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80+ WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts: Most Useful and Time-Saving


Using keyboard shortcuts is always time-saving for any kind of work. Do you know that there are a bunch of WordPress keyboard shortcuts available for you which can speed up your work?

For instance, suppose you’re a regular blogger on WordPress and used to write a lot. So, using WordPress keyboard shortcuts, you can complete your writing ASAP. Or, to boost the productivity of managing your WordPress site, keyboard shortcuts can play a vital role.

In the entire post, you’ll walk through with us to know how you can save your time by using WordPress keyboard shortcuts in different situations. These shortcuts could be the most useful ones for you. Don’t skip a word till the post ends.

However, you’ll get an extra here, which is, you’ll get to know about the Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts too. So, let’s dive into the main business.

💥Speed and Efficiency with WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

WordPress is a popular website builder and blogging platform that comes with a robust content editor.

Besides text and images, you can also add audio, videos, audio files, etc. to your site with the content editor. Depending on the type of content, you can also customize its formatting.

These formatting and styling buttons on the editor are often accessed by beginners using their mouse. However, you can edit your posts faster and rest your hands on the keyboard with WordPress keyboard shortcuts.

You can use WordPress shortcuts in the WordPress content editor since many of the shortcuts you use on your computer and Microsoft Word do the same thing.

In order to speed up and improve efficiency, below are some WordPress keyboard shortcuts. It is compatible with both the old classic WordPress editor and the block editor that is used by WordPress.

📌For Windows: WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

📌For Mac: WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

Try out these WP keyboard shortcuts with your WordPress post/page editor and see how they work.

Here’s an example of the last shortcut in the list, before we move on to the next section. As a matter of fact, Alt + Shift + h (Option + Control + h for Mac) is the most useful shortcut since it lists all WP keyboard shortcuts.

With this shortcut, you can see all available WP keyboard shortcuts in a popup window in the WordPress page/post editor.

💥Quick Ways to Save Time with Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts

You can create content using various blocks in the new WordPress Gutenberg editor.

A number of Gutenberg-specific keyboard shortcuts are available in the block editor, in addition to the standard keyboard shortcuts mentioned earlier.

Here are some of the most useful Gutenberg keyboard shortcuts.

📌For Windows: Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts

📌For Mac: Gutenberg Keyboard Shortcuts

💥WordPress Classic Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several cool new features and a faster writing experience available if you’re still using the classic WordPress editor. Alternatively, you can deactivate the classic editor plugin or update WordPress to the latest version.

You can still take advantage of these WP keyboard shortcuts if you choose to use the classic editor.

All of the classic WordPress keyboard shortcuts listed at the top, along with others listed below, are supported by the classic WordPress editor.

📌For Windows: Classic Editor Keyboard Shortcut

📌For Mac: Classic Editor Keyboard Shortcut

💥Comments Screen Keyboard Shortcuts for WordPress

The WP keyboard shortcuts for comment management allow you to moderate comments quickly if you receive many. There is, however, no default setting for enabling these shortcuts.

Click on the Keyboard Shortcuts checkbox under Users > Your Profile to enable these keyboard shortcuts.

Afterward, click on Save Profile and return to the comments screen in admCommentsin. Shortcuts are available as follows:

When you press X, you can check multiple comments, and when you press J or K, you can move forward or backward through the comments. These WP keyboard shortcuts will allow you to perform bulk actions after selecting multiple comments:

While WordPress keyboard shortcuts might take some practice at first, they will definitely save you time and make the process go faster in the long run.

💥Closing Words

It is our hope that you have learned some useful time-saving WordPress keyboard shortcuts by reading this article.

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