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How to Create an Efficient WordPress Website in Just 6 Steps

How to Create an WordPress Website

How to Create an Efficient WordPress Website in Just 6 Steps

check out this post on “How to Create an WordPress Website in Just 6 Steps”. buy before that you need to know this that Many people get the jitters when it comes to creating their own website. It’s always easy to let someone else do the job. When such thoughts come to your mind, you have to remember that no one can do the job better than you can since only you know what your perfect website should be like.

At the same time, paying someone else money to do something you can perfectly accomplish on your own is a simple waste of funds. If you are brave enough to spend a few minutes reading this step-by-step guide to creating a WordPress website, you can enjoy the results in just a few hours.

WordPress is a CMS created specifically for an average user who doesn’t have any experience with website building. Meanwhile, it offers many interesting options for professional website creators. No matter which one of them you are, you can benefit from the below tips and tricks. Let’s take a look.

How to Create an WordPress Website in Just 6 Steps


Create an WordPress Website
  1. Choose Your Domain Name and Hosting

This step is the fun part. You get to choose the name for your website. While you might be tempted to come up with something complicated that seems attractive to you, there are some guidelines you should follow when choosing the perfect domain name.

Most of the time, a single service provides you with an opportunity to choose hosting and a domain name. This is a convenient option, but it’s not always the safest one. If you have time, try to buy hosting and domain name from different providers. This way, if the hosting is hacked, the conmen can’t steal your domain name.

Domain names and hosting are usually fairly priced. The longer you purchase them for, the lower the price is. Make sure you activate an automatic reminder, which will keep you posted about the next payment. If you forget to pay, your website will stop functioning.

If you want to protect the uniqueness of your domain name, consider buying all the top-level domains as well, such as .net, .info, and .org.

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  1. Installing WordPress

The installation is fairly easy. If you chose managed WordPress hosting (which is a costly option, not always recommended for newbies), then all you have to do is fill out a form. If you have a shared hosting (a recommended option for new website builders), then you can choose a one-click or manual installation. Both of these options are fine.

Manual installation is not complicated and allows you to choose the most suitable options. Don’t be afraid of going through the manual installation. All the choice you need to make are straightforward.

Create an WordPress Website
  1. Choose a Theme

When you are starting out with choosing a theme, you face a huge variety of options. Instead of getting lost and giving up, all you have to do is spend a few minutes to compartmentalize.

Since all the WordPress themes are created for the general public, it’s impossible to choose the perfect option. Get ready to be dissatisfied with 10 – 15 % of the theme. This is the price you pay for the free software. A perfect theme can only be created “from scratch” by a professional website builder.

You can get your theme close to perfect by playing around with settings and installing the right plugins.  Here are a few tricks you should follow when choosing the perfect theme:

Before making the final choice, go through the reviews. They can help you evaluate the pros and cons of each theme.
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Create an WordPress Website


  1. Choose the Plugins

Plugins are what makes your site unique and versatile. Here are a few simple steps to help you choose the plugins for your theme.

  1. Use Google search

The internal WordPress search lacks quality and won’t always help you find the right plugin. Enter whatever you need into Google search such as: “kids clothing store WordPress plugin” and you’ll get a good list to start from.

  1. Look At The Origin

All free WordPress plugins must come from the website. Don’t get them from any other sites or you can end up with old and useless software or malware.

  1. Go Through A Checklist

A high-quality plugin in should:


  1. Know when to stop

The more plugins you use, the closer to perfect your theme can be. However, overdoing the number of plugins can lead to errors. Remember, not all plugins are compatible with each other.


  1. Secure Your Website

Once you are done with themes and plugin setups, make a short review of the security issues. Most of the hackers don’t go too far to ruin your website. They search for simple passwords and loopholes in the software. That is why you must make sure that all the themes and plugins are updated on a regular basis. Meanwhile, keep the passwords complicated and change them every couple of months.


  1. Create The Most Important Pages

Once the website is built and secured, you need to pay special attention to the content. Here are a few tips for the beginners.

Useful and engaging content is the key to the success of your website. Even if you have something as straightforward as an e-store, you still have to work on keeping the information interesting by adding a blog or a news section. While building a website on your own is fairly simple, creating the right content is a more difficult task that might require you to hire professional assistance.


The best way to create an WordPress website is to start doing it immediately. If you have a computer, Internet connection, and a few bucks for domain and hosting, you’ve got what it takes to create a great website for your needs. Go for it!


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