Block the spam from to secure your website

block referral spam from Google Analytics

Google Analytics traffic spam has been sent from in the last few days. It is causing our customers much trouble because of this unexpected spamming. This is a thing to worry about for many of you and you may be searching for a trusted solution. So many of you are wondering how to actually block the traffic spam from Today I am going to show that step by step.

How to block Google Analytics spam from

You have to follow these steps to block

  1. Open the “Admin” section in Google Analytics and go to “View” which is on the right column and select “Filters”.
  2. Next, click on the “+ADD FILTER” button and you’ll be given a field to add a filter.
  3. Then enter a filter name that you want to block. For Example, to block enter “block 17-reasons-for-SEO”.
  4. Select the “Custom” option from the “Filter Type”.
  5. After that, select the “Exclude” radio option. Then a popup screen will appear which is the “Filter Field” and you can select “Campaign Source” from there. Enter the domain in the “Filter Pattern”. In this case, the domain is “”.
  6. You can also filter multiple domains at the same time. And to do so, just put a “|” between the domains. For example “||”.
  7. To save this filter simply scroll down and click on the “Save” button.

So the filter will be applied to Google Analytics and the data that has been captured. You can also verify if your filter is working or not by clicking the “Verify this filter” link whenever you edit or create the filter.

Allow only a specific and valid hostname as a filter in Google Analytics

It is also possible to allow only valid hostnames to your Google Analytics data. By creating a filter this can be done. The filter uses a regex to check the validity of the domain.

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