v2.1.3 Febuary-12-24

[*] Added Product Order By price option
[*] Fixed Category based product filter not work
[*] Added Category excluded option
[*] Added time slot offset option
[*] Fixed Some CSS
[*] Fixed Footer Fixed Mini Cart Item count not show issue

v2.1.2 January-16-24

[*] Fixed PHP error
[*] Fixed holiday translate name error
[*] Fixed some other issue

v2.1.1 December-12-23

[*] Added WooCommerce Default checkout system support
[*] Added Global Product Extra addons option
[*] Added Ready to Pickup status Option
[*] Fixed product details variable price display incorrect format issue

v2.1.0 December-03-23

[*] Fixed mini cart multiple quantity option issue
[*] Fixed HPOS error issue
[*] Fixed CSS issue
[*] Fixed some other issues

v2.0.9 November-15-23

[*] Added High-Performance Order Storage ( HPOS ) compatibility
[*] Added option in invoice settings to change invoice font size and weight
[*] Added Thermal Invoice width add option
[*] Add category and sub category style
[*] Added user name display in all manager page
[*] Added option to show Mini Cart Globally ( Canvas Modal )
[*] Fixed thermal invoice layout issue
[*] Fixed delivery boy admin page order show without transfer issue
[*] Fixed filter by delivery date issue
[*] Fixed delivery boy quick status change list all statuses show issue
[*] Fixed wrong day name shown in pre-order date list on some time zone
[*] Fixed CSS issue
[*] Fixed some other issues

v2.0.8 October-16-23

[*] Add option for custom delivery fee taxable

[*] Add “as soon as possible” option in time slot list

[*] Add product limit option in product shortcode

[*] Fixed product Tax include price CSS issue

[*] Fixed admin order AJAX warning

[*] Fixed strip card info field not show in checkout issue

[*] Fixed some other issues

v2.0.7 October-08-23

[*] Fixed minimum order amount tax not calculate issue

[*] Fixed custom shipping fee not update issue in Footer Fixed Mini Cart Style

[*] Fixed translate issue

[*] Fixed some other issues

v2.0.6 September-21-23

[*] Improved search result more specific

[*] Improved search request handling system

[*] Fixed some settings field condition not working issue

[*] Add address field hide option when delivery type Pickup and In-Restaurant

[*] Fixed some other issues

v2.0.5 September-10-23

[*] Fixed Status filter DataTables warning issue

[*] Fixed delivery type pickup address field require issue

[*] Fixed order table status change notification duplicate issue

[*] Fixed some other issues

v2.0.4 August-01-23

[*] Added Break Time show/hide option in Delivery Schedule widget

[*] Added quick setup admin page

[*] Improve admin responsive

[*] Improved settings option easier to settings

[*] Stop default pages duplicate create when re-active the plugin

[*] Fixed Cart same item increase issue

[*] Fixed some other issues

v2.0.3 May-04-23

[*] Added Order bump

[*] Added Add to cart button text change option

[*] Added Delivery Type Only In-Restaurant set option

[*] Added variation description show option

[*] Fixed Delivery Availability Checker popup responsive issue

[*] Fixed some CSS issues

[*] Fixed translation issue

[*] Improved settings options experience

[*] Fixed Shortcode Generator unnecessary field issue

[*] Fixed some other issues

v2.0.2 April-29-23

[*] Added Multi-site support

[*] Fixed admin top toolbar visibility issue

[*] Removed unnecessary Timezone option from restrofood settings

[*] Fixed day name translation issue

v2.0.0 April-12-23

[*] Added status change option in the order table

[*] Added Checkout page billing and shipping fields customize option

[*] Added product rating and special instructions to hide option

[*] Added Delivery Schedule Elementor widget and shortcode

[*] Improved “Mini Cart Style Beside products” cart button display experience

[*] Fixed day name translation issue

v1.0.9 January-18-23

[*] Fixed Time slot properly not working issue

v1.0.8 January-03-23

[*] Fixed some error

[*] Improved performance

[*] Add Compatibility with Restrofood Multibranch Add-on

v1.0.7 November-10-22

[*] Add new Shortcode for display only products

[*] Fixed delivery availability checker zip code select issue

v1.0.6 October-03-22

[*] Add hook type support for “Restrofood In Restaurant Order Add-on” issue fixed

v1.0.5 September-15-22

[*] Add Order Accept Button on Order Details Modal
[*] Fixed Admin Order Table Responsive Issue
[*] Fixed Admin page redirect issue
[*] Fixed some other issue

v1.0.4 August-18-22

[*] Fixed my account page breakdown issue
[*] Add settings link in plugin action links
[*] Add Documentation link in plugin action links
[*] Fixed plugin deactivation settings option remove issue
[*] Fixed some other issue

v1.0.3 August-02-22

[*] Fixed Elementor update error issue
[*] Fixed some issues

v1.0.2 July-12-22

[*] Fixed some issues

v1.0.1 June-29-22

[*] Category popup hide on category trigger
[*] Fixed Selected Category name not showing issue
[*] Fixed “Add to cart button show” settings option not working issue
[*] Fixed color change option not working issue
[+] Added option to set address in the shipping/billing from Delivery Availability Checker form when checking delivery availability
[*] Fixed Admin panel responsive issue
[*] Fixed product meta HTML show issue
[*] Fixed Product Grid Cart, Cart total default show $500 in responsive issue
[*] Fixed mini cart product price show without extra option price
[*] Fixed some other issues

v1.0.0 June-11-22

[*] Restrofood Initial Release

Restrofood is an online food ordering and delivery system for WordPress. You can manage your restaurant & other food ordering stuff with Restrofood.

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