tell you that Monster’s Award 2023 has recognized Enter Addons too. Our team is a nominee in the Best Elementor Plugins. Why is it worth choosing our product and voting for us? Let us get familiar with all the reasons.

Monster’s Award 2023

  1. To begin with, it is a valuable tool that will help people who have an interest in enhancing their website-building experience with WordPress and Elementor.
  2. Our all-in-one Elementor toolkit is ready to open the world of innovative design possibilities.
  3. You will be ready to work with 80+ advanced widgets and 130+ pre-made templates. All of these are highly customizable and visually appealing. So, you will not only speed up your workflow but provide people with an engaging website appearance.
  4. In addition to this, you have a chance to work with 500+ section blocks. Using these pre-built elements, you can experience a drag-and-drop experience and personalize all the elements in a few clicks.
  5. Without a doubt, it has a wonderful Header Footer Builder. You will be ready to generate header and footer designs. Code also enables you to add unique CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code to your website’s header and footer.
  6. Another advantage of Enter Addons is a maintenance mode. You are free to place the site in maintenance mode for a brief period. In this case, you can do updates, maintenance, and other important duties. People who visit your online project will know that it is under maintenance, thanks to a special notice advising them to return later.
  7. It is impossible to forget about an image compressor. It is an instrument that reduces an image’s file size while preserving its quality. With this marvelous tool, it will be easier to make your pages load quicker.
  8. Other useful functions include Wepb Converter, URL shortener, accessibilities, section nesting, CSS transform effects, and floating animation effects.


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